Q: Who is the organizer? To whom can I write?

A: World Medieval Fighting Championship league organizes tournament under the auspices of HMBIA.

We make the nomination from the beginning to the end: rules, referees, lists, participants coordination and also much more.

Every tournament is something special for us. It is more than ordinary sport competition. We are fans of our case, always think over the details and we like to entertain fighters and  viewers.

We are going to add something new to the “Battle of the Nations”.

Here are some contacts  that may be useful to you:

Andrey Kiselyus

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Organization, partnership, collaboration



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Rules and referees, the commission

Marina Golovina

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the rankings,


Q: How can I take part in the nomination?

A: If You are an ordinary HMB-fighter you have to ask the captain of your National Team and discuss your opportunity of  participation in this nomination.


If You are a team captain of your country, you can choose the participants by yourself.

For example, you already selected a team for BOTN . You know a fighter who is the best in “sword and shield” category or “5 vs 5” and he is ready and fit for WMFC profights.

If You organize special qualifying for the national team, we recommend to call this event WMFC National Challenge: (country). Please provide all Info about the tournament (date, place, etc) to our coordinator in personal messages for marking in the table of tournaments and order in general. Then your event will be added to the grid, and the whole world will see it in a special section of the site:

Q: Who can get to the world full-contact fights arena?

A: Qualifiers can take place in the format of an open tournament.

But the national team, of course, can only get people who have citizenship (or residence permits) in your country.

The rest have the opportunity to fight outside the standings by prior arrangement.

Each fighter in nomination must have a special equipment, be trained and know WMFC-rules.

Pay attention that the rules of WMFC matches are unified and coincide with the rules of the series of WMFC tournaments: "Donjon Cup". To study them, please,  go to a special section on the web page:

Q: What about weight categories? How strict is it?

A: In accordance with the adopted rules, there are 4 categories:

< 75 kg / 75-85 kg / 85-95 kg / > 95 kg

If the fighter was selected in the team at a particular weight, and  he did not keep the weight limit at BOTN, he will not be admitted to his category. But he can move to the appropriate category of his own accord.

There is only one fighter in every weight category from the national team.

On "Battle of the Nations" before the battles, as well as in the qualifiers, registration, weighing and admission of equipment will be conducted.

ATTENTION! The organizers reserve the right to make minor changes in the position of the specific event. At the moment, negotiations are also underway with the captains of the national teams, which, among other things, may affect some points of the rules of the profights at the World Championships. Be sure that everything is done in the interests of the fighters. Final regulations will be published here. Please send your questions and suggestions  regarding the current rules to the author.

Q: What is the difference between the profights and others single nominations?

A: Briefly: in WMFC profights, comparison to the triathlon, except weapons, are allowed any hits (kicks, hits with shield’s rand and gauntlet) and wrestling are allowed.

The concept of initiative, dominant position and denying is introduced. More information about the principles of scoring, requirements for equipment and weapons, as well as a description of the tournament system you can find in the rules section. To reread them would be helpful:


ATTENTION! Equipment tolerances are VERY different from tolerances of other duel nominations. Weapons are slightly heavier in profight and has an additional parameter - balance. Pay attention to the explanatory picture at the end of the post! It is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. 


М - mass of weapon in kilograms

L - lenght form crossguard till to point of balance + 5 sm




EXAMPLE: Calculation of the tolerance of the falshion mass 1.5 kg, with balance at 15 sm will be carried out according to the formula  1.5 х (15 + 5) = 25

Such weapon will be allowed to competition.

*** The organizers take upon themselves the responsibility to provide the fighters with spare weapons to fight in the nomination in the event that the participant's own equipment does not meet the requirements.

Q: What about women’s nomination?

A: As part of an experiment on BOTN-2018, fights are planned only in the male category, in 4 weight classes (according to WMFC version).

We solemnly believe that, this year we will successfully make a tournament through your support, and we will further women’s nomination in the future. Everyone’s participation is very important.

We draw your attention to the fact that this applies only to the national qualifying and world championship of pro-fights. Women have long and successfully manifested themselves and have their own league on other events under the auspices of WMFC.

Q: How many fights are expected? By what system it will be held?

A: Much will depend on the number of fighters in the nomination. It can be round battle system or subgroup differentiation into play-off, semi final and final.

We can say one thing - there won’t be more fighters in one weight category, than the number of countries. This is not more than 35.


We will do our best so that the fighters can combine intense profights and participation in other nominations comfortable.

Q: Will the achievements of the fighters be reflected somewhere?

A: We are trying  not to miss and carefully document all the results of any tournament to which our organization is related. In this regard, of course, we can not ignore the national qualifiers based on the  version of WMFC and the bloc of pro-fights on the world championship. Moreover, the fighters achievements on the Battle of Nations have a doubled coefficient of rating points, because this is the competition between the strongest knights of the world!

ATTENTION! We are mindful the merits of all the fighters who performed in the tournament, not only prize-winners and champions of their categories!

Please, write to the coordinator about the results of your WMFC National Challenge. Key data: name, country, club, weight and number of wins in a particular tournament for each participant of the tournament. And then no one will be left without attention, and will be able to continue his triumphal procession in his rating category:

Q: Who's to judge?

A: This year, compliance with the rules of the profights block  will be carried out by specially selected certified judges of HMBIA, who have experience in evaluating full-contact fights.

In our distant plans is to create a specialized marshal corps of arbitrators, capable to judge professional battles of any complexity anywhere in the world.


Also, an explanatory material is being prepared for publication about how anybody who wants can become a marshal and decide the fate of the WMFC League fighters.

Q: Okay, we are in, what’s next?

A: With a view to facilitating communication, we created a special chat for teams captains on the basis of the international social network Facebook, where you can get the right answer online. To add to it, please, write to the coordinator.


And most importantly, dear friends. Now it is very important for us to understand approximately the number of participants of the  fights at the "Battle of the Nations". This will determine the timing and location of the block in the schedule. 

If You have already conducted qualifying competitions - we ask you to write about the fighters (in your opinion) who are ready to fight in Rome. Applications for the World Championship will be accepted and processed by a specially trained person. You can also ask her questions on the form of submission.

***Please write comment at special post in the group in the format:

1. Country

2. Name and surname of the fighters, and fighter's weight.

These measures will help us plan every little thing and give the public a real cool show.