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Who will be the first girl to fall into the rubric #wmfc_heroes? Who will reveal to us the world of medieval steel battles from the point of unusual, specific view, inherent only to female fighters? Even for us it was an intrigue until the last moment. But here she is — who, perhaps, is more than others deserve all recognition in HMB throughout the world. She is the embodiment of a feminized Europe; she diplomatically and gently recaptures new horizons for women in our harsh sport. The generalist fighter that have had first-hand experience what the army and discipline are. The owner of fearlessness and resilience, thanks to which we could see her in the ranks of men teams more than once... And at the same time — a polyglot who charm with a mixture of dialects, languages and accents all the interlocutors without exception. She is a big fan of the Soviet bardic song, and able to put one over on any Russian bearded geologist in a sweater in this issue; experienced hitchhiking traveller, on any road feeling like fish in a barrel. A natural traveler, always in harmony with the spirit of adventure in her blood, and, as it's not enough challenges in her life, she is the inventor of her own one "burpee around the world".

Ready for anything, gentle and feminine, but — punchy and unbending, iron lady, for whom fighting is more than just a confrontation. This is a whole philosophy, permeated with mottos and allowing every second to test you for strength, shoulder to shoulder with the same strong spirit of men and war friends. Such a combination could be produced only one in country whose flag is proudly borne by our heroine.

_____________________________________________________ Full name: Rogozovsky Irina Andreevna

Country: Israel, Petah-Tikva

Team: Israel National Team

Date of birth: I won't tell :)

Height / weight: 165 cm / 58 kg

Armor: Europe, 14th century

Weapons: falchion and oval shield

Favorite combo: hit with a shield, how can I do without it! _____________________________________________________ - Yes, yes, my weight is 58 kg... But you yourself know how things are with the weight categories in women's fights. - My sports' hobby started with jumping, but I wouldn't say that it gave me some basis for the historical medieval battles. - Definitely, my favorite weapon is the Morgul' falchion (Mikhail Morgulis, Captain of the Israeli National Team — ed.note)! Something is always wrong with my falchions. And when we are not in the same team, falchion is not too much for him! ;) - As a person living in a democratic country, I would not want to act as a gladiator in the arena. I love freedom too much. - At leisure, I really like reading books. When I was demobilized, I joined the library, and still decided that this is one of the best decisions in my life. - It's pretty easy to get me mad. The other day I almost got into a fight with one kurwa, which was totally out of place when I was riding a bicycle. - When I first began joined professional fights, in the program of obligatory rituals I had to cry somewhere in a little corner. Now I'm not so nervous before the fighting, and a need for ritual has disappeared. It is possible that in vain, for when the ritual was properly performed, I usually won. And when it disappeared, defeats came! :D - Speaking of films or books that left a bright mark on the soul, I usually recall the novel of George Cockcroft "The Dice Man". When at all crossroads of a life dice decided all questions, and he ceases to bear the responsibility for the acts... In general, this book has forced me to think about a lot of things, and I recollect it in different situations. - Is it necessary to inspire a feat? I am not sure. If I want something, I go and do it. I wanted to climb to Olympus — until September, the peak will be conquered and subjugated (at the time of the interview, Irina was climbing to Olympus — ed.note). The main thing is the desire, when you really want something. And inspiration is somehow too pathetic and artistic for me. - I do not know how to answer about mentoring... There are too many people and even countries are involved in this process. Long story short, things are as follows: everything started with Maciej, who, on a dark cold night of 2009, met up with me on the road in Poland and brought me home, showed me the armor and all this equipment. In 2013, after my demobilization, he introduced me to Morgulis. Now Misha is my coach, he taught me everything I know in HMB. - In the next fight I would like to meet with the kurwa, which I mentioned above. I'd have killed her! But seriously, I will fight with someone who will be appointed. Any opponent has something you can learn. - I would like very much to visit Argentina in order to exchange fighting experience. Russia and European countries are quite accessible, I visit there relatively often. I have never been in Argentina, but I know that there are a lot of girls-fighters. It would be extremely interesting to fight with them. In addition, I would not have refused to go to any Russian training HMB camp for a week or two. - My childhood hero is Thor Heyerdahl (Norwegian archaeologist and traveler — ed.note). I do not even have the words to describe all his exploits and adventures.

- My vocation is to travel around the world and conquer all peaks that do not require climbing: D In general, I am a specialist in "remote sensing of air pollution", but I hope that sooner or later I will become a specialist in "remote sensing of natural hazards". - Among my new goals, as I have already said, is to conquer Mount Olympus! In addition, I began training in M.A. (magistracy) this year, I think I can handle two more years at the academy. To all of the above, we should add that her one of the main mottos is taken from the book of the prophet Zechariah: "Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit". It can be interpreted in different ways, but nothing will say better than the battles and actions of this determined girl.

+ To whom do you relay the baton #wmfc_heroes? - I would like to read interview with Krzysztof Olczak very much.

Interviewer: Marina Golovina, Svetlana Fyodorova

Translator: Yulia War

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