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So, dear readers, our editorial staff, which includes active fighters of the Russian HMB team, are already packing their suitcases and ready for the final preparations for a journey to the city, to which, as everyone knows, all roads lead. It is in Rome the main event of the year will be held for all fans of the medieval battles — the World Championship "Battle of the Nations 2018". We still have one more opportunity to please the reading public with a lot of interesting material before leaving. Whose words are useful at this moment? Whose invisible presence allows the fighters to calmly perform on the lists, bringing to the treasury of the country medals of the most noble colors one by one? We suddenly realized that we do not know very much about a person who plays one of the most important roles from year to year in the formation of our victories.

But at last the stars converged, justice is restored, and here he is, the guardian angel of brave warriors in snow-white cotte d'armes throwing into the heat of the battle, the captain of the national team-champion Dmitry Trostin.

- Hello Dmitry! We don't have a lot of time before the championship, and in light of the pre-Championships race we pass the final word to you, as the person under whose responsibility the Russian National Team is. How did you become a captain, what preceded your appointment? What are the functions of this post, is it elective? And in general, how is the deal National Team administrative apparatus organized, an example of which our country can serve?

- Greetings! Initially, when the "Battle of the Nations" project was being created, I performed the function of a conditional project manager, namely, I did almost everything from what was required at the moment. For example, I helped to find characters for the filming of the documentary series "Battle of the Nations" (one of them, actor Artem Terekhov is my good friend). In preparing for the first championships I was looking for people in the security services, organized the transfer of fighters and crew team, and to keep things interesting, fit into refereeing, performing the duties of the field marshal. Actually, the first two "Battle of the Nations" I was on the lists, and the rules of the championship was that we almost all the days did not depart from there. At that time I really enjoyed to be a judge. In fact, then I was doing almost the same things that I'm doing now, being in the position of the captain of the National team — everything, absolutely everything. And I became the captain quite unexpectedly: a meeting of the senior staff of the national team was at one of the "Dynamo Cup" (I wasn't there, by the way), and at which I was appointed to this position. I only found out this at the time of the dismantling of the lists after the end of the championship. And to what I was doing up to this point, a few more important tasks have been added. Year after year, there are problems with the fighters visas, this needs to control, planning the fighters changes in case of force majeure, the subsequent redistribution of the composition of the team in this regard, and so on. The administrative machinery of the Russian National HMB Team is as follows: there is a steering headquarters, general manager of the national team Igor Demidov, me, the captain, the fighting captain — Dmitry Kunchenko and vice-captains — Sergey Ukolov (triathlon, men and women) and Svetlana Fyodorova (5 vs 5, women).

- What do you think of the readiness of the HMB Russian National Team a week before the World Cup "Battle of the Nations"? What are the chances to keep the leadership? Are you worried about your fighters?

- I do. But I can note that our perspectives in the nomination "Polearm" among men do not cause much excitement yet, and for some reason I'm not worried about our female five, for male triathlon and professional fights. In all other nominations extremely powerful competition remains, which is not too close for comfort. It will be difficult, an enormous amounts of strong rivals is expected, there's a very high bar for our team — to collect gold medals in all categories. So there are plenty of reasons to be worry about. :)​

- What, in your opinion, is the main mission of the World Cup as the event? What is the main reason for this phenomenon?

- This is a very global topic for reasoning. The birth of the project "Battle of the Nations" was only a matter of time. I can only outline my personal vision and attitude: I like this event very much, I always look forward to it. Fighters from around the world are preparing to participate in this championship the whole year. They fight, communicate, share their battle experience, acquire friendly relations both in the movement and outside it. One need only to think about how amazing is the fact that there is an opportunity to come and fight with teams that are so far away that we would not have a chance to get there — and all questions about cause-effect relationships are losing the relevance.

- It's time for the traditional question from the editorial staff of the WMFC: please, tell us, what do you think about including professional fights in the main program of the championship as the new nomination? What do you think about this kind of martial arts?

- We have to try, watch, and try again. This is an excellent competition and another opportunity for a fighter to bring a gold medal to his National Team. It should be noted that the task is quite difficult, there are no easy victories in the profights. And what could be better than a victory gained by hard work that will positively affect the overall medal standings? I regularly attend WMFC tournaments, because there is always someone to support and what to see: spectacular show, responsibly selected pairs of fighters for fights, which in itself promises a curious spectacle and even sometimes a real confrontation. For example, the battle of Kadyrov vs Borovikov in the “WMFC: Knight Valor” series of 2013 created quite a stir at that time , it was extremely interesting to observe what would come of it. The fights of athletes such as Vitaly Gryzlov and Artem Goryunov are incredibly exciting. In summary, I can say that this is a very promising direction of HMB. And how the profights will fit into the format of the "Battle of the Nations" we will see very soon.

- What nominations do you like to watch as a spectator? Do you have favorites among fighters, teams? In your opinion, which of the foreign teams is the main opponent for the top Russian teams at the moment?

- I had two favorite nominations before, as a spectator — "longsword" and "polearm" (both male and female). But after the introduction of the decline in the weight of the weapons allowed, the first one acquired a completely different specificity, which upset me. And now, according to the same analogy, this is happening with the nomination "polearm". This category still has something to look at, and because of its sense of showmanship, it is still interesting to me. And for the simple reason that I can even watch these fights even if I'm in the capacity of captain near the lists, because at that moment there are usually few distracting moments on the field, which allow you to fully concentrate and enjoy the contemplation of the process. I always look from the position of the captain at the fights of the nomination "5 vs 5" and "21 vs 21" , because things at such moments develop very dynamically, a lot of people are involved, it is necessary to closely monitor what is happening on the lists, fixing violations for appeals. In terms of opponents, the US team with the team "Iron Phoenix" in its composition is a serious opponent for the Russian team. Of course, the National team of Ukraine is traditionally so close... well as unpredictable Belarusians, who at the most unexpected moment can suddenly overcome and get ahead. It is not time to chill-out.

