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Our editorial crew decided to dilute this cozy evening with a new story about the participants of the championship «Dynamo Cup». Severe Ural fighters, nurtured in the cradles of iron ore and steep mountains, are ready to test themselves again in the most brutal struggle for sports honors and, of course, your hearts dear friends. We are pleased to introduce our compatriots to you — team «Hansa»!

Team captain: Nikita Zhabin

Country / city: Russian Federation (Zlatoust, Berezniki, Omsk), Republic of Kazakhstan (Pavlodar), Ukraine (Lugansk)

Club: Hansa

Foundation date: 2013

Participation in past DC: since 2014

This year, a part of the permanent line of the team will not be able to fight on the championship due to the fact that some fighters were called to serve the Motherland and joined the army to learn the military craft of modern infantry, therefore the core of the team will be strengthened by the legionaries. In addition, this «Dynamo Cup» will be the debut and a “baptism of fire” for young and promising newcomers. The team captain Nikita Zhabin isfull of hope and expectation of the moment to enter the main arena of this season: «Such a championship is a level that sets the tone and desire to win. In the past, the «Dynamo Cup» was an impossible dream for us, where serious world-famous fighters met in confronting. And it was precisely our the Ural something that did not give a chance to miss this holiday of cheerful waving with glands. We cannot say that any of us is waiting for a meeting with any particular team, but it's not like we can to diversify such experience of battles with foreigners and the tops of the Russian HMB teams somewhere else.»

For these guys, HMB is not just a favorite beating sport — it is an incentive to grow and develop, to become better, having rejected effeminacy and idleness. The «Hansa» coach Leonid Chernyavsky does not hide his pride of his native club and comrades: «For some of us, at first, medieval battles were a way to surpass in front of everyman in a nontrivial perspective, andat second, to assert ourselves, to prove something to ourselves and the rest. There are even those who came to the team literally, as they say, “the dare”, after the question: “Can you?!” And, of course, healthy male ambitions said "No, I am not afraid, I can!" It was this that once forced people from absolute outsiders to team up, which over time created serious competition to the leading clubs of the Urals and Siberia, winning more and more space in the sun.»

However, the team’s motto speaks for itself: «Iron on the outside — Iron on the inside!» And the guys answer the question about secret weapons simply: «Hansa was born in the Chelyabinsk region, isn't that enough?» :) Well, it’s difficult for us to offer anything as opposed to such a significant bargaining chip , which undoubtedly gives all the chances for an enchanting performance these brave heroes of falchion and ax! They have a chance to return the former greatness to the memes of harsh Chelyabinsk amusements. We wish them, generously scooping up soldier's luck, to be successful at this. And , along with the other connoisseurs of steel fights, we will continue to look forward to the ending. And we'll be seeing you soon!

Interview: Marina Golovina, Svetlana Fyodorova

Translation: Yulia War

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