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Historically, until now we have undeservedly avoided the second-titled country, the flagship in the historic medieval battles. But the justice has been restored, and today #WMFC_heroes is one of the brightest representatives of the current national team of Ukraine. We will turn our eye towards the captains and recognized authorities in yellow and blue later, but to listen to the young, ambitious fighter, who was not spoiled by the attention of the media, turned out to be extremely interesting.

That's the guy, in his clubs cotte d'armes and a black helmet, come out into the lists, as you say, out of the woodwork, and boldly rushes into the very thick of the battle, forcing everyone to step aside in his way. Honed, terrible punches with a halberd do not leave a chance even for the most experienced and "beaten" rivals. A few seconds — and a victory in the hands of the black team. Warriors take off their helmets, and one of the winners appears before us — sincere joy, youthful blush, a triumphant smile — he taps his comrades on the shoulder and thanks opponents for the fight. He is brimming with health, tirelessness, fearlessness, fighting excitement and perseverance — it seems enough to stand next to him to recharge.

Obviously, the national team of this country is really capable to shift the balance of power on the pedestal, when representatives of the new generation, its fresh blood, are already showing such high results, acting shoulder to shoulder with their mentors, absorbing their battles philosophy and forming their own. His answers are worthy to be disassembled into quotations, and life principles — to be passed on to those who once, not soon, but will come to take his place.

_____________________________________________________ Full name: Nechyporenko Volodymyr Sergeevich

Country: Ukraine, Kiev

Club: "Ayna Bera"

Year of birth: 1995

Height / weight: 185/98

Armor: Western Europe, 14th century

Armament: A halberd

Favorite Combo: Conviction _____________________________________________________ - My favorite type of weapon is the halberd, with which I join mass battles. - My not sport hobby? I would call collecting pleasant moments of life, in all its manifestations. - I do not accept lying. Probably, this is the very thing that can really make me angry. - I do not have any special rituals. I would even say that people who conduct rituals before battles — either insecure, or simply find in this some kind of their "thing". This is my opinion. - I love cinema, there are many movies that carry something special in itselves, good and beautiful. However, the deepest trace in my life can be left only by the people who surrounded me, surround and will surround me. - The desire to become stronger and to check on durability in battle with the strongest opponents is hard to call a feat. Heroes make heroic deeds, but we fight here and prove, that we deserve it — this is my inspiration. - I think I'm incredibly lucky, because all those people who are around, always help and make me better. My brother Nechyporenko Alexander and my coach Lyalyushko Alexey Alexandrovich are the people who brought me to our sport. I will always be very grateful to them. - I am ready to meet with every fighter from the strongest fives of the world: "Partizan-1", "Bear's paw", "Western Tower", "Furious Five"... I like to confront the strongest. - Among the teams around the world it is difficult to give preference to one. In general, it is always interesting for me to observe how the fighters from other countries grow over themselves and actively develop their successes in the HMB. This contributes to healthy competition, which in turn means having our strong team. - At the moment, I'm only interested in two countries in terms of sharing fighting experience: Russia and the United States. USA, because their national team for only 5 years has become one of the strongest teams in the ISF world, such progress is simply amazing. And Russia is interesting because at the moment the national team of this country is the champion in this sport. As for me, as I said above, it's always exciting to compete with strong opponents. - I can not say that I have some idol or role model. I remember when I was a kid I wanted to be like Klitchko, but when I grew up a little, I realized that I was striving for tomorrow me, who is better and stronger than I am today. - The historical medieval battle is my calling. I really like to travel and participate in such competitions. And I want to pass on my experience to the next generation of fighters. - The main goal — to live to see tomorrow (just a joke). I think the answer to this question is hidden in the previous one — I'm just doing what I'm trying to do: I train, coach, take part in competitions, fighting laziness, spend time with my family and friends. So it's safe to say that I'm happy :) - My life principle: there are no hopeless situations. ​

+ To whom do you relay the baton #wmfc_heroes? - Next #wmfc_heroes interview I relay to Alexey Alexandrovich Lyalyushko.

Interviewer: Marina Golovina, Svetlana Fyodorova

Translator: Yulia War

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