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In spite of the fact that the publication of the articles #WMFC_heroes is temporarily suspended, this does not mean that our editorial board intends to leave the respected reading audience bored while waiting. In addition to the heroes of the arena, which are the focus of attention traditionally, we intend to give attention to other followers of the HMB movement. Those who are always in the middle of things and tirelessly guards the sports justice. Those with whom medieval battles have acquired the qualities of a serious competitive discipline. Those who from year to year working on improving the code of rules that the dearly loved battles are held by. As you may have guessed, dear friends, we intend to reveal to the general public a veil of secrecy over the activities of professional Hofmarschalls — the judges of the highest echelon. After all, today no major tournament, including the upcoming championship «Dynamo Cup», is unthinkable without their participation.

And the first person we will introduce a man of bright talents and iron calm, sincerely loving our sport. An amateur boxer, coach, blacksmith, artist, designer — it seems that this is only a part of all his competencies. Like the vast majority of marshals, he began his journey as a fighter, during the time of the HMB establishment, and therefore, he is absolutely familiar firsthand with all aspects of this multifaceted phenomenon.

One of the most principal and unshakable in his decisions referee, a worthy representative of the "hive", as they like to call the marshals community — today he will be happy to talk about himself and the peculiarities of his judicial activity.

Full name: Shour Ilya Daniilovich

Country, city: Russian Federation, Moscow

Year of birth: 1977

Judicial experience: 12 years

- If I remember correctly, the first time I refereed teams on the «Dynamo Cup» even when there was a nomination 1 vs 1. And 5 vs 5 I did not skip.

- I started judging in parallel with performances in tournaments 1 vs 1, because I wanted to understand how it works. When I finished the career of a fighter, I began to judge more often, and since the experience as 1 vs 1, and the buhurt was decent enough, the fighters trusted my opinion. Therefore, they wanted me to judge almost all Moscow and not only, events.

- The main dignity of the judge, in my opinion, is impartiality, although it is difficult to single out one particular parameter — the quality of the judge's work determines the totality of his skills, experience, character... It is important to keep concentration for the duration of the tournament, to be calm, attentive and to be prepared to take responsibility for your actions. And also it is necessary to be able to recognize your mistakes, or to defend your decision if you're sure. Well, to know the rules would be nice. :)

- As a spectator, I'm most interested in the nomination "triathlon". Especially, the fights between top fighters.

- HMB has the opportunity to realize children's dreams about armor, swords, battles... In essence, this is a combination of full-contact combat with a fairly low level of injuries and pain. If in any other kind of full-contact martial arts such as MMA or boxing you will miss so many strikes per year as any HMB fighter misses in one tournament — you'll be an invalid or an idiot.

- Generally, I do not make forecasts regarding the balance of power. The Hofmarschall, I think, should not give preference to certain teams in advance.

- I'm not cheering anyone, I have friends and acquaintances in many teams from different cities and countries. And if I watch fights as a spectator, I'm worried that they will not be traumatized.

- During my marshal's activity, of course, everything happened. Situations with the lost self-control fighters were more than once. Usually I'm calm, I'm not afraid of aggression. Although, I confess honestly, there were a couple of times that I wanted to punc-c-c-h into the open visor, but I restrained myself. :D

- I was thinking about comeback to the sport as a fighter, especially the first few years after the injury in 2009. In 2011, I fought on the Soft sword tournament, in the semifinals I stressed my back again and realized it's just not worth taking the risk.

- I wish all the fighters of the upcoming championship not to break the rules and, if it's possible, to avoid injuries.

Dear friends, our editorial staff wishes you a wonderful day! Do not miss the next newscast from the HMB world: interesting notes about the teams and marshals of the Dynamo Cup 2018, as well as the well-sorted exclusive and the latest first hand information. Stay with us!

Interviewers: Marina Golovina, Svetlana Fyodorova Translator: Yulia War

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