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Greetings, dear readers! The beginning of the fall was marked by the start of the active work of the WMFC team on the preparation for the championship "Dynamo Cup 2018". And our valiant editorial staff is ready to please you with a new release again, before taking a pause in the publications #wmfc_heroes.

This time the celestial bodies met up in such a bizarre way that the hero of our favorite column became its founder — a true iron lady, sportswoman, coach, editor-in-chief of the WMFC portal, international level marshal, mother twice and a real beauty.

The fighter, whose inexhaustible enthusiasm and genuine passion for beloved sport, initiated the active rise of the women's HMB in our country. By the way, thanks to her efforts to unite her companions-in-arms, in just three years it has grown into a full-fledged and vigorously developing direction of steel sport.

She is a universal soldier and strong-willed fighting machine, at any time on the lists she is ready to do impossible things. For example, to fight in absolutely all nominations — both single and in the team — and to win everywhere. When viewed such phenomenon, it becomes quite commonplace an incredible fact that a bright individuality and impeccable work in the team can live in the same fighter. Whatever weapons of mass destruction she chooses: halberd, writing pen or guitar, the result remains unchanged — truly dedicated to the beloved case, this woman kindles a reciprocal love in the hearts for HMB. After all, these people make the Earth spin.

Many admirers of medieval battles wondered: how is it possible to combine harmonious combination of such a multitude of hypostases, remaining a solid woman? Perhaps today we will be able to solve the mystery. :)

Full name: Marina Golovina

Country: Russian Federation, Tver

Club: "Tverd"

Year of birth: 1988

Height / weight: 174 cm / 63 kg

Armor: Europe, 14th century

Basic sports: sambo, freestyle wrestling

Favorite combo: spinning back kicks, disarming

- It's not so easy - to state unequivocally about your favorite weapons, everything is so tasty... I love all these shiny things, each in its own way. Recently, I made great friends with a longsword, I fight with the falchion in Profights, and I try to tame the polearm in the mass battles... But the most favorite set is, perhaps, a buckler and a pernach. Probably, that's why we can not be together under Russian laws. This is the story of unhappy love. And nothing superfluous.

- In fights I try to receive and cause maximum pleasure in as many ways as possible, hence the passion for experimentation. For example, lately I often practice spinning back kicks. Still often I manage to take away rivals' halberds in team battles. Apparently, they do not really need them. In general, the main thing is that a person should beAT nice. :)

- I'm a very easily carried away person, although my current schedule does not allow me to do too much. I play a little guitar. The moments are particularly pleased when, after a day of fighting at festival, a musical instrument appears out of nowhere and it becomes clear that the night will be sleepless, and the event will be memorable for a long time. In my spare time, may it rest in peace, I adore MMORPG, basketball, shooting and swimming. Sometimes I allow myself to return to the origins and play a role-playing game of live action. I collect cars Hot Wheels, just can not pass by in children's shops. From other countries I always try to bring a sticker on the suitcase. Well, perhaps I can say that I collect medals. :) Oh, yes, I still participate in the wrestling show, but that's another story. "There are so many ways to kill time that you have to sacrifice something."

- The hobby for me began with the electronic version of the magazine "New Soldier" (Osprey Publishing: Warrior Series), which I was reading during the second pregnancy. I do not remember how it caught my eye, but it was then that I realized that at the heart of everything is a confrontation, from microparticles to the whole universe. And somewhere in the middle there is humanity, its history, social patterns, etc. And although I was engaged in freestyle wrestling most of the conscious life, it's the era of honest steel that caught me in this connection most of all. As for me, it is the sword, not Mr. Colt, who equates the people in the conditions of the fight. There are really matter the skill of handling weapons, the firmness of spirit and the will to win here. As in ancient times, so now. And there are no random people in the HMB, barrier to entry is too high. When a fighter is on the list, it means that he has already traveled a long way and gave a lot of for this moment. Each of us puts in this hobby more than a regular athlete in his career. Our motivation is akin to chivalric vows. And I wouldn't trade this atmosphere of meaningful fullness within the movement with anything else.

- I do not understand nature of arrogance, stupidity and simplicity that is worse than stealing, that's why it's annoying me. And also a state of impotence, when nothing depends on me. And a mess. I can not calmly do something, if the frying pan is not washed.

- I have superstition, a principle that can be formulated as "do not tease the fate." In speech and writing, I never speak of plans as a fait accompli. Therefore I say "I will try to be, I plan, I hope," etc. Sounds like "If everything goes well, after the battles we with the guys are going to visit the KFC food league, wanna join?" That annoys some people, but I believe that Fortune should be treated with respect, and she'll do the same... Well, from gastronomic habits — a bottle of cola immediately before the tournament.

- Speaking of the discussion about movies and books, what comes to mind is what has been re-read and revised several times. Anchors of my worldview and asylum in times of upheaval. "Discworld " by Terry Pratchett, "Foundation" by Asimov, "The Dark Tower" by S.King, "The Brothers Karamazov" by Fyodor Dostoevsky... The cult sagas. Soviet cinema. The series "Pharmacy on Duty" and "Friends"... I look at this list and I do not understand where the craving for chivalry was coming from. :)

- A lot of things are powering me with inspiration. Live now and alive in memory. The first ones are the spectators who were not too lazy to come to see the battles, stand in the rain for an hour or in the sun with an enthusiastic glance, applaud, lighten up with love for the medieval battles. I always want to show them everything I can, so they can see the special beauty and spirit of our competitions. And the second are our valorous ancestors who did not play the war as we, but really experienced it in mud, puddles, snow... Those who did not need any inspiration, and whose exploits we in most do not even recognize. When you compare your peacetime accomplishments and the common affairs of the soldiers of the past, you understand how far you are from them, and at least out of respect for this memory you have to stand until the end, albeit in the conditions of a tournament. Perhaps that's why I mostly listen to songs of the war years before the fighting.

