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Good afternoon dear friends! Despite the fact that the weather is inexorably changing in the window, and the north winds are running this joint, it certainly does not spoil your mood, because the atmosphere in the HMB world is filled with the expectation of the main season championship. And today we will introduce those who wasn't too scared to challenge themselves in the most important combat champ, and are ready to rush into the very thick of the battle — knights of the New World, residents of the Continent of Freedom, incredible and die-hard «Ordo Draconis»!

Captain of the team: Makoto Mason

Country / city: United States of America, Southern California

Club: Ordo Draconis

Foundation date: June 12, 2016

Participation in past DCs: first time

Fighters come from distant and hot Southern California, the geography of their team covers almost 400 miles (640 km!) — from Fresno, to San Diego. And for the entire thirteen-year history of the championship, they will be the first team from the United States to compete for the right to become the champions!

The motto of the team is "Vehementi Actio", which means "Violence in action". Their philosophy can be found in the harmony with the intentions and integrity of the team spirit — the fighters of «Ordo Draconis» intend to unite completely against their rivals in order to demonstrate the best fights they are capable of. And to get into the spirit of healthy sports competition and partnership, that may only be known to those who sweat and bleed together.

The fighter of the team Kai Kang talks about his emotions about what's going on: «Just being invited has been an honor all its own, but the excitement to share the lists with the top teams in the most brutal tournament in the world of the historical medieval battles is beyond our greatest hopes of two years ago. We will participate in the "Dynamo Cup" to test ourselves against the hardest competitors in the world, hoping to one day join their ranks and experience more that this sport has to offer, the people, the places, and the battles!»

These warriors do not keep special secrets of success in the lists, preferring to find out everything for themselves in the battle: if they have truly trained hard, they will reap the victories. If not, the defeat will give them new lessons. And we will have an incredible opportunity to find out if these glorious warriors will achieve their goal. Let us wish them success!

Interviewers: Marina Golovina, Svetlana Fyodorova Translator: Yulia War

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