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In front of us there is a man, who uniquely adds a special flavor of the near abroad to the #wmfc_heroes. The captain of the national team of his country, the champion and prize-winner of the World Championship in the category "polearm 1vs1", the modest leader of the sports part of the Belarusian movement of medieval battles, the owner of a whole collection of various pole weapon and unique hussar charm. He, like the greatest general, is in no hurry to join the vanguard of his troops, always being in the center of events and controlling the situation. To be the team's ace and not to lose the fighting ardor - this is a special skill that we should learn from him.

We can assume that due to his temperament he would like to "shine" as little as possible in battle, but this hope is false — his armor is always polished (which, by the way, is a distinguishing feature of practically all fighters from Belarus), and even relaxed leisurely manner walks on the lists with a two-handed ax will not make opponents disappointed and mistaken him for a secondary goal. His skill in dealing with polearm weapons became the hallmark of the top Belarusian team, and dedication and loyalty to the favorite business set the tone for the whole national team, which made it one of the strongest in the world. And the diplomatic abilities of its leader help out, even in the most difficult times, thanks to which we invariably see these knights in shining armor and blue cottes d'armes as participants in the highest-level competitions, even in the composition of international alloys. They simply don't let themselves stand idle and get rusty. Because good metal should always be involved, it is the only way to keep harshness and brightness.

_____________________________________________________ Full name: Baranov Evgeny Vladimirovich

Country: Republic of Belarus, Minsk

Club: "Luzerne" ("Lucerne")

Year of birth: 1981

Height / weight: 182/88

Armor: Switzerland, second half of the 14th century

Weapon: pollaxe, falchion and oval shield

Basic sport: HMB _____________________________________________________ - In fact, my armor is an average variation of Western Europe, optimized for historical medieval battles. - There are times, I go out in the top "five" armed with a falchion and an oval shield, but most of all I like pollaxe, and especially to beat opponents, caught near the lists, which is extremely effective and safe. I really don't like to get hit. - I don't really like nicknames and aliases, so I don't want to invent anything about myself. For the general public, I'm something like "the one with ax in the 3rd line." - Unsporting hobby... Who has time for hobbies? There is a lot of work only for the purchase of exoskeletons and their improvement. Only sports, only hardcore! But seriously, I love to read, I love mountains, sea, to travel. I can include a bottle with good whiskey and rum (The Kaliningrad-Tula system) to my hobbies. I like to give way to lyrical arguments about the wretchedness of the younger generation, and how better was in our time, and now it's so-so... - Everything upsetting me, if that is not done the way I want, or said. And any kind of injustice, in particular — blind, incompetent and biased judges in tournaments, too. They make their own stupid mistakes, and in particular, when these mistakes affect negatively or fatally the teamwork. I'm really annoyed about shields-coffins, curves and rusty armor, crumpled helmets — the general untidiness of the fighter. And also I am annoyed about the posts of Maxim Shishkin about the HMB movement's decline.. - I'm not going to lie, the works that led me off in the reenactment is "Lord of the Rings", as well as films such as "D'Artagnan and Three Musketeers", "The Arrows of Robin Hood", "Ballad of the Valiant Knight Ivanhoe", etc. My most beloved art film is Vladimir Rogovoy film "Officers". - If we talk about inspiration, deeds, and so on, then there's nothing to say, nothing inspires me, I just do what needs to be done. Because, "If not me, who?” - I'd probably name Anakin Skywalker as a fighter to follow. The strongest Jedi, and then the great Sith who has escaped to the dark side. Ye is the technical fighter, absolutely no unnecessary movements. And he conquered the heart of the Queen. Perfect, I think. =) - I do not have any special preferences about against whom I want to go to fight. As it was said above, I like to beat people, being on a safe distance from them. The most terrible and strong opponent is my own laziness, which at the moment is winning with a crushing score of 7 kg extra. - I always support those teams that could defeat me, and I am happy when my team wins the tournament. And from the fighters I emphasize Sergey Ukolov, because he is "a man and a steamboat" from the HMB. In my purely personal opinion, without him, fencing would not have reached the present level. - For the exchange of combat experience, I would like to visit absolutely everywhere where there are serious rivals, and, preferably, with a road refund =) - Parents are idols for me. - The biggest personal achievement is my family and my daughter Valeria, who loves to watch guys do "bam-bam!". I just cannot understand: because of the guys themselves, or because of the ice cream and the children's town, which is next to the training base? - Recently I've been making it a point to go on a round-the-world trip on a sailing ship. - The most true motto for myself: "Do what you must and come what may."

+ To whom do you relay the baton #wmfc_heroes? - Svetlana Fyodorova, "Western Tower" club.

Interviewer: Marina Golovina, Svetlana Fyodorova

Translator: Yulia War

#fighter #Belarus #Luzerne #eng

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