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Today we are finally moving on to a man who defends the honor of the country in one of the most prestigious categories of historical medieval battles — triathlon. In this nomination, the most talented and skillful duel fighters, masters of treatment with a long sword and one-handed sword, a compact shield-buckler and a large heraldic shield clash. Perhaps, it is this athlete who brought unthinkable speeds in duel battles and a number of unprecedented techniques now adopted by the most thoughtful and attentive fencers.

In front of us is a fighter who not only knows what self-control is, but also is a living example of the imperishable truth, saying that the victory loves zeal. The nugget, whose efforts and perseverance formed the foundation of a new fencing capital — independent of the already recognized schools — in distant and harsh Karelia. The one, who to his age did everything possible to glorify the name of his native city and the club.

Until recently, just a couple of years ago, he was considered the main contender for the championship. But for this person, it seems, nothing is impossible, and now he bears the heavy burden of the champion. He is constantly preparing to repulse the attempts of ambitious fighters and the deposed gods of the arena, who want to challenge his title. However, as we remember, amat victoria curam, and in this he still is second to none in the world.

____________________________________ Full name: Petrik Alexey Mikhailovich

Country: Russia, Kondopoga

Club: "Tannenberg"

Year of birth: 1988

Height / weight: 183 cm / 110 kg

Armor: Western Poland, 14th century

Weapon: a triangular shield and a sword

Favorite combo: to raise the opponent's shield with foot and strike the opened shin. ____________________________________ - Usually I do not have any difficulties thinking of something to fill the time, in addition to sport, so I can not name any one hobby: I'm happy to play airsoft, I can read an interesting book, to watch a good show — there are lots of options. - Probably, what frustrates me more than anything is injustice. And this concerns not only the moments associated with fencing, but also life in general. Although, perhaps, now I'm trying less likely to react to this, as I realized, life is full of injustice. If you will get angry each time, when faced with this, then you’ll ruin your health. - I have one secret ritual that helps me a lot. And I think that it will be useful to everyone without exception. This ritual requires a lot of mana, so it's worth it to prepare thoroughly and in advance. For starters, three or four times a week we develop the skills of a swift blow with a sword, lightning block with a shield and dodging from an opponent's attack. When enough experience is accumulated, you can proceed to the developing of power in the furnace of power called "Gym". There we fill our body with the magic power of a knockout blow. And the last phase is a race with hares. It is simple: we find a hare, frighten it and try to overtake it. If you got it — great, if not, then you have to look for an easier animal. The hamster, by the way, is still a sprinter. I always use this ritual, and it always helps me win. - The film, which in its time encouraged me to engage in fencing — "Braveheart". William Wallace, played by Mel Gibson really had gotten under my skin. He was a strong, highly motivated person, who was not afraid of anything. He fought and died for his dream — for the freedom of his native Scotland. As a child, I was very impressed with this film and wanted to be like Wallace. You could say, that’s how it started. :) Well, some time ago I watched the TV series "Spartacus" (Starz). It's been watched almost in one breath: a dynamic plot, a steep setting of fights, and an excellent physical form of actors. And, among other things, there is simply a great soundtrack, especially the one the gladiators fight to in the arena, in this series. This track has since took its place in my playlist, and is very encouraging for the fights. - Fantasizing about myself in the gladiator role, I would choose the pseudonym Hamilcar. In honor of Hamilcar Barca, the Carthaginian general.

- When I started my way in HMB, Sergey Ukolov was an example for me, because at that time he was practically the invincible fighter. Now, probably, I don't have any ones. - In classical fencing, I already had fights with everyone I wanted. And I continue. But if we talk about the Profights, I would like to fight with Alexander "Vandal" Nikitin (Club "Bern", Nizhny Novgorod — ed.note). In 2012, I had my first full-contact duel with this man, and it ended for me a complete failure. Now I really would like a rematch. Alexander is a strong and experienced fighter, and that's why I'm sure that the fight with him would've been spectacular. - In addition to "1 vs 1", I actively monitor the team nominations, and to be honest, there have always been more interesting team-applicants who are trying to break through to the victorious pedestal. I think my sympathies are connected with the fact that these people go the same way as I do. One time I've been following the success of the guys from the club "PLK" ("Polish-Lithuanian spear", St. Petersburg and Moscow — ed.note), but eventually they teamed up with "Bern", and, accordingly, the whole intrigue disappeared. Then I was wondering if the fighters from the "Furious Five" (Stavropol) team could become champions at the "Dynamo Cup". In my opinion, they were extremely close to this. Now, unfortunately, I don't see this team in the lists. As far as I know, individual "five" fighters are still actively participating in the battles, but the main lineup does not come out any more. Also a very interesting project was the team "Zveroboiz" (association of the clubs "Bayard", "Buyan" and "PLK-Moscow regiment", Moscow — ed.note), which was able to win the "Dynamo Cup" in one of the fights with " Partizan-1 ", which became practically a sensation. I was sure that they would definitely go to the "Battle of Nations", and they could take first place there. But something went wrong with the guys, and after such a loud victory they could not even get into the top three. Now they have broken into teams, which at the moment individually show a very average result. I also follow the guys from the "Western Tower" (Kaliningrad). They have a very experienced and close-knit team, which also gives them a chance to win on "Battle of the Nations". - As part of the exchange of fighting experience with representatives of other countries, I would like to visit Japan. There live people with a completely different mentality and the idea of a duel. In addition, they are everywhere engaged in kendo, which, I think, has a certain influence on the HMB fencing style. - It might seem trivial, but since childhood my idol was Arnold Schwarzenegger. I was always impressed by strong and big people who worked hard for success in life. - To be the first blade of the world, the champion of the "Battle of the Nations" is what I'm most proud of. I have always treated historical fencing as a sport, and not as a hilarious hobby with the beating of people wearing armor. I rode it for a long time, I put a lot of effort, so for now this is my the biggest achievement. - The next goal is to learn the secret of successful combination of work and fencing. Now I can do that with great difficulty. - My motto: "The missed training will take revenge". And I'm doing everything possible so that I have as few avengers as possible.

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Interviewer: Marina Golovina, Svetlana Fyodorova

Translator: Yulia War

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