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We will celebrate the excellent Thursday evening with a new card of the championship team. And this time we have prepared something interesting for you. The adventure fans straight from the pages of works by Alexandre Dumas and Jules Verne will appreciate the irrepressible temper and truly charm of the sons of the French capital. Desperate and bold, they'll stop at nothing to fight for a place on a steel pedestal and to gain military glory! Please welcome — the valiant «Martel»!

Captain of the team: Edouard Eme

Country / city: France, Paris

Club: Martel

Foundation date: December 2012

Participation in past DC: for the first time

The lineup of the team, perhaps, deserves special attention. If you are a fighter-participant of the championship and you are lucky enough to meet with Martel on the Dynamo Cup, then you have to know: in this case you will have the unique opportunity to try to hit the president of the HMBIA (International Association of the Historical Medieval Battles — ed. notes) Edouard Eme, who is also the fighter and the captain of the team! :D Among other things, Frederic Lepault is part of the team, he was recently elected captain of the French National HMB Team. Pretty impressive, isn't it? But, despite such a stellar composition, these fighters are not inclined to save the drama, being a real partnership, and preferring to act in a single impulse without regard for regalia and ranks. Underlying their desire — the burning one to preserve the heritage of the ancestors and to keep alive the spirit of the French medieval knights.

We asked the captain to share his thoughts on the upcoming championship: «We love to practice a sport that is a mix of combat and team play, and it is important for us to contribute to the preservation of military traditions. It is in HMB that true warriors are measured. And the «Dynamo Cup» has become a legendary tournament, since it has so many participants and features the best in the world. It is important for us to go through this trial and see what results we can achieve in such a hard competition.»

Fighters called witchcraft and sex appeal a secret weapon of their team. Well, it's impossible to imagine a less French combination. :) All we can do is to be patient pending these brave guys getting in the lists of the main championship this season. We wish them success in the difficult and exciting task of feats of arms!

Interviewers: Marina Golovina, Svetlana Fyodorova Translator: Yulia War

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