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Dear readers of the rubric #wmfc_heroes! In the first lines of the new issue we would like to say: thank you for being here It is you who inspire us to attack fearlessly brutal armed people with tricky questions. And our next raid brought a real information delicacy, because we got to the fighters of All under Heaven. The national team of this country not so long ago has been participating actively in the events of the historical medieval battles, but, as in everything for which this industrious nation undertakes, it is rapidly conquering new peaks, the attention of the public and our hearts.In the tournaments, we increasingly see fighters in red cotte d'armes with hieroglyphs — they are always polite, pedantic in observing the rules and are very colorful both in the lists and outside. A whole family of fans in national authentic clothes returns the festival spirit to any sporting event with the participation of these guys.Respecting the global principles of politeness, we certainly decided to get acquainted with the Chinese HMB with the captain of the national team. Like for you, it was incredibly interesting for us to know how lives and breathes a fighter who absorbed the mentality of this nation, its traditions and military history. In the process of communication, we were deeply impressed and deeply moved by the respondent's accuracy, the penetration of his speeches and the way of thinking. And this once again shows that there are no random people in HMB, knightly sport attracts truly valiant warriors from all corners of the globe. Well, while astrologers announced a week of love for the Chinese fighters in the editorial staff of WMFC, we are happy to share with you the interview.


Full name: Gao Peng

Country: China, Shanghai

Club: Huben

Year of birth: 1984

Height / weight: 193 cm / 95 kg

Armor: Chinese Ming dynasty style

Basic sport: sanda and kickboxing

Favorite combo: Hit+Hit+Hit+Hit… non stop


- My favorite weapon is polearm that’s no doubt, and of course they are all Chinese weapons, GuanDao, SanjianDao (varieties of Chinese polearms — ed.note), I always call them my “concubines” ha-ha :)

- My “non-sporty” hobby are Painting & Writing! When I was in college, I have three choices in future, be an art worker or history teacher or Sanda fighter (A modern fighting method, as well as a full-contact sport. — ed.note).

Now my occupation is an art manager of pc/phone game company, some things I paint something like my shield, and always writing some article about buhurt at my social media, popularize this sport to Chinese.

- In China, before we join HMB family, many people know about BotN (abbreviation of the championship “Battle of the Nations” — ed.note), they don’t know the full name of this tournament but all watched some videos of it. So in China, BotN almost means full contact fighting in armor. When we decided to fight in armor, to contact HMB — the organization of BotN — was our first choice.

- When a hard war is over but no meat for a good meal, that will make my angry! And be serious, betrayal and deception makes me furious.

- Before fights I like to hang my wedding ring on my neck, my family makes me feel full of energy.

- I was impressed by “Warriors of Heaven and Earth” at the time (a 2003 Chinese action adventure film directed by He Ping. — ed.note). This movie told me a lot what should a man do.

- A man I’m grateful for the help at the start of our fighting road, is Richard Elswick, he was vice captain of America team on “Battle of the Nations”. When we try to learn medieval battles at 2016, he came to Shanghai and helped us a lot, from basic tech to how to make armor. So he is a kind of mentor to me. There are two guys, Dong Xuefeng, Xu Guoji. They both my brother beyond blood, Dong is one of the first people who tried this sport in China, Xu is a good fighter and also a good smith too. When we decided to do medieval battle at first, I have no plan to be a fighter, but they said “We need you bro, we need you to go to the list and fight with us!” That sentence makes me to be a buhurt fighter. Now I’m the captain, they all my men, we keep fighting and have the same target.

- My inspiration is to fight like my ancestors, feeling the honor, how they defend their enemies and protected the people, inherit their spirit. i’m sure that makes a man man.

- I want to fight on the lists with Fedor Emelianenko. Ha-ha! I know it sounds crazy, but anyway he was the world’s best MMA fighter, the spiritual idol of our generation. Maybe one day he wants to try medieval battle and we will meet? Who knows.

- Basically, I’m just a buhurt fighter so far, but I have strong willing to be a ProFights fighter, and now I’m working on it.

- Under the aegis of #fight_and_travel I would like to visit Russia of course, ha-ha. Russian fighters are at the top of the game, and it is a huge nation with many natural scenery and rare human sights. I used to Russia for Dynamo Cup 2017, expecting the next chance.

- My idol of childhood is Guan Gong (a general serving under the warlord Liu Bei at the time of the military confrontation between the three kingdoms in China. — ed.note) that’s for sure! The great figure of history, he has enormous importance to the Chinese people.

- This Battle of the Nations 2018, the 5 vs 5 group fight, when we faced Australia-2, marshal found that my belt of right calf was broken, so I can’t get into the list. But after 7 rounds fight, two of our fighters hurt so badly. they can’t fight anymore, we have just 5 guys left, if I quite, there are 4 guys left, my team will quite. “Please let me fight, we can lose but we can’t quite!” I spoke to marshal again and again, marshal keeps silent, looks like he was in inner struggle. At this very moment, one guy from Australia-2 picked a belt and run to me, fixed my calf, finally let us finished all the fights. I think that is the true spirit of Buhurt. I love this sport.

- I think I’m just a guy who is keep learning and it will cross my whole life, hard to say I’m an expert in some field. But I think I found my calling, anything that mixed my national culture and arms and martial arts, will be always the thing I want to do. But the most proud thing in my life is become a father. :)

- I wanna make anything that will help my team and fighters to become a badass team in HMB and WMFC. This is my next target. I want to pass the torch to the young fighters of my team when I’m too old that can’t fight anymore, I want to keep this fire in China and make it bigger.

- My life credo: try best.

- Who is the next WMFC hero?

- I think that will be Robin Lundstrom from Sweden

Interviewer: Marina Golovina, Svetlana Fyodorova Translator: Yulia War

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