• Andrey Kiselyus


Dear friends! As you may have guessed, all of our physical and mental forces were sent this spring to represent to the world our favorite genre of martial arts at the highest level, which only exists at the present moment. We recall that the Profight nomination was included in the program of the ninth "Battle of the Nations 2018" at the beginning of this month for the first time; our team has fully assumed organization of this block . The results of this work and the resonance caused by it surpassed all expectations. Full-contact knight fights in particular and historical medieval battles, in general, capture more and more minds, leaving less and less indifferent. With a pleasant warm in the heart we can safely say — we did it. And we could rest for a long time on our laurels, with photo reports and enthusiastic reviews, but the exploits, you know, might never be born by itselves. The battle pipes again call for new achievements. Therefore, now, on the last day of the triumphant May, we modestly sum up the results of our heroic past and bravely look into the foggy future.

We will not analyze the whole history of the league, we will discuss only the last months for statistics.

For 2017 with the WMFC support around the world, more than 30 events of various levels were held, in which battles under the auspices of the league took place. In the largest and most raucous of them our organization took part as an organizer and co-organizer. We remind you that the schedule of past and future tournaments is available by link.

At the turn of these important years, the foundations of the most important innovations were laid and tested, which resulting from the growth and development of the organization. We will tell you about it another time.

In 2018, before the active festival season for the movement of historical reenactment about 15 events has already taken place, to which the league of steel battles WMFC relates, the largest of which — the World HMB Championship "Battle of the Nations". We'll consider it below.

So, fighters from 20 countries (Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, England, USA, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine) took part i the nomination "Profights "1vs1" under the version of WMFC in four weight categories. It should be noted that for the new nomination in the World Championship this indicator of involvement can be called phenomenal. In total, 92 full-contact duel took place over three combat days, 16 ended by technical victories and 2 — clean victories by knockout.

The international composition of experienced judges was carefully selected for an extremely objective assessment of what is happening on the list. Other marshals were often seen near our list, with envy and interest watching the work of colleagues and exciting battles.

The secretariat has done a lot of work to ensure that the timing of the location work was maximally focused on the fighters involved in other categories of the championship. Thus, a brilliant compromise was achieved between the recognized World Cup competitions and the experimental nomination.

And while the knights fought, the technical WMFC team courageously overcame the weather conditions, ensuring uninterrupted operation of the place. The well-coordinated work of the stages did not leave a single chance for delays in the timetable.

The operators team shot more than a terabyte of juicy materials, and also took into account the wishes of the audience and the block was covered with a separate online broadcast, the record of which can be seen on our youtube channel.

The knights of the lens and the tripod, our partner photographers, sacrificing the equipment, fearlessly rushed into the battle for the sake of a successful shoot, but now they could be richer for years ahead selling postcards with the background of the castle of Santa-Severa.​

Our charming show-chief of the Profights allowed the shocked audience to look at the medieval battles from a new angle, showing the world an amazing atmospheric mix of gladiatorial fights and MMA in armor.

Specific pleasure in the final show were the walks of the ring-girls, so hitting in the soul of the audience. Beautiful girls with their ancient beauty contrasted with the severe action inside the list. Observing the reaction of the public, we understood — this is what the competition of steel titans needed.

Soldiers of the invisible front, our smm-headquarters did not let the informational voice be silenced either before or after the event, and it is heard to this day. Announcements, reports, posters, photos, videos, interviews, articles — we tried to make everything possible so that you were aware of everything that was happening, inside and outside the beautiful world of our brutal hobby.

And of course, traditionally special attention was paid to the rating of the fighters, where the curator was pedantically brought the results of eight national qualifiers and "Battle of the Nations" itself, taking into account the double coefficient. The current rating of gladiators WMFC is always available on the link.

In general, a hectare of nerve endings, two decolletages and as many phones, that could not stand the heat of negotiations, were burned by the WMFC organization; at least 5 voices hoarse, kilometers of official correspondence and ten times more informal ones were documented…

Representatives of the WMFC team are not only workers of the home front. Some of us are active fighters and have been spotted at the front line defending the honor of the country. Passion for the favourite activities gives us the strength to succeed everywhere — to win in the lists, cheer for the team, build the bridges and organize grand events.

But enough lyrics. The responses of fighters, spectators and other sympathizers clearly tell us only one thing — all our efforts were not in vain. And now, thanks to this feedback, we are ready to do three times more, not stopping at what was achieved and step by step infecting the population of all continents with love for the HMB. In this regard, the WMFC team makes an official statement about the active search for co-organizers.

What we have to offer? The advertising, brand,the ready set of rules, feasible help and the blessing on military exploits.

What we want? We want that in all corners of the world our flags fluttered and that the whole world knew what HMB is. That in the future, knight tournaments would fill stadiums, and it was difficult for them to get a ticket. For the quality of festivals to grow from year to year and all the organizers were a great friendly team, unanimously leading our sport to the victory.