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The astrologers predicted the day of brutal aesthetics, and this means that today we will tell about the fighters, whose impeccable appearance has long become the hallmark of their home country on the world HMB arena. There is no place for the headache of the commission for the admission of equipment, only the anticipation of their first appearance on the lists of the most anticipated championship of the season. Please welcome — the "fresh blood" of the Belarusian HMB, the team «Garzuki»!

Captain of the team: Eugeny Aniskevich

Country / city: Republic of Belarus, Baranovichi, Mogilev

Club: Kanton Zürich

Foundation date: 2018

Participation in past DC: debut

The team was founded in 2018 before the tournament “Old Tallinn Cup” from the fighters of the historical reenactment club «Kanton Zürich». The teams captain, Eugen Aniskevich, who has experience in the wrestling school, has been fighting for the top team «Syabry» for two years. Now, under his leadership, young and ambitious fighters will try to challenge themselves by stepping into the same arena with the acknowledged masters of steel fights.

«We are not afraid of difficulties. Even despite the fact that we live in different cities, we still find opportunities for development. Growing and reaching a new level is our main goal. Medieval battles we consider the most promising type of activity, since most of our club members were engaged in historical reenactment at the time, and in this regard, it is HMB is the most suitable way to combine our favorite hobby and sport. The International Championship «Dynamo Cup» is the largest event in the world of steel sports, with the most powerful rivals and the toughest competition. Our performance there is the best way to test ourself!»

The motto of the team: “Viribus unitis”, which means “collectively”. In our opinion, these guys chose the main components of a success, , strengthened by team unity and not giving themselves any indulgence on the way to the tops of steel Everest. We wish the fighters, who named after the carefree mountain spirits, who can control storms and hurricanes, to have a truly explosive performance in the upcoming championship! And you, our dear readers, should not miss the opportunity to see with your own eyes the birth of new stars in the sky of iron sport. See you!

Interview: Marina Golovina, Svetlana Fyodorova

Translation: Yulia War

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