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And hello again, dear lovers of the medieval battles and readers of our traditional rubric #wmfc_heroes! We will try to draw your attention today with the help of one of the most eloquent knights of our time. It doesn’t matter — whether it’s a festival or just sporting event — this person invariably gathers around him a crowd of listeners, eager to join the old stories, tales and tricks, that our hero carries with him through the years of his participation in the historical reenactment movement. In what kind of armor this fount of experience, philosophy and practical wisdom clothed, in what battles he has not been - including a little bit about it he tell in his story. By the way, he is one of the oldest fighters, about what he doesn't get tired to mention with a smile. In front of him and with his active participation the story of the emergence and formation of the World Championship "Battle of the Nations" was unfolding, and and to this day this event and to this day this event is not without his presence in the top Russian teams.In all of this, for many years, this man combines military feats with the post of the head of the strongest St. Petersburg club, leading his pupils to new horizons and victories. Under his supervision, not so long ago the Higher School of the Historical Medieval Battles was founded in St. Petersburg — the first in a series of such a loud name. Anyone with a passing knowledge of the specifics of the national sport, understand that this is one of the most important step on the way of the clubs cohesion across the country and the development of a common cause in the world.

With reference to the severe military structures with which the Russian National HMB Team can be compared, there is a simple expression: "«There do not exist irreplaceable people». So, this man is an exception to the rule.


Full name: Nayderov Alexey Valentinovich

Country: Russian Federation, St. Petersburg

Club: Bern

Year of birth: 1978

Height / weight: 188/106

Armor: Europe, the beginning of the 15th century.

Weapon: halberd, or two-handed axe

Basic sport: HMB

Favorite combo: a blow from the a..s (the connoisseurs will understand) _____________________________________________________​

- The historical medieval battle is a unique opportunity with the "language of steel" to express your attitude to this world. This is a religion, a cult of strength and pain, worship Shrike, for example (the fictional fantasy character of the tetralogy of "The Hyperion Cantos" by Dan Simmons - ed.notes). :)

- Right now I can list at least a thousand hobbies, as a very interested person... But I'll write just a couple: I'm fond of hot rods and riding on enduro in impassable places.

- There are books affecting my worldview (and it's good that not a computer game, although there are also such). I'm a longtime fan of the brothers Strugatsky and Pikul, Shackley and Bradbury, Pelevin and Akunin, and many more science fiction writers. I would call Arnold Schwarzenegger the idol, he did a lot of things better in me.

​- I'm quite a well-adjusted person. Sometimes it's comes, of course, but not often.

- This is the history of my nickname. Those who have at least slightly caught the time at the turn of the 80's and 90's, certainly familiar with the series "Thunder in Paradise" with Hulk Hogan.. This is, so to speak, the key information. In 1996 I came to the role-playing movement, and got into the team "Miflond" to the Silver Elves (now it's pretty scary to imagine). It's like... the summer of the Lord of 1336 was cold, etc., but, nevertheless, it was exactly this way. I was very ambitious and quite a developed teenager, so at that time I already worked out for a year and a half and achieved some success in this area, which allowed me to claim the name Conan, but Conan was already taken ... Of course, I had to look for alternatives, and I did not hesitate to call myself Hulk (Hogan, of course). :)) My teammates were not without humor and appreciated my arrogance the way I think I deserve... The fact is that the Hulk in this series had an assistant Bru, quite a stupid type with the potential of a clown, that's how they called me! :)) And when they have looked at my fancy shield out of the aluminum cover from the big tank, also added "Bru - garbage tank". At first it made me very angry, but I appreciate the humor and I wear my nickname with pleasure. True, the cover is long gone :D

- One binding ritual before the battles I have, of course — it is called "warm-up".

- It's kind of woman's interview! Questions about music, food, inspiration for feats ...It needs instructions of guru, or fortune-telling for luck too! It's probably easier: one strong and wicked creature wants to beat another, which wants to beat in response - pure chemistry, and who is cooler, he will rule. He will eat falafel, drink macchiato, or a glass of vodka, read VK or Facebook — it's absolutely not important at all!

