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Having decided to get to know better foreign teams’ fighters, we, first of all, paid attention to this man. Charming, ubiquitous, tireless and cheerful — it is simply impossible to pass.

This Israeli athlete is able, it seems, to participate in all categories at the same time, he has time to expose himself as a legionnaire in several teams at once, to break four poles for a fight, to keep the stream and help photographers to capture the happening. And after all, he can drop into the MMA tournament and to win there jokingly. The constant hero of memes, buhurtvines and "epic moments", the author of the winged quotations, the director of his own life full of adventure and travel, a devoted fan and one of the main HMB engines, a selfless leader and a good friend

...In a word, he is the nation's heritage.

This issue of the rubric #wmfc_heroes we gladly dedicate to him.

____________________________________ Full name: Morgulis Michael Vladimirovich (Michael Morgul)

Country: Israel, Petah-Tikva

Team: "Medieval Fighting Club (M.F.C.)"

Date of birth: 1985

Height/weight: 177/81

Armor: A composite image of a Western Europe warrior of the late 14th century

Weapons: Falshion and oval shield

Basic sport: mixed martial arts

Favorite combo: Still rare, a punch from a reversal. ____________________________________ - There is nothing better than a quality falshion and a good edge of the shield... There is certainly another polearm, it is beautiful and cruel, but for its use you need a very good, played team. - Probably everyone knows the nickname Morgul, and thanks to the popularity of the show "The Game of Thrones" and the surname became catchy. :) - I love to sing. I have no hearing, no voice, but I love to sing. - What really anger me? For example, punches to the knee, the foot and in general obvious violations of the rules. It can also make me break the rules. - Of course I have my own superstitions. Usually I ask a little luck from strong fighters before important battles. To do this, it is enough that one of them agreed and hit me with a fist or weapon. I do not like very much when I am touched right before the fight by strangers or people with bad karma. Then the armor can start to pressure or move, and a lot of bad things can happen. - I sunk very deeply into the soul of Thomas Ian's film "Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door". In addition to the fact that this movie making me weep, it reminds and teaches that you should live full life while there is such an opportunity. And of course that you need to cherish and value your friends while we have them... - My wife and my friends inspire me to fight . After all, it is with them I want to get involved in anything like this. And also good music. Such, for example, as "Queen". - It is difficult to list all the fighters, whom I consider as role models. Personally for me, I I take a little from everyone: something, like a pushkik, from Artem Goryunov, from someone - the style of moving through the lists (Maxim Yun), from someone — military tricks (Evgeny Bedenko)... Although I think the most ultimatum fighter at the moment is Andrei Kiselyus. - I'm very, very afraid, but I want to meet in a duel with Vitaliy Gryzlov. Of course, I need more mass, including a lot of experience, before the fight with him. And then I will have a chance to catch a bunch of good and happiness... - If we talk about mass battles, then I'm a big fan of the team "Syabry". One of the most "pure" fighting teams. And they bought me! Bought me with their humor, kindness and the way they stay on the lists. :D - Surprisingly, there are places where I have never been, and this is Argentina. Guys from this country made a breakthrough in 2014. I have something to learn from them and have something to show them. - In childhood, Misha's idols were Zorro and Power Rangers. - The main achievement is that I once went to the captains' summit. And it completely changed my life. And also we opened our own sports hall. Now we need to gain a foothold in it. That is, the nearest goal is prosaic — to hold out for another year at least. - Perhaps, I would not mind being the face of the brand "Fight & Travel". Traveling, you expand your horizons, and I just love to fight. Also to personal mottoes can be attributed words that I write often: "תהיה חזק!", Which means "be strong!".

+ Who is next in our #wmfc_heroes? - I'm passing the baton to Irina Rogozovsky, who pulls the burden of HMB and WMFC promotion in Israel and abroad!

Interviewer: Marina Golovina, Svetlana Fyodorova

Translator: Yulia War

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