- You are a fighter in the past? Is it possible to combine the position of the captain and fighter (after all, some foreign colleagues practice this)? If you came back as a fighter, in which tournament you would like to participate? Or you decided to hang up the gloves definitively and irrevocably?

- Last time I went out to fight at the Izborsk festival in 2010. To combine the status of the fighter and the captain is possibly, it just depends on the number of people in the team under your responsibility. It is not so difficult if the National team is small — in this case it is possible to combine the implementation of administrative functions with combat tasks. But the more people is in the team, the more problems we have. Therefore, in my case, this option is not particularly viable because of much responsibility. But! If I slip into my armor, that to date has even become almost possible given the lost weight over the past six months, the chances of returning on the lists as a fighter remain available. If the health will allow, I will take part in the "polearm", although I never, ever fought in this nomination... but I really want to! It is trusted hardly, that to train at 36, it is possible to bring your level of preparation to a state acceptable for a successful performance in the Russian team. I would do well to update the armor, by the way. There is a collection of old school weapons of the 2007 model at my house, which is prohibited by admittance rules. And if we will take a picture of it and send photos to foreigners, they will immediately turn to the Authenticity Committee with a complaint that they are threatened through the Internet :D

- Maybe, it's you who will give us the answer to this question: What's the origin story of the colors of the Russian team cotte d'armes? Do you have anything to do with this?

- The design of the current cotte d'armes was approved by the first captain of the Russian National Team, Andrey Zimin, and I've inherited it. And since then we have not changed anything, except for the number of stars. I did not put my hand on the design of the cotte d'armes, but I consider this an original design decision due to the successful combination of colors. Our fighters can always be unmistakably identifiable among others even in the nomination "all vs all". What is even more important, the white color saves the fighters in some way, because more often on the "Battle of the Nations" we have to fight under the scorching sun. This year, a number of changes in the rules of authenticity were introduced, so we decided to conduct a small re-branding and update the design of the Russian team cottes d'armes. However, the colors did not change just because of their practicality. The coat of arms changed a little, , having received a more authentic look, further emphasizing continuity in this way. In addition, we added the motto, but I'm not going to disclose it, I will keep a small intrigue.

- Is there an element of prof-deformation in your post? The series of of injuries of fighters, constant changes in the composition of the National team — all this certainly affect. Nevertheless, you have fond support words for compatriots in any situation for many years. What allows you not to freeze your heart?

- We become stronger from year to year, we learn Zen and strive for complete and unbreakable tranquility in any situation. We become stronger, more experienced... After last year's "Battle of the Nations", starting from its preparation, holding and until the end, it seems that I already have almost nothing to surprise at all. Even if aliens will suddenly land here and say that they will participate in the "Battle of the Nations" and will pass the Authenticity Committee... I don't even know what else is going to happen so that I'm surprised. As usual, "fun" begins in the week before the championship: someone from the fighters of the main line traditionally fall out over injuries or other force majeure. The realization that I am doing everything that depends on me in order to resolve any situation with dignity is helped to maintain a stable psyche. I believe in our team, and in our victory. And it is this faith that allows me not to lose heart.

- Do you have the strength and time for other things besides the HMB? What are you doing in the offseason between the championships?

- In breaks between the championships I build communications in the metro, that is, I am engaged in the installation of cellular stations, their modernization and maintenance. I have such basic work activity, I'm a communications engineer. In my spare time I collect and sharpen knives, go on hikes and sometimes I play strikeball. It's all the usual human hobbies: to go to the country house, to go to the sauna, to plant an arugula salad on the balcony. Together with my son, I collect Lego Star Wars, we will soon collect the Death Star with him! I also buy any camp things and at the leisure lay out the knives in the Instagram. :)

- Why have you been dedicated to our movement for many years? Or just direct duties keep you in the midst of historical fencing and reenactment?

- This is because of people. Numerous friends, accumulated over the years, indispensable communication, comfortable living environment, the club - someone comes, someone leaves, but all of this does not disappear anywhere... something unshakable.

- Please share with us your nearest plans, including, of course, regarding your participation in the HMB-movement.

- To beat all on the "Battle of the Nations", to take all gold medals, to get home without adventure with a sense of accomplishment and kind soul! And to come to the countryside. At the moment, this is almost the goal of all my life. And if I ever happen to travel again, then I would visit with a great pleasure the spectacular annual festival "Battle on the Neva" in St. Petersburg, as well as the festival "Ushkuy!" In Kaliningrad, about which I heard numerous and very positive feedbacks.

It was the farewell speech of the main captain, but simple soldiers and workers of the rear should listen to these words, and try to fulfill their tasks in the best possible way. Our organizational headquarters undertakes to conduct direct reports from the field and, if it will be possible, to keep you informed of the matter.

We wish success to all, without exception, to people in whom the spirit of battle is burning and who is ready to do a lot, so that the upcoming championship will become unforgettable!

Interviewer: Marina Golovina, Svetlana Fyodorova

Translator: Yulia War

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