• Andrey Kiselyus


Dear friends! As you remember, on 23-24 June, under the auspices of the Professional Medieval Battles League, the event took place, worthy of a separate mention — WMFC: MONACO KNIGHT CHALLENGE. And now, when the emotions have subsided and video and photo reports have arrived, we are ready to share the experience and the results of this extremely rare event with you.

Our team had the opportunity to be the part of the organization and holding of the knight tournament in the framework of the local national holiday dedicated to the ruling dynasty — "1'ERE RENCONTRE DES SITES HISTORIQUES GRIMALDI DE MONACO”.

A record-breaking honor and a grandiose responsibility! After all, Monaco is the mainstay of the ancient monarchy, the cradle of truly royal luxury and prosperity, where every piece of land is valued in weight of gold. The country of yachts, the oldest in the world gambling casinos, advanced supercars and races of the Formula-1.

It's enough to see the venue itself — the square in front of the prince's palace in the historical center of the city, the heart of the country — unshakeable majesty embodied in stone. And the presence among the audience of high-ranking people gave a special, unique charm to what is happening.

The WMFC team swiftly burst into a whirlwind of hurricane battles in the sophisticated atmosphere of the aristocratic traditions of Europe, instantly shaking off sleepy serenity from the eyes of the ancient city and reviving the harmony of the past, woven from drive, pure adrenaline and real medieval rage! In the shadow of the princes' standards, sweat mixed with blood, and weapons sparks enthralled the public.

Even the caprices of the soft weather of the coast could not stop the spectators to worry about the fighters and sharply empathize with what is happening, as almost in all the battles fought their countrymen and allies.

In team battles and mass buhurts the main and most severe struggle was between the natives of Monaco and France — the challenge of the valiant "Grimaldi Milites" was accepted by "Bécuts de Gascogne", one of the strongest teams in their country. The support of compatriots gave strength to the Monegasques, and the two-day exhausting confrontation with the more experienced rival ended in a draw. This certainly only strengthened the comradely spirit of the whole event and added an intriguing spectacle to everyone's pleasure.

The combat part of the program was attended by representatives of Russia, Poland, France, Italy, Ukraine and Spain.

As for the duels — the pairs were selected with special international delights, the titled fighters, along with the young ambitious ones , whose military talents did not go unnoticed for the WMFC league, took part in this nomination.

Their mastery of weapons and the uncompromising format of the Profights has left a deep and indelible impression on the eyewitnesses, and the steel gladiators were rewarded with the most enthusiastic applause.

The fighters of the tournament agreed that they would like to experience this one more time, and they shared their impressions of this adventure with us.

“This is a truly unique experience. I really liked the location, I was extremely flattered by the opportunity to fight in front of the royal palace. Although I showed not the best results and fairly average level, in my opinion. But I want to do better, because I know I can.”

Francesco Galli, Italy

“We were very well received, and I was able to spend a terrific weekend with my family. Organizers of the tournament took care of everything: among other things, for the fighters were organized food and water. On Sunday evening we were invited to a princely reception, all in a beautiful and exceptional setting between the Monaco Palace and the sea. I participated not only in the battles of "5 vs 5", but also fought in a professional duel with Ivan Vasiliev, which was a special event for me, since it was my first real Profight. And I thank Ivan Vasiliev for choosing me as an opponent! I am sure that I can fight even better, and I would like to exceed my performances many times. It is necessary to work more and develop to match the level of the professional battles. On occasion, I will take part in such events with great pleasure — I would very much like to take revenge on Ivan. :)”

Adrien Cessa, France

“The decent organizational work, a luxurious venue, good equipment — the tournament was held at a very high level. I remember the favorable friendly atmosphere, it was great and fun. I fought unsatisfactorily, for the desired result in my duel, of course, was a victory. But I'm ready to go again! :)”

Alexey Kamenev, Russia

In our hearts this small but proud country which knows a lot about shipping, mountain tunnels, noble traditions and real aristocratic entertainments, will remain for a long time. A little flag that will remain flaming on the WMFC command's map as one of the brightest and most memorable events that we have created!

Once again we congratulate and thank all participants, we hope to see you soon in equally pleasant and exciting circumstances.​​