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With the the starting of another productive week, which was marked by the long-awaited official announcement of the «Dynamo Cup» championship, we do not cease regularly introducing to the distinguished audience the participating teams competing for the coveted title. And today we'll find out how, on the eve of the main event of the season, the fighters from the harsh taiga region of our country are training — please welcome «NSK Team» from Novosibirsk!

Captain of the team: Konstantin Bernhardt

Country / cities: Russian Federation, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo and Barnaul

Club: NSK

Foundation date: 2016

Participation in past DC: from 2017

Since the beginning, this team has always demonstrated excellent progress: in 2017, the fighters successfully performed at the «Siberian bridgehead», where they took second place. In 2018, the NSK club has already brought two of its own full-fledged teams at the «Siberian bridgehead», and as a result, the fighters went to the RECON festival with a well-coordinated strong team. The members of the club support each other in every way, help their comrades at a distance in the development of steel sports in their regions, and with joy stand together shoulder to shoulder. Teams fighter Pavel Kostrykin has also readily shared the latest achievements of the brothers in arms with our editors:

«To date, in the Buhurt League fifteen people registered from the team "NSK". The team is developing, the level of training is growing, and that day is near when we will register another team. Also, our guys joined the young national team and went to the training camp. As a result, our fighter Mikhail Komerzheev joined the Russian national team and participated this year in the «Battle of the Nations» in the nomination 21 vs 21, where the Russian HMB National Team took the gold. We went to «Dynamo Cup» for the first time last year and were simply overwhelmed by the special, unique atmosphere of the medieval violence, and now we will not miss this holiday! First of all for us HMB is a sport. Being part of this sport, this movement is a unique and indescribable feeling.

“All for one!” is our motto. It fully describes the teamwork. We support each other in life, we watch each other's backs, and in sports we act as a single organism. We have no guilty or heroes. If failures and set-backs happen, then we regard this as an overall underworking, and we share luck and success with all.»

The fighters call the Siberian character and a thorough approach to the case the secret weapon of the team: “Our people say that Siberian man is not the one who does not freeze, but the one who puts on warm clothes.” In addition to the general training process, the fighters reconsider the equipment for this championship and they are intend to meet competitors fully armed. And, it seems, it will be very difficult for those who will fight with this serious-minded opponents. Get ready, dear friends: we are waiting for a really hot battle and a fierce confrontation! «Dynamo Cup» is coming!

Interview: Marina Golovina, Svetlana Fyodorova

Translation: Yulia War

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