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And hello again, dear audience of the wave of the medieval battles! We decided to continue to surprise you with the living legends of the HMB. Today a guest of the #wmfc_heroes rubric is a man who can safely be called the most titled fighter in the world, despite the fact that he gives the Gold of Battle of the Nations to his opponent from the previous dossier for several years already.

With his mastery level, victories and ranks are not so important, because any boy who takes the tournament sword knows his name. It will also be etched in gold in the hall of fame of the historical medieval battles and could become the equivalent of the word "stability". A fighter-generalist and confidently taking any purpose, whether single or massive battles. Heavyweight fighter, whose lightness of movement in battle amazes even the most skeptical spectators. Over the years of leadership, he never got a bonus in the form of delusions of grandeur, despite the unconcealed admiration for this person's achievements. So now we will not gonna test strength against the streams of deserved flattery, but just remember the joke born among the fighters:

"What do we say to the God of War?" - "Hello, Sergey Vitalievich!"

​_____________________________________________________ Full name: Sergei Vitalievich Ukolov

Country: Russian Federation, Moscow

Club: "Bayard"

Year of birth: 1982

Height / weight: 182/110

Armor: Europe of the 14th century (stylized)

Weapon: Shield and Sword

Basic sport: Freestyle wrestling

Favorite combo: Jab with a shield _____________________________________________________ - I love to fight, armed with a small elbow shield and not heavy falchion. if possible, I can take a sword.

- A direct hit, aka jab with a shield in front hand — perhaps my favorite trick. Well, I feel confident in the fight. - I can attribute to my hobbies mountain-skiing and role-playing games of live action. It should be noted, I came to HMB through role-playing games, like most of the fighters of my age. I really didn't want to leave it, reaching the highest level, after all HMB is the whole world: developing, interesting, many-sided, and I'm not in such a bad place. Moreover, it is terribly interesting to observe the development phenomenon, and even from inside. ​​ - I am easily annoyed, for example, the errors of refereeing not in my favor. It is important to choose the moment. But if the moment is chosen wrong and the condition is blessed, I almost always keep it together. - I have no rituals. Going out in the stadium, I know for sure that I will show exactly as much as I prepared. And if it did not work out properly, it could mean only one thing: shortcomings, and not that the ritual was wrong.

- I hope that my worldview is still undergoing changes. Otherwise, it would be sad. And the base is about the same with all the same age guys: Soviet science fiction, works of Arthur Conan Doyle and Walter Scott. Well, Hollywood films about the Terminator, of course. - I used to build up to fights, listening to any metal, it allowed to overcome the jitters. Now it is easier, and the junkiness became less,. I think, now it should be valued and protected, and not crushed with the help of the group Manowar (Manowar, the famous American heavy metal band — ed.node). - It is difficult to consider someone my mentor. More or less a long time we had a fencing coach Yakov Yefimov, and even then I did not listen to him. With teammates, we trained by ourselves. A worthy an example to follow — Alexander Karelin, however, but he always was good without a sword.

- In 1vs1 fight, I personally would be curious to beat someone hefty and strong, but who doesn't have an experience in the HMB. I'm just wondering how any strongman or MMA-heavyweight in armor will prove himself.

​ - At the "Dynamo Cup" and other international competitions, I always support the "Western Tower" when they fight with the top "Bern" teams. Well, I always support outsiders. When they win — it's terribly cool, and it's always incredibly exciting to watch. - Duel fighters... Why I have to monitor them? The whole glade in the 1vs1 battles is divided by the same faces who is selected from the year after year for "Battle of the Nations". Breakthrough in this movement is extremely difficult to accomplish, because too much time is needed to reach the level of the Russian team. But, I have to say, I have a favorite — that huge Czech guy with feathers on his helmet. Alas, I forgot

the name. But those who were at "Battle of the Nations" in Barcelona and followed the events of the championship, they understood who I'm talking about. - Exchanges of experience involves a two-way action :) So, and talk about exchanges with someone on the battlefield, but only with the Ukrainians. And only, regarding only those nominations, in which more than one fighter from each side.

- In my childhood, idols for me were the Terminator, Malchish-Kibalchish and Alisa Seleznyova.

- There were moments when it was really bad, and you used your last ounce of strength... and just when there are a lot of such moments, it cease to be included in the category of exceptions, and does not make sense that used to be. Now it is difficult to call these episodes "critical". And I have a lot of stories. For each phenomenon in HMB I have tales. :) - In addition to HMB, I have not found any other vocation so far. And all my achievements at the moment are there: a collection of medals from the eight "Battle of the Nations". I'm very proud. Next, I am now aimed to continue to train young people, to promote our sport around the world, to help the movement grow and develop. - I will not undertake to formulate my main life principle. "To beat the little ones is bad"? I don't know. I guess I'm unprincipled.

+ To whom do you relay the baton #wmfc_heroes? - Ilya Ivanov, let him tell you something.

Interviewer: Marina Golovina, Svetlana Fyodorova

Translator: Yulia War

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