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Day X is getting closer, and we approach the midpoint of the final straight of the Dynamo Cup preparatory period. After savouring a succession of the team cards of brave crews of steel combat vehicles, who are preparing to take part in the championship, we will call your attention to silent, slender ranks of the judiciary. There are the officers of the black and yellow squad in its vanguard, marshals of the international level, and again we're moving on to one of them. Among those who have this high title, he is considered one of the most experienced referees. And even though his homeland — the near abroad, our editorial staff has every reason to believe that among the ancestors of this marshal it's a very real possibility that there were Indians. Otherwise it is very difficult to explain this iron calm and equanimity absolutely in any situation. No world storms can prevent him from being a permanent participant in the key events of the world of the medieval battles. And, thanks to his example, we are once again convinced that in this vein stability is a sign of not only skill, but also anyone who claim to the title of the professional judge.

Full name: Makaryan Vitaliy Vladimirovich

Country, city: Ukraine, Odessa

Year of birth: 1980

Judge experience: 13 years

- I began to judge in various local tournaments of the historical fencing since 2005 or 2006 (I don’t remember now). In the championship “Battle of the Nations” — since 2011.

- During the period of my refereeing work, I managed to work at the “Dynamo Cup” in 2015, 2016 and in 2017 already in the role of a hoffmarshal.

- Once upon a time, even before the school of marshals formation, fighters were judging in all tournaments. Well, for example, you fight in one nomination, and then you are judging another one. If you judge a lot of time — you get a great experience. The main thing is to be responsible for everything you do.

- The lack of our profession, in my opinion, is only one: according to the unspoken assertion of many fighters, marshal is always guilty.

- In addition to HMB, I find extremely interesting such sports disciplines as boxing and MMA (mixed martial arts).

- Our type of martial arts has many advantages, including over official sports. One of them is an opportunity to beat with a huge mob a one person , with fun and completely legitimate. :)

- The main intrigue of this championship for me is the question of whether the team “Partizan-1” will participate. As for personal estimate for the future of HMB, everything now looks in rather optimistic tones: more and more new promising projects are emerging, and the number of participating countries is growing every year. That's very gratifying. :)

- One of the main, I would even say, fundamental principles of the marshal is that we have no nationality and favorites.

- Of course, during the period of my practice there were several times bad situations involving fighters who were impulsive and emotional. The solution to all these problems is simple and spelled out in the rules: a yellow or red card for not sporting behavior and wrangling with the marshals.

- From time to time I, of course, feel nostalgic of the old days when I was a fighter, but right now, unfortunately, it is difficult to come back — I have a family, work and refereeing take up almost all my time.

- I would like to exhort the fighters of the upcoming Dynamo Cup championship: Good luck on the lists, clean fights, no injuries!

Well, this is the marshal’s share, at first glance: to remain calm and measured judgments. The people of perseverance, the tamers of steel chaos, aimed at keeping order - you will soon be able to personally observe with your own eyes how indispensable they are on the lists at the height of the feast of medieval violence. Hurry up to get the best seats — “Dynamo Cup” is waiting for you!

Interview: Marina Golovina, Svetlana Fyodorova

Translation: Yulia War

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