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Our new segment #wmfc_heroes is opened by a man who is difficult to call a star, as he received most of his numerous awards in the team. However, it is he who is the pivot around which the best fighters of the world gather in a powerful striking force. He is the captain of the invincible team "Partizan-1", combat vice-captain of the National Team — not least due to his personal qualities. Russia has maintained world leadership in medieval battles for many years now.

Stars come and go. And the man of action, the born leader, the strongest fighter - remains. He is true to himself, his convictions, his comrades-in-arms, the club and the country.​

____________________________________ I.D.: Kunchenko Dmitry Alexandrovich

Country, city: Russian Federation, Moscow

Club: “Bern”

Date of birth: 1988

Weight/Height: 102/190,5

Armor: West Europe, 14 century

Weapons: Falchion and shield

Favorite combo: Win by glance ____________________________________ - Most often I go out with a shield and falchion, but I like the polearm — the forgotten art of the ancients. - I do not want to think that my death would amuse anyone, so I never associate myself with gladiators in the arena. - To all non-sports hobbies I like only one thing: to lie on the couch, do nothing and surrender to any kind of idleness (just kidding). - Just 5 years ago, anything could get a rise out of me, but now I'm calmer, and sometimes too relaxing, it even frightens me sometimes. Probably I'm getting old. :) - A world view does not add up after reading a single book or several. This is a combination of a million factors: starting with the upbringing and the social environment in which you grew up, and ending with a constant work on yourself and your brain (yes, the fighters also have a brain). And this great variety eventually leads to a certain view of life, society, the state, and even our hobby. I read a lot: starting with business literature, ending with the novels of Dumas and Remarque (well, these are more in youth). Books only help a person to see their way more clearly, but they will not build a coordinate system, they will not help to understand what is good and what is bad — it is the whole merit of our parents and the environment in which we were brought up. - I grew up from the age when I needed, for example, to listen to music to tune in or become motivated, I long ago transformed the motivation into the discipline It's pointless to motivate yourself for deeds, for the feat must become a work. When you clearly realize your strength, the strength of your teammates and the team, the opponents’ strength, you have a sober head and you go out in good faith to do what is required of you. - I picked up a sword once because it is inherent in us by nature itself. I never wanted to be like anyone, but just did what I liked and enjoyed. As a result, this led to serious achievements, which I am proud of now, and, probably, I'll be proud of in the future. Speaking of our movement, then for me, personally, there is a kind of collective image of people who can be examples: the persistent and characteristic E. Gladkov, who fights well; maneuverable and tireless A. Kiselius, who has an incredibly strong hit (yes, he also beats his teammates). There are still some fighters, who are pushing you to develop, but within the team we are all individuals, and I like it. However, to a much greater extent I distinguish antiheroes for myself — people who are not ready to go all the way, who are afraid, and who do not train and are the embodiment of those qualities that I would not like to find one day in myself. And for me this is much more serious incentive to work on myself, train and improve. - I do not like battles "1 vs. 1". I tried, honestly, but I do not like fighting with a sword to keep score. If I do not feel this hit, then I just do not consider it necessary to block it. In general, I tried to interest myself, but somehow it did not work out. - On the Dynamo Cup I'm rooting mainly for the top teams of Russia, as I understand that it is with these fighters we together have to defend the honor of the country in the squad, and stay shoulder to shoulder to fight with serious opponents. Club "Bern" has no equal in the world teams at the moment, but this can’t last forever. And I always worry about them, and especially for "Partizan-2", including because I train them, so it's painful to look at my fiasco as a coach (kidding).

- Beginning in 2012, in the format «fight and travel» I've visited numerous countries: the United States, Spain, the CIS countries, France, Poland, Croatia, etc. ... Of course, I would like to see the whole world, so, perhaps it's easier to name those countries that I would not have visited for anything. - As a child, I did not have idols; I always wanted to be myself. - My main achievement has recently turned two years old — this is my charming daughter, Varvara, who made me softy and weak. :) I am proud of my family, my mother, the successes my wife, of my brother, my sisters (I have three), my friends, my success at work. Naturally, I am proud of my achievements on the battle field: the title of a six- or seven-time world champion as part of the team "Partizan" (Russia-1) is behind my shoulders. I am proud of my country, and I hope there will be more reasons for pride, and there will not be any for disappointment. - I think it's high time for us to follow the path of serious sport, and "draw" a clear analogy that we are not "hairy losers", but athletes. We have to strengthen the image of HMB fighters as people who are athletic, ambitious, able to set goals and achieve them, and not just fool around... To win on the "Battle of the Nations" and other equally serious and large-scale competitions to the maximum. Sooner or later it will happen that the team "Partizan" will cease to exist, so for the HMB movement there are no personal goals for me. For me, there is a goal to create this team a worthy change, to rise from young champions real champions — people who want to train and move up, are able to set themselves the highest goals and successfully achieve them. - My life credo: "Yourself in order, house in order, the country in order" (c). It is important to understand that everything that surrounds us, one way or another begins with us. Of course, there are things that we can’t influence, I understand, but most of the things that surround me and give negative emotions make me think first of all about my behavior in this situation. I believe that simple trivia like garbage put in an urn, or something like this, how your car is parked, whether you smoke or not, you drink - and so on — all this affects globally our society and our country. I believe everyone should watch over how he communicates with his loved ones and what an example he is for his children. This makes our life as it should be, or what we deserve, or what our children deserve. - I fully associate myself with the belief that it is necessary to educate not children, but to educate ourselves, because in any case, children will copy by 90 percent their parents' behavior. If you want to change your lifestyle, your yard, city or country, you have to start with yourself, because the idea is that like attracts like. And before you realize everything will be fixed, the world will start to become a better place.

+ To whom do you relay the baton #wmfc_heroes? - To Evgeny Gladkov and Andrey Kiselyus.

Interviewer: Marina Golovina, Svetlana Fyodorova

Translator: Yulia War

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