- My ideal of a fighter is Conan the Barbarian, of course. Well, among the live characters who once became an example for me, I can name our former team-mate Michael (or Uncle Misha). He first put together and systematized the experience that was worked out together, and we still use it. And so there are many people who have proved by their example and persistence that absolutely can be achieved, and they continue to do it now. The main thing with all of this is that now there are specialized methods, and new generations of the HMB fighters will not have to wander in darkness in search of the right path or knowledge. That’s what matters.

- For 19 years in HMB I have seen a lot, fought a lot, and I gonna continue to do this in the future. In other words, I do not think about the one against whom I would especially like to fight.

- I support many teams, their composition changes — and this either moves them further, or throws them back. I watch many fights 5 vs 5, and everywhere there are talented fighters, but not everywhere there is a right approach, a plan for battle. And we, in general, sin too, let's face the facts. If we talk about my favorite teams, then I will not reveal anything supernaturally new: Partizan-1, Medvezia Pyad', Ayna Bear and Western Tower (especially in its best composition). And my favorites in the first league — our second team, which has already raised two fighters for the higher league — the "PLC" team. And, by the way, for the second consecutive year it has won the finals of the first league. :)

- I, as a fighter of the team "Old Friends" have already visited many places, but would not mind visiting the US — there are now the coolest, most motivated and strong rivals in the world, however, like in Ukraine too.

- As you know, over the years a person's worldview is changing, so Schwarzenegger, Stallone and Van Damme are in the past. Today I am absolutely happy person, I live and exist among the heroes of the present and even involved them: Evgeny Gladkov, Yuri "Mandulay" Samoylov, Evgeny Ageev, Aider "Morgan" Kadyrov, Vladimir Nechiporenko, Vitaly Gryzlov, Sergei Ukolov and many others (let them don't resent about whom I did not mention, because otherwise the list will be very long, and the interview — similar to the database). Therefore, we can say that I took place as a person and live in the present.

- There were a lot of battles in my live, therefore I will not start from the first, but one of the first. The speech will go far back already now in 1998, when I was running around in the forest like the Silver Elf, and sent all the enemies to Valinor with a huge ax from the pipe my height and with a smaaaal rubber at one end. In this I succeeded somewhat, since I began to run since 1996. And by the beginning of the events described there was already fought the reputation of a hothead and fighter, who not only "take hits", but did it with ecstasy and special cynicism, bringing the process to reality as close as possible. That is, if the character had three "hits", then it was necessary 3 times to beat him with this pipe, so that he understood everything from the first blow. :D I tell this for clarity, so it was clear why I was doing this. So Alexander Pankratov (known by the nickname Knyaz), with whom we worked for a long time together, invited me to a training in a certain "PLC" (club "Polish-Lithuanian spear" — ed.notes.), where people fought with iron (!) swords and axes. Of course, I was not much scared, although I considered them idiots: to beat each other with iron swords -that was nuts, wasn't it? On the appointed day, I appeared at the training in this club and was very surprised when I was not even out of breath, just I was beaten up without any chances by a guy in a plaid shirt and with a serious look... He was Arseny Zelentsov, the founder of "PLC". To say that I was amazed is just to say nothing. I was struck to the core, decided to learn how to fight and, of course, stayed in "PLC".

- I am a very active person, and, as mentioned above, I am interested in many things. I, like many guys in the movement, have a wall with medals, but it seems to me that this is not the most important thing. Much more important is the community where this happens, and the people who make up this community, and yet it's not for me to judge about achievements. My next goal is very clear, as the sky of Krasnodar and Rostov in the summer. This is our High HMB School in St. Petersburg. We are all working on this project, and we will continue to develop it, as it is time to move to a new level of training and understanding of why and for what we are in HMB.

- The main thing is to overcome laziness and fear. In our infantile and lazy world, this already means something.

- To whom do you relay the baton #wmfc_heroes? - I would like to read the answers of Artem Vasilyev, yes-yes he is the one :))

Interviewer: Marina Golovina, Svetlana Fyodorova Translator: Yulia War

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