• Andrey Kiselyus


Greetings to all fans of the historical medieval battles and readers of the rubric #wmfc_heroes! Again we put aside weapons for a moment, as well as the marshal's wands and took up the pen. And today our choice finally fell on one of the brightest representatives of the HMB world. A man with iron discipline and rare purposefulness. Perhaps, thanks to his qualities, he managed to attract close attention and deserve deep respect from the entire HMB community, including champions. Please welcome, a multi-faceted athlete who quickly entered the WMFC Professional League, a strict trainer, a talented leader of the strong five team, who proved himself at the Dynamo Cup, and a top fighter of the national team, who won the bronze of the Royal World Cup 2018 nomination in strong confrontation that went down in history along with the Battle of Agincourt. He is a true fan of his case, it seems, he can move mountains if they stand in the way of the victory of his team, over demanding to himself and his comrades-in-arms. What kind of a person hidden behind the full-metal jacket? Let's ask him.


Full name: Pawel Kurzak Country: UK, London Club: White Company Year of birth: 1978 Height / weight: 180 sm / 106 kg Armor: Western Europe XIVc Weapons: Shield and falchion Basic sport: judo and krav maga


- My lovely weapons — a shield and a falchion, especially the one that I borrow from Lukas Kowal. And fight with a halberd in 21 vs 21.

- Probably I prefer throws, but I enjoy the situations where I get to knock people out with the halberd.

- I don't have many non sport hobbies, I love playing and watching rugby union, reading historical books (recently listening to audiobooks). I enjoy watching good documentaries, especially the ones about "conspiracy theories".

- I've seen some clips on YouTube back in 2013 and I thought "Wow! That looks brutal, I have to try it!”. Than I saw, BBC documentary "Knight's club" and decided to go for a training in England. I've heard stories about "White Castle" festival in Belarus back in 2001 or 2002, I couldn't imagine how great it must have been.

- I hate when someone smokes cigarettes next to me, I hate vandalism, mindless thuggery and bullying. Lazy and weak people make me angry especially if they are not looking to improve but for excuses. And liars! I hate liars.

- I wear a T-shirt with a cross of Polish 303 fighter squadron, it was Polish fighter in British RAF. I had it on during my first tournament in Montbazon and it became a tradition.

- My favourite opus that influenced me is the trilogy "By Fire and Sword" by Henryk Sienkiewicz both books and movies, they were written to raise the hearts of the nation, and they show a great insight into the Polish soul. Books are full of powerful monumental characters both positive and negative and also these that are not simply black and white, it’s deeper than all of that.

- I wouldn't consider what I do heroic. What drives me the most is the fact that I don't want to fail my teammates. I think I carried that over from my army service. When I served in the army I wasn't afraid for own safety but I was afraid that I will fail my men.

- Lukas Kowal was always the greatest help for me. He was teaching and training me. I always feel confident when he's on the field. We used to be last two standing for our team a lot of times and I always knew as long as he's up I'm not going down and we will win. The fighter that I admire the most of all is Evgeny Gladkov. In my opinion, he's the greatest fighter of all times, absolutely perfect without weak points. And a great friend of mine.

- I think in mass battles I fought almost everyone who matters in our sport. My goal is to fight against Sergey Ukolov and Aleksei Petrik, I'd like to have a rematch with Maxim Naizov, Krzyszfor Szatecki, Volodymyr Nechyporenko, Vitaly Gryzlov. I can go on and on... Artem Gorunov, Ayder Kadyrov and more.

- I really miss “Partizan-1”, that's the team that I admired, I'm always watching flights of the teams like “Bear Paw”, “Old Friends”, “Ayna Bera” and “Syabry”.

- As a part of the “fight and travel” I would like to visit Russia :) Festival Battle on Neva in St. Petersburgh and I'd like to go more often to Poland, I love French tournaments they are always in great and beautiful places.

- As a child, I wanted to be like my father, I hope I haven't disappointed him and my mother. I don't want to be like someone else I want to be myself, but as I said earlier from fighter Evgeny Gladkov is my idol.

- I'll never forget winning the 3rd place in 21 vs 21 in “Battle of the Nations 2018” world championship. But I think the most memorable moment was in Malbork Castle tournament in 2015 or... rather two moments. First, the polearm final where Jose Amoedo and I fought seven rounds. I wanted to give up many times but then I said myself "no" and finally I won it. In front of my wife.

The second was a 1/4 final in 5 vs 5 against Lithuania when Lukas and I were facing four fighters. We managed to win it anyway it was a great feeling. :)

- I consider myself to be a very good fighter but not an expert I still have to learn a lot. And I enjoy every moment of it. My greatest achievement is getting married to such a great woman — my wife.