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Dear readers, this weekday we decided to present to your attention something of our own, with a touch of proletarian romance. Today we will introduce you to a team from the central part of Russia, all of whose members are natives of one of the largest regions of our country, located exactly in the middle between the two capitals. The team of the name of the club, in the very name of which the origin and the main postulate of this self-sufficient combat fraternity are guessed — «Tverd».

Captain of the team: Sergey Mitrofanov

Country / city: Russian Federation, Tver

Club: Tverd

Foundation date: 2018

Participation in past DCs: for the first time

So, let's take a closer look at the participants. The main fighters of the team are guys who, a few years ago, were only considered budding neophytes from the club with a rich history, whose colors inspired awe at the very beginning of the historical battles movement in Russia. However, thanks to the will, cohesion and intrinsic motivation, these guys claimed by what the founding fathers could only dream of. Two of them have already had the honour to represent the national team at the «Battle of the Nations» World Championship, and now residents of Tver mobilized the best representatives of the club in order to assert themselves at the highest level.This is something that we have been waiting for so long that the captain of the team Sergey Mitrofanov admits that the former military achievements and achievements of individual members of the club cannot be compared with this phenomenon: «We were able to collect 8 people! (but it's not proven, I don't want to jinx it).» He also speaks about the line up of the team with caution and a bit of irony: «We don’t have stars, only people with disabilities over 30.» Well, obviously these are people who have already grown out of the role of knights idealists, many of them have recognized the charm of buhurt traumas, constant compromises with the family and the almost impossible task for a family man to find some time for a favorite hobby.

And yet they are here, completely without any illusions about the lightness under the conditions of steel sport and ready for the most difficult confrontation. The captain realizes it clearly: «Dynamo is the second most significant HMB competition in the world.» Why not try to test fighters, created with such difficulty, in such a small-town tournament , consolidate the skills, bypassing such brutal events for another couple of years? We can only assume that right in front of us — people of action, who chose to practice but not words and theory. This is demonstrated by their battle cry, which does not carry a cumbersome semantic load and, in general, nothing redundant: «Che!». All that remains now of the rich past is only syllable that fuels with the rhythmic repetition the determination of warriors rushing into the unknown. What more does a young team of veterans need?

Well, we will be able to witness how combat experience turns strong fighters into the strongest alloy that can withstand any test. Are you ready for this spectacle? We wish a good luck to Tver guys and let us resolve on the eve of the main event of the season.

Interviewers: Marina Golovina, Svetlana Fyodorova

Translator: Yulia War

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