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Greetings to everybody, dear lovers of medieval violence! While a full-fledged announcement of the main event of the season in the world of Historical Medieval Battle is being prepared, and the intrigue is being maintained in every way, nothing prevents us from continuing to bring to your attention the teams that will take part in this fabulous championship. Today in our broadcast — debutants from the country of mountains and steppes, keeping the military traditions of the ancient nomads. We welcome our heroes — «Temir Tumen» team from sunny Kazakhstan!

Captain of the team: Yevgeny Sukhotin

Country / city: Kazakhstan (Astana, Kostanai, Petropavlovsk), Russia (Novosibirsk)

Club: Temir Tumen

Foundation date: 2014

Participation in past DCs: debut, the first appearance

The history of the club’s establishment and formation of this team is very similar to many others: someone came from reconstruction and historical fencing, someone from role-playing movement, someone from sports, and someone just likes to beat people.

The team’s captain Yevgeny Sukhotin told us about his vision of the steel sport: «As for me, HMB is divided into two components. The first is a battle, but not with a rival on a course, but a battle with myself, with laziness, fatigue, and sometimes with pain. The struggle with self-discipline. The second component is people, our club, our team, the fighting brotherhood, even rivals, who can be good friends. This is now rare in our lives. Why the «Dynamo Cup»? First, Dynamo is a dream, as one fighter from Argentina once said. For many years we have been watching the events and dreamed about participating. Secondly, this is a huge combat experience and an opportunity to come together on a course with the best teams, test yourself, your equipment and of course not a bad thing to have had one's chips!»

According to the fighters, taking into account their average age, over time, we often hear such oldies, but goldies expressions as: «It is better old TT than judo and karate.» And the secret of their success is simple, concise and authentic: the three elements, that is kumys (mare’s milk — ed.note), kurt (traditional dairy product — ed.note) and horsemeat.

We wish good luck to these desperate guys in the battle! We are anticipating real adventure. Stay tuned!

Interviewers: Marina Golovina, Svetlana Fyodorova Translator: Erbolat Uathanov​

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