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In today's world, we will talk about the brave knights, who are at the forefront of the strike force of the Rzeczpospolita, who are not foreign to the spirit of wandering and eager for new impressions. From time to time they demonstrate steady progress: these fighters were rocking more than one fruitful season. Now they again turned their gaze to the most important event of the outgoing year, which will pretty much spark the awaiting public. So, ladies and gentlemen, are glad to present to you the team «KS Rycerz»!

Captain of the team: Artur Patalas

Country / city: Poland, Lodz, Krakow and Elblag

Club: KS Rycerz

Foundation date: 2010

Participation in past DCs: act since 2015

Despite the hefty experience of battles, the Polish knights are still modest, ambitious in sporting case and do not hide enthusiasm about the upcoming fight for the title. The acting fighters of the team Krzysztof Olczak and Alexander Vel Derwen Blausz told us a about the mood prevailing in the ranks of their combat comrades:

«I suppose, like the good part of our numerous community, most of our fighters were brought up on stories about knights fighting evil. And we did not forget that we were born warriors. Now we have a lot of young guys who are striving to new bright victories, and this is very encouraging! We are deeply in love with this sport, which combines full contact battles and teamwork with a beautiful atmospheric background. «Dynamo Cup» deservedly has the status of an elite tournament in the medieval battles with the team nominations - this is the place where you can test and improve your skills with the best fighters of the world, and we want to be a part of it.»

In 2017, the team «KS Rycerz» reached the ⅛ of championship, showing a good result. And this time they are going to grow bigger. To question what help them in this difficult matter, the guys smile mysteriously and answer: «Our motto: "Are you there, hommies?" - offers limited responses to this question.» The daring challenge, the team spirit and the ability to rely on each other are their keys to the success. Can they make a dizzying leap forward? We will find out about this after a while. We wish you a perfect evening, dear friends!

Interviewers: Marina Golovina, Svetlana Fyodorova Translator: Yulia War

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