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Dear friends and brave fans of the medieval battles! We continue to acquaint you with the key figures of the “other side of Force” namely, with the international-level Hofmarschalls. These are the people who are considered most competent in matters of refereeing, have indisputable authority, ice in their veins and the richest experience in the conflicting issues of combat moments. Until recently, that formidable representatives of the judiciary were in the shadow, because fighters draw all the attention, fame and emotions to themselves. But the curiosity of our editorial staff knows no bounds, and now we asking shamelessly the top five Marshalls of the national team. And on your screen today is one of the most mysterious representatives, whose aviator sunglasses have long become a symbol of the image and only add charm to the black-and-yellow judicial robes, regardless of what epoch this marshal is in at the moment. While working as a field judge, in expressiveness he is often on an equal basis with fighters, and the team captains almost certainly think that such a fighter could greatly enhance their ranks.The more readily armored infantrymen obey his orders and gestures, guessing the obvious military nature.

With all of the above, there is a strong desire for creation and crafts, an athletic build , lively intellect, good hand and hard close scrutiny are combined in our respondent. And yes, it was a rather audacious step to try to get to know him better, but it seems that we managed.

Full name: Yurchak Georgy Konstantinovich

Country, city: Latvia, Riga

Year of birth: 1986

Judicial experience: 5 years

- Beginning of my work as a marsha goes back to the year 2013. After the injury I decided to take a break in the HMB and just flew to the Summit in Luxembourg, and then it just sort of happened. At first I was a field judge, and in 2014 I received the qualification of a hofmarschall.

- The main advantage of the marshall's work is participation in HMB events even when, for some reason, you cannot act as a fighter, and, of course, it is an opportunity to introduce your feasible contribution to the development of our sport. Of the main drawbacks, I can note a rather high emotional load and the impossibility of combining the judge work with combat activities in tournaments. :)

- As a spectator, I'm rarely watching certain cyber disciplines. And I play volleyball.

- HMB favorably differs from other sports in the first place by the fact that there are team full contact interactions. This is a very difficult process, both in regulation and in coordination, but, it seems, we have some successes.

- The scheme of the championship «Dynamo Cup» well established, and the success of the event is beyond doubt. As for the distribution of places in the standings, I would like to see some surprises, but I doubt It. As to the future of the HMB in general, I predict very good prospects, especially given the fact that nowadays the children's nomination is rapidly developing (sport sword, the type of armor martial arts in soft gear – ed. note).

- Whenever possible, I cheer for new, rapidly evolving teams. I really want to wait for the moment when the young fighters will be able to make strong competition to the champions.

- Various kinds of incidents with the participation of particularly emotional fighters occur periodically – this is, let's say, an occupational hazard. Usually, I take these things very calmly. It is especially important not to succumb to provocations, and, if a mistake was indeed made, then to correct it as soon as possible.

- Quite often, I have some thoughts about returning back to the “big war”, especially after travelling to some major tournament. Occasionally I even participate in some events as a fighter.

- I want to wish all participants of the «Dynamo Cup» to assume more responsibility for the choice of equipment and good care of it, because most of the absurd situations and injuries occur precisely because of the poor state of the armor.

Well, we remind you that exactly in a month our readers will have the opportunity to personally evaluate how seriously the championship fighters have taken advices of the Marshals Committee and our respondent in particular. Do not miss the main event of the season! «Dynamo Cup» is closer than you think.

Interviewers: Marina Golovina, Svetlana Fyodorova Translator: Yulia War

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