- There is a person who actually replaced my father — Igor Vasilievich Smorodinov, my first and only freestyle wrestling coach. It is to him I am most grateful for the fundamentals of sports motivation and self-discipline, the philosophical attitude to victories and defeats, and just for kindness and participation in my life. His advices still sometimes pop up in my memory and help me not to lose myself in the pursuit of the result. I find myself on the fact that now, when I am gaining coaching experience, I take his approach. In this regard, I treat Vitaly Gryzlov with great appreciation, his style of management of the team and the whole part of the club is very close for me. He is the ideal of a fighting coach and the example to be followed. A huge influence on me as HMB fighter was the acquaintance with Maxim Naizov, it was he who directed my efforts, aspirations and fidelity in the right direction several years ago, helped me to get to the right place at the right time and gave his Blizzard account, apparently to test my determination on the warrior's way. :) And when I proved to the fate the sincerity of my intentions in beating other people with iron sticks, she introduced me to the woman in whose person I found my sister in arms and in general — Sveta Fyodorova. I can not imagine what my life and my fighting career would be like without her.

- I would like to meet in battle with one of the girls who trained with me or who took my advice. Somewhere in the finals of a big tournament.

- I worry a lot about all the women's teams, especially those who try their best to collect and retain the "native" squad: Argentina, Finland, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Kazakhstan... I was happy for the victory of the combined team led by fighters from Germany in the battle for third place on this "Battle of the Nations". It is even more difficult to organize such a team than the teammates or compatriots, and even more so their success is admirable. I look forward to new sensations and breakthroughs on the upcoming Dynamo Cup and the anniversary World Cup. Among the men's teams I'm particularly cheer for the "Warriors of the Light", "Avalon", "Syabry" and now, thank God, finally assembled completely from the club mates "Tverd". With pleasure I follow the successes of the indomitable Englishmen "White Company", I expect from them impossible things every time.

- It is difficult to list all the fighters I admire and I am interested in. I do not write off myself yet from the lists of single nominations, but now I am calm for them, as never before. Among girls Nastya Meshcheryakova is my favorite. Among men, it's incomparable Ilya Ivanov. Multi-tasking Profighters — Irina Ilnitskaya and Maxim Yun. And then there's a guy from Mexico who looks like Michael Jackson in his prime. Very talented, he fights like Michael danced. Separately, I would like to note Irina Rogozovsky — she is the team, and a loner. For her, I cheer for her more than I care about all the others. This woman deserves all the gold of the world for a long time.

- Interesting for visiting in the #fight_and_travel format countries are, unequivocally, Japan and the United States. The first is a country with an eternal desire to isolate and preserve traditions, where cruelty has become an art and has acquired the beauty. Second one — the New World, a cocktail of cultures, always at the peak of fashion trends and craving for maximum comfort. Both of them know a lot about the show. It's very interesting what they turned HMB into.

- The idols of my childhood are Tin Man and Sailor Mercury. Lord Vetinari and Hari Seldon are still in my top favorite characters.

- The most memorable episodes occur there, beyond the limits of human endurance. The fifth round of the Profight with Liliya Yakupova in a state of a slight concussion from her signature jab with a shield. The finals of the Russia-Ukraine women's fight in Prague in 2016, when the equipment began to break earlier than people, and I had the honor of remaining on my feet the latest… and stuff like that. When it gets dark in the eyes, devices fail and you seem to be left alone with yourself — the most suitable time for philosophy and insights. I remember well every epiphany. I vividly remember every defeat. But not only because any losing is a motivational shake-up or a blow to self-esteem. Probably that's not the right word for an ambitious athlete, but at these moments I stand in some kind of enthusiastic daze, rejoicing the winners and what I have room for growth.

Well, a separate, incomparable memory — the gold of our team at the World Championships in Barcelona, where haven't I been. I just don't see there's any point in talking about injury in the fights. It is clear they leave a strong impression and how they contribute to a rethinking of everything. Injuries are the tools of fate in some way.

- If sports categories and titles are not taken into account, as well as success in the field of judging, there is not much. But I have two beautiful kids and as a result great talents in logistics, planning and questions of patience. I graduated with honors from the main sports high school of the country at the department of directing mass sports and art performances. And, in principle, all my life I manage to do things that interest me, although this requires a certain sense of purpose. A special object of my pride is personal intuition, which I sometimes trust more than myself. And I'm also good at putting words together in sentences and pretty good in throwing chestnuts, if you want to know. :)

- My goals are to bring to deafening success and prosperity all projects in which I take part (including personal ones, for example, the stream channel). Pupils to victories. The team — to the unconditional leadership. Children — to a decent life and upbringing. And to get a driver's license.

- My life credo: "Never let morality keep you from doing the right thing."

+ To whom do you relay the baton #wmfc_heroes?

- Julia Khizhnyakova, the beautiful flower of Kyrgyzstan or Adrian Wade, the "French ninja".

WMFC team

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