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Good day to all fans of medieval battles! We are busy as hell with promotion of our favorite hobby in the field of a number of festivals, but for the section #wmfc_heroes we always have the strengths. And how our next respondent's heroes do it, we use the Force. He could safely engage in saberfighting and walk in a Jedi robe pretentious, but for some reason he chose a different way where you can not do without reliable steel armor and heavy assault falchion, which can't protect against blaster shots, but you can beat your opponents with all your heart. However, you can not hide heroic inclinations, and this fighter is good not only in the ranks, but also in 1 vs1 battles, being one of the favorites of the Premier League WMFC and talented triathlon fighter. In addition, he often takes more elegant weapons, he is well versed in sports fencing and HEMA, monitors the fashion trends of all types of weapons-based martial arts, while honoring the traditions of the ancestors and pioneers of the HMB. There is an opinion that it is this intellectual consist that makes it possible for a lightweight fighter to show himself brilliantly in the hardest mixes at tournaments of the highest level. So, dear readers, use your chance to join the cosmic wisdom, and may the Force be with you.


Country: Ukraine, Kiev Club: "Kiev Fencing Club" Year of birth: 1989 Height / weight: 178/72 Armor: tournament-optimal set of the first third of the 21st century Armament: Light Saber Basic sport: Futsal Favorite combo: down-down-forward :D


- Since 2013, our team, influenced by the magnificent film of Quentin Tarantino about Django (meaning the film "Django Unchained" - ed.notes), adopted a philosophy under which the whole world is a plantation, and people - slaves. For fun of course. So, the most common my pseudonym is "oh-oh-he-that brazen little nigga" or "black stick".

- I'm a big fan of Star Wars. Once upon a time at the forum jcouncil.net I participated in the translation of SW books in Russian (by the way, the trilogy of sequels - it sucks!), which occupied a solid part of my free time. In general, at leisure, I like to eat deliciously, a long sleep and to read a good book

- I'm a pretty quick-tempered man in the lists. Therefore, to make me crazy is very simple: it can be as "blind" judges, or the mess in the rules of the competition, and masses of teammates, or my personal. For example, the detached in an important battle elbow causes a persistent desire to unscrew the patient's head. But after the battles, in 90% of cases I calm down, I leave, and then I apologize to colleagues for harsh words. Most often, the surrounding people understand what adrenaline in steel battles is, and, apparently, thanks to this, no one killed me.

- In the time that I'm in HMB I got two important rituals before responsible fights. First of all, check carefully all the straps and fasteners on the armor, not to let the team down because of my own stupidity of some inappropriately torn off strap. And secondly, get together and tune in to the fight.

- As already mentioned above, I adore the Star Wars saga. A number of things that made an indelible impression on me also included some serials about the distant future - such as "Firefly" or "Expanse". And also a series of books by Matthew Stover "Caine's Law" stuck with me. I read it several times. In general, there are a lot of books that somehow hook me, it's difficult to give a list. I enjoy reading.

- What inspires me? A lot of things. Basically, these are personal ambitions, the desire for victory, and the desire not to let the team down. Sometimes, in order to tune in, before the battles I listen to the music of Via "Sabaton" or "Nightwish".

- My mentor is my coach, Vyacheslav Zarubin

- I would not have said that I have any special wishes about opponents in battle. I do not care against whom to go on the lists.

- Among the top fencers, I really like the fighters of the Bayard fencing school, specifically Ilya Ivanov, Ivan Vasilyev, and the Darkest of lords of course (it means Sergey Vitalyevich Ukolov, fivefold world champion in triathlon and the head of the club "Bayard" - ed.notes). In addition, I admire the high culture of movement the similar to the sun of all-Kaliningrad Eugene Bedenko (multiple prize-winner of the largest international competitions, the top fighter of the WMFC league, the head of the club "The Western Tower" - ed.notes). In general, for me, Ivan Vasiliev and Eugene Bedenko - real examples to follow. Among the Ukrainian fighters I always cheer for my team-mates, and the Black Knight of all Ukraine, Alexander Vasilinich. Of the foreign fighters, I cheer for Polish fighter Marcin Janiszewski and French fencer Antoine Bernal. And of course for Misha Morgulis, I'm his longtime fan (Misha, sign on my boobs!!).

- Strangely enough, in nomination "5 vs 5" I cheer for the team "Golden Mummy", in which I fight sometimes. Besides, for all Ukrainian teams in international tournaments. From the Russian teams I always support "Western Tower" and "Bayard". And from the western I like "Iron Phoenix" (USA), "White company" (The United Kingdom) and German "Decima". Guys are extending at a crazy pace, which is pretty awesome.

- To date, I haven't been many places. New Zealand, Australia, Canada - many countries that I would like to visit, conquering the tops of our Olympus #fight_and_travel :)

- As a child, my idol was Luke Skywalker. I'm not tired of repeating that the trilogy of the sequels "Star Wars" broke my loving heart to hell. And now I understand that a certain guy named Seth Hart, who was born 1,000 years before the film's events, made a very good job.

- About a professional calling, I hope, everything is still ahead. For now I just enjoy the process of life.

- In the near future, I set to win the ProFights 2019 in the category lightweight at the "Battle of the Nations", and to return the national team's title in the nomination 21 vs 21. And in the distant future I would like to go into space (and no, I’m not about cocaine).

- "Each of us is the sum of our scars." Scars leave the deep traces in the psyche, this is called experience. Scars form our character. It is experience and character that shape the worldview and make us act as we do. This is a fairly successful metaphor and it embodies my motto for life. :)

- To whom do you relay the baton #wmfc_heroes? - Ivan Tyutyunnik. He knows how to tell beautifully if he wants to.

Interviewer: Marina Golovina, Svetlana Fyodorova Translator: Yulia War

#fighter #Ukraine #eng

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