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Good day, our dear readers! We continue to acquaint you with the best fighters of the planet, including the names of the fighters of our country flashing to protect the honor of the tricolor at the World Championships and other international competitions in medieval battles. The status of an unofficial sport at the moment plays into the HMB hands movement, because in this way scandals with the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and "neutral flags" sidestep the reenactors. However, historical battle is on the way to world recognition, therefore almost every existing male nomination by now is available in the female version. Today we present to your attention the dossier of one of the strongest representatives of the national team, the captain of the team, who is the current world champion in women's group battles 5 vs 5. She also leads the team, which can be called the favorite of the upcoming qualifiers for the national team. However, the presence of this fighter in any composition sharply increases the chances of the team to win. As a rule, in various interviews and announcements of the rating battles of the professional league, she is credited with a lot of colorful enthusiastic epithets. But we will try our best not to slide into platitudes and focus on her personal qualities and achievements. However, let this does not prevent the reader from gaining aesthetic pleasure from viewing her fights and photos.

_____________________________________________________ Full name: Fyodorova Svetlana Sergeevna

Country: Russian Federation, Kaliningrad

Club: "Western Tower"

Year of birth: 1988

Height / weight: 182 / 80

Armor: Europe, 14th century (stylized)

Weapons: Tear-shaped shield and falchion

Basic sport: HMB

Favorite combo: rear leg sweep _____________________________________________________

- I love weapons in all its diversity. Therefore, the choice of weapons depends on the nomination in which you need to fight, and more often it is massive battles, where I go out with a small tear-shaped shield and a falchion. Recently, the polearm weapon is of particular interest, I really want to master the art of handling a halberd and an ax - both two-handed and one-handed.

- The lion's share of my time is devoted to work, training and family, so it's often difficult to allocate time for interests. Since childhood, I have become addicted to reading and cinema, I love art in all forms, active rest and travel, and also healthy sleep, which, in the current rhythm of life, is, let's say, gold. So I'm not familiar with the problem what to do with myself at all. As a rule, the main problem is always how to combine all this, but I do not despair :)

- HMB is my habitat, in which I found my place and feel most harmonious. I think there won't be a sport that combines so many fundamental things. In addition to the sports component, it is a whole philosophy, the path of a warrior, where you can perform a small feat, test yourself in strength and become a little closer to our great ancestors.

- You know when people ask me what made me pick up the sword, I quote the words from one book: "There is nothing purer than real fight. This is the only thing in which there is no pretense, trifles, there is no place for cowardice, there is only you — and your fear. "

- There is a type of people who behave more calmly and coolly the surrounding environment became more terrible and unstable. I'm one of those people. And really I can be angry with lies and injustice.

- I do not know if this can be called the ritual, but before the battles I always check the equipment for strength, and bring it into the proper form. In cleaning the armor from dirt and rust, there is something soothing and tuning in the right way. A kind of balm on the soul of my inner pedant.

- As mentioned above, my love for reading and good films is ineradicable from my childhood, and much of this has influenced and continues to influence the formation of my views on life. Being a very young creature, I was fascinated by an adventure film classics such as the films "D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers", "Gardes-Marines, ahead!", "Hearts of Three". Well, and, of course, "Conan the Barbarian" performed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, "Red Sonja", "Highlander", "Braveheart" and the Star Wars saga. Nothing new, in general - on these films, the good half of our movement has grown. A special place on my bookshelf is occupied by the works of Thomas Harris about Dr. Hannibal Lecter. I can call him my favorite literary character and the greatest movie star (of course, in the performance of the magnificent Sir Anthony Hopkins).

- I would not say that for a fight I need some special inspiration, this process is just as natural to me as breathing. But in order for the battle to be confident and beautiful (and generally similar to a duel), it is necessary to train a lot and persevere, which is much more pleasant to do with good music. :)

- I have a "holy trinity" in professional sports, I appeal to the images of these gods of sports Olympus every time before the "big war", and I ask them for a little luck — they are Alexander Karelin, Fyodor Emelianenko and Mohammed Ali.

- I am always glad to go in the list with any opponent, for every fight is a new useful experience, a step forward on the path of development. My skills in 1 vs 1 are still modest, but I would be curious to get together in a professional duel with Galina Kokhvakko. For the sake of this case, I'm even ready to enter the appropriate weight category.

- In all competitions 5 vs 5 I support the team of my native club "The Western Tower", and this spectacle is still so exciting for me that every time it ends with completely torn vocal chords. It is incredibly exciting to watch the fighters of the teams "Partizan" and "Medvezhya Pyad", which turn their exits into a real steel poem. My favorite foreign teams are Belarusian "Syabry" and Ukrainian "Warriors of the Light", I always watch their fights with great pleasure. As for the fighters, my personal toplist is headed by Sergey Ukolov, Eugeny Bedenko and Vitaly Gryzlov — outstanding fighters, wonderful people and real gods of war, whose fighting in the record I'm reviewing to heal the psychological trauma caused by viewing my own. :D

- As part of the #fight_and_travel format, I would like to visit the Holy Land and the Israeli Challenge tournaments, which are organized every year by Misha Morgulis under the auspices of the WMFC League.

- In my childhood Yuri Gagarin was my idol. Perhaps, it remained to this day.

- One of the most memorable fights happened to me last summer in Moscow with Irina Ilnitskaya (a fighter of the National team of Ukraine, "Luxembourg" club — ed. note) in a series of professional duels of WMFC within the framework of the festival "Times and Epochs" 2017. Then I performed for the first time before such a large audience - the ring was located directly under the windows of the State Duma near the Kremlin, in the midst of celebrating Russia Day. Among other things, before our fight with Irina, two fights already took place, in which my clubmates Artem Savanovich and Vyacheslav Levakov brilliantly performed, having enrolled in their lists of conquests bright victories. Jitters was off the charts, never in my life I was so shaking before going to the lists. It was then that I consciously watched the intriguing inner mechanism in action: as soon as the signal to enter the ring was given, the strongest excitement evaporated, and I went to the battle extremely collected and calm. I believe that it allowed to win a battle with a very strong and worthy opponent.

- My main pride and achievement is the title of fighter of the Russian National HMB Team and the gold of the championship of the Battle of Nations 2017 and 2018 in the nomination "3 vs 3" and "5 vs 5" among women. A high price has been paid for these victories, it turned into a test for all involved, and I am very glad that we managed to pass it with honor. However, to win a pedestal is not so difficult as to keep it. This is what we intend to do: defend the champion title and confirm the status of the strongest team in the world.

- I really like one stable expression in English language "Hear me roar", perhaps I can call it my motto. :) But my life principles are simple: to watch out for myself, improve, obey the elders and live according to conscience.

​+ To whom do you pass the baton #wmfc_heroes? - Marina Golovina. Unexpectedly, is it? :)

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