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Have a wonderful Friday, dear friends! It's time to talk about our next contender, and this time your attention will be taken by our compatriots. This is not the debutants of the tournament, but representatives of the club, which has a rich history of sports achievements, as well as a stable participation in previous championships. Please welcome — «NRB» team!

Captain of the team: Artyom Shugaev

Country / city: Russian Federation, St. Petersburg and Moscow

Club: Nürnberg

Foundation date: 2013

Participation in past DC: regular participants since 2013

As an independent fighting unit of one of the most numerous reenactment club of the country, the team was formed before the «Dynamo Cup» 2013. The current captain of the «NRB» Artyom Shugaev recently assumed the position of the head of the club, intending to support and multiply the influx of "young blood", which is the key to the prosperity of any association. His words perfectly illustrate the course:

«With the departure of most of the old-timers, we are actively training a new young team, backed by our veterans, who have been protecting the colors of the club for several seasons, including the international arena. Young fighters are rapidly progressing, and with each new tournament we are getting stronger and stronger. «Dynamo Cup» is the most grandiose tournament, which traditionally brings the best fighters from the corners of the whole world. It's always incredibly interesting to compete at this level.»

The greatest achievement of the team in the previous championships is the 1/4 finals on «Dynamo Cup» in 2015, the «NRB» fighters met in battle with the «Knyaz» team, which is one of the strongest Ukrainian teams. And, despite the fact that the victory was not on the yellow-and-black side, the fighters of the club «Nürnberg» showed a strong desire for unconditional leadership and a decent level of the fights.

Team's motto is like the motto of the club itself: «Für Kaiser, Gott und Vaterland!»

These fighters do not rush to reveal their secret weapons, which adds a special note of intrigue to our expectations. Patience, friends, we will see firsthand what brave young fighters prepared for the respectable public and other participants of the championship seek to beat the former combat merits of their alma mater. «Dynamo Cup» is coming!

Interviewers: Marina Golovina, Svetlana Fyodorova Translator: Yulia War

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