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Dear friends, on this amazing sunny day during the daytime siesta, we recommend you indulge yourself and your sense of the perfect acquaintance with this respondent #wmfc_heroes. The world's best tailor-manufacturer of under-armor clothing and other fabric elements of knightly vestments. The name of his workshop has long become a household name in this niche, and the reputation of the product is comparable to the products "haute couture" among the fighters. A nice friend, caring father and husband a responsive friend, always radiating a warm and bright aura man. In all of this - a real fighter, knight, in whose power is to technically beat recognized masters of the blade, regardless of their physical data. In addition to his craft, family worries and directly battles, he won the fame of one of Moscow's most sought-after coaches in historical fencing, whose soft approach showed the world the most prospective pupils. It is no exaggeration to say that our hero is the most talented and original fighter of our time, whose performances and feints in the sword-buckler nomination always wins ovation and leave no one indifferent, let alone particularly impressionable young ladies. Well,after all, he's just charming. And the process of viewing his bloody photogenic photos and mind-blowing battles can be called a real delicacy for true HMB gourmets. Aesthetic pleasure and impeccable taste - in everything he's involved in. Sealed With a Kiss.

_____________________________________________________ Full name: Ivanov Ilya Sergeevich

Country: Russian Federation, Moscow

Club: "Bayard"

Year of birth: 1986

Height / weight: 175/75

Armor: Europe, 14th century

Weapons: Sword

Favorite combo: to invent _____________________________________________________

- My weapon is, of course, a sword. One-handed or longsword. Favorite nomination — sword and buckler. Things happen very quickly there. Often the victory depends on one blow. And you need luck, I think.

- There is no unique trick. But it's not a problem to invent one. - Collection of space lego little men could be applied to my hobby. I do not do it fanatically, but for a long time. There are even figurines from the first cosmos-series of 1978.

- At the very beginning of my HMB trip the entourage attracted me. People in armor are much more beautiful than people without armor, I believe. And you can beat each other beautifully on the head. I think that when I first saw all this from the outside, I had no more chances to do anything else.

- Most of all I do not like, when a weak is humiliated. In this sense, the historical medieval battle is a very fair sport. In the lists, if you are weak, you will simply be beaten.

- I do not have any special ceremonies before the tournament. But after, regardless of the results, I necessarily go to eat burgers in a good company. Although now I understand that the fine dining is a very important ritual before the tournament, which positively affects the result.

- One of the most favorite books — "Hard to be a God" by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. As one of my comrades says, "I do not see why two noble dons do not beat each other with iron sticks."

- My family inspire me to the heroic deeds. Real feats are for someone. ​

- About my development as a fighter I'll say the next thing. I was helped on my way by so many people from our movement that it is difficult to count. And now I feel that it would be good to return this debt to the movement. To transfer the experience and skills to those who are eager to learn. Therefore, training for me is much more than a job or a hobby. The man who made me love fencing is my uncle. He was in the role-playing movement and was engaged kendo for many years. He fought well, hasn't looked back, beat hard. I still remember his advice on tactics and moral preparation before the fight.

- There are a lot of good fencers from other countries, with whom I did not fight. But there are no specific wishes.

- I have two favorite teams, in all competitions I am fan of group men's fights 5vs5: this is "Bayard" and "Partisan-2".

- It would be interesting to go to practice in Poland. There is a very high level of fencing in general, and very experienced fighters with their own unique style.

- About childhood and the past, there is not much I can tell. Unless one day in 2005 I saw Konstantin Lyubimov in the sword nomination. The speed with which he beat and was moving, I was so impressed that I firmly decided to train more. Although I have not achieved much success in the sword-sword, I still sometimes review his fights.

- I remember the one time in 2007 I met on the tournament in Nizhny Novgorod with Ivan Vasilyev. He moved so fast and hammered me from all sides so bitingly, I did not understand what was happening. Lot pf people, probably, had such fights. After the fight, Ivan approached, we shook hands, and he gave a couple of tips. He said that my technique is not really terrible. He recommended watching the video about the battles, and I followed the advice. I bought a camera with video recording and started filming everything: my fights, fights of friends and finals between champions. Since then it has become an indispensable part of my training.

- I did not become a specialist, but I have a favorite affair. And most of all I am proud of the successes of my daughter. She is engaged in dancing and swimming. Her schedule of training and study is much denser than I have. And I am very proud of the achievements of the students at the competitions. I like watching how they get stronger, they are winning, this is priceless.

- Speaking of personal motto, I would like to quote the following quotation from the above-mentioned work by Strugatsky: "There is nothing more precious than time, he thought.An hour is worth living, a day is priceless."

-To whom do you relay the baton #wmfc_heroes? - I relay it to Alexander Naumov. He knows how to tell from the heart.

Interviewer: Marina Golovina, Svetlana Fyodorova Translator: Yulia War

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