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INTERVIEW WITH THE MAIN ARBITER AND RULE'S AUTHOR OF THE PROFESSIONAL STEEL FIGHTS LEAGUE. Today we're talking with someone who remains in the shadow of the champions by virtue of his role, but without whose participation their existence would be impossible. Each letter of the present rules of the "medieval MMA" belongs to his pen. The most important tournaments, the highest level battles, the titans battles, the ice, the flame and the thunder on the lists — all this goes under his personal vigilant control. Please welcome, Ivan Vasiliev, an experienced judge and still acting fighter of all possible types of historical medieval battles. It goes without saying that the experimental nomination of the profights at the World Championship, which requires special attention and strength, will be a challenge and another winning milestone of the permanent referee building.

- How come you turned out to be the author of the fighting rules and the main referee for the league, which sets the course for profights in the whole world?

- If you do not praise yourself, no one will praise ;) I was the organizer and the author of the rules of the very first professional full-contact medieval battles. It was in the distant 2008, when the WMFC league wasn't born yet. Since then, I constantly have improved the rules and regularly tested them in practice, both as a judge and as a fighter. There were the rules I made that formed the basis of the original WMFC rules, and subsequently I regularly participated in improvements and i upgrade the current system. I've been organizing an international tournament of full-contact medieval battles "Donjon Cup", which consists of many stages and is successfully held in various cities and countries under the auspices of WMFC since 2016. In this tournament, generally, I am not only an organizer, but also a referee. In general, I regularly work as a referee of full contact medieval battles in different versions for 10 years already, so I have, perhaps, the most extensive experience to all judges.

- What qualities should have marshals in the ring? Any interested person can become a marshal?

- The marshal should be able to shout loudly and run fast, in addition, he wouldn't hurt to have some armor.

Seriously, the referee should have all the qualities that are necessary for the referee in any other sport: calmness, impartiality, attentiveness and quick reaction.

At the same time, the one who beat and was beaten, always has a much better chance of becoming a really good referee. Extensive fight experience decides a lot.

A good referee can intuitively anticipate the possible movements of fighters and understand what will happen in this or that situation on the lists.

A good referee knows the rules by heart and knows how to apply them. However, he should intervene in the fight only when it is really necessary — the fighters need freedom of action.

A good referee should remember that he serves the fight, but does not participate in it.

- Would you like sometimes took off all responsibilities, to put on an armor and have a fight with all the heart? - I do it regularly. I participated and won in various tournaments since 2000. In particular, I am a silver medalist of the "Battle of Nations" in the category "triathlon". As for the profights, I periodically took part in it since 2008. Actually, the very first profight in history was between me and Ilya Shur in 2008. Then I was "the head that wears many hats" — I organized by myself, wrote the rules by myself, I won the fight by myself ;) Since then, I've spent more than 15 full-fledged professional fights, and also participated and won several times in the respective tournaments.

Recently, however, it is more possible to fight in "5 vs. 5" than in duel, as in most "1 vs. 1"tournaments I have to participate as a referee.

- Tell us more about the "Donjon Cup": what was the impetus for its creation? Obviously, the eponymous store of goods for the role-players and re-enactors gave the name of the series of tournaments, whose owner you are. Is it true that many top fighters of the WMFC league, and you including — are also from the role-playing community? Do you think that there is still potential in this movement for the emergence of new HMB champions?

- I always wanted to have my own tournament, "with blackjack and who...", that is, a tournament in which I could calmly embody in life the ideas accumulated in my head. And yes, all the coincidences in the title are not accidental ;) There is such a wonderful store that supports the tournament. Although, of course, this support is not enough, and I would like to attract more sponsors. Indeed, a whole galaxy of Russian champions of HMB came out of LARP lovers. And now good fighters keeps coming to HMB from role-playing games, but, it seems to me, now the counts are way off. This is in great part due to the fact that the games are not the same it have become much softer than before, and combat skills are not as relevant as before.

- What is necessary for a common man who has just discovered the world of medieval battles and set about trying to become a fighter? How far he has to go to get in the profights league and get a chance to fight for the place in the top line of the rating?

- He has to wrestle, hand-to-hand combat and crossfit for several years, looking through the videos of the champion battles, and trying to reproduce what is being done there. He needs to change completely 3-4 sets of armor, having spent a lot of money, buying and breaking five swords, earning several unnecessary injuries and getting many, getting beaten at different tournaments... Well, or find yourself a normal HMB coach. The second option is easier and faster.

- In the profights rules to the parameters of weapons were given special attention. Could you tell us, what is the reason for the complicated admission system with all this higher mathematics, which is not easily to comprehend to an ordinary fighter? What principles are you guided by methodically and regularly improving the rules?

- This is our special fighters IQ test. We are just sure that people should not be allowed to the lists, who can not first add two numbers, and then multiply the resulting amount by the third. It is dangerous to give them weapons ;) Seriously, the formula for access one-handed weapons, which we are talking about, serves one purpose: to make sure that a weapon does some damage, and does not serve only as a means of scoring.

There are three basic principles on which the rules build this is the realistic, entertainment and security. Of course, it often competed with one another, but I think we were able to find the exact right combination.

- Abroad, there is a myth that the "Donjon Cup" and the WMFC profights are a grim pleasure only for Russian-speaking fighters of the CIS countries. What would you recommend to those who consider full contact fights as sports for the elite?

- I state with fully responsibility, we do not have any linguistic, geographical or ethnic criterions! We do not favor prejudice. All you need to participate in full contact fights is to catch a bear, drink vodka with him and play the balalaika. If you can do that, then you are exactly ready for the profights!.. ;) Those HMB fans who think that the absolute medieval battles are for supermen, I would advise to feel better about themselves and, finally, try.​

- What are the nearest goals you're setting for yourself as the head of the judging panel and for the profights in general? And, giving full scope to imagination and dreams, how do you imagine the long-term prospects of this sport?

- Immediate objective is to hold a tournament on the BN so that our nomination shows itself in all its glory, it will be remembered and liked by fighters and spectators of all countries in the Championship.

In the longer term I want to see full-contact medieval duels in the same breath as tournaments of world boxing federations and UFC.Well, who knows? Maybe someday there will be the first in the history of the universe interplanetary steel fights tournament in medieval armor!

Thank you for your attention, friends! Well, the WMFC League, along with Ivan make the last preparations for qualifying for the Russian national team, which will be held on March 31 in the framework of the festival "Valor and Honor". After that, going to the finish line before the "Battle of the Nations", we will continue to give you something very special.

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Interviewer: Elizaveta Semirkhanova, Svetlana Fyodorova

Translator: Yulia War

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