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Today, the WMFC editorial staff will be a little bit biased, by presenting with a special delight and pleasure another team that will take part in our enchanting celebration of the medieval violence to the honorable reader. This time, picturesque warriors that are coming all the way from the Celestial Empire, full of truly Eastern determination, the team «Half-Ton / Red Star» have received most attention!

Captain of the team: Gao Peng

Country / city: China, Beijing and Shanghai

Club: Huben

Foundation date: September 2017

Participation in past DC: debut

The dual name is due to the fact that the fighters belong to tow different branches of the «Huben» club: Red Star from Beijing, and Half-Ton from Shanghai. Both are newly added members of the Buhurt League. Note should be taken of the fact that at the moment it is the youngest team in the championship, which nevertheless achieved serious results in just a year of its existence. Under the belt of the team's backbone is the participation in the HMB World Championship "Battle of the Nations" as a part of the Chinese HMB National Team. With their fearlessness and passionate desire to become better than yesterday, these fighters spectacularly debuted on the world steel sport arena, earning admiration and genuine interest from fans of the medieval battles (along with the hearts of our staff).

Captain Gao Peng is kind and discreet in his statements: «We wholeheartedly love full contact fighting, especially in armor, which has been re-created, so to speak, according to the patterns of our history. Such equipment really makes it clear who we are and where it comes from, it speaks for us. In China, we call Battle of the Nations the “World cup of Buhurt” and Dynamo Cup “UEFA Champions League”. I think the analogies are clear: this championship is an absolutely amazing event which is worth participating in, every HMB fighter is simply obliged to try. I can't tell you about our secret weapon yet, haha ​​:) I think soon you will see everything for yourselves.»

And the team’s motto is «天天 吃肉 吃 不 胖, 天天 嘿咻 身 棒 棒», which means «Have meat everyday but never get fat, have sex everyday and become stronger ^_^»​

It seems that the rest of the participants should think hard about how to beat these guys, who, despite their first steps in our sport, have picked up the traditional values ​​of the old-timers of HMB as a motto. :) On the serious note, we are convinced that these fighters, who are trying to preserve their kinship to their unique culture, paying tribute to the traditions of their ancestors, seeking to retain the richest military heritage of their country, will pleasantly surprise us more than once. There is no doubt that Dynamo Cup championship will give you more than one reason to be convinced of that. See you next time dear friends!

Interview: Marina Golovina, Svetlana Fyodorova

Translation: Yulia War, Georgy Yurchak

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