• Andrey Kiselyus


Dear listeners of medieval-battles waves! We are happy to announce the launch of our new (well... new... real HMB-nerds have probably heard this name) author's rubric #knewsyvizor! We are sure that you, just like us, have lacked something like that for a long time. There will be no boring facts and dry figures here, only a lively interest, irrepressible curiosity and frenzied charisma of our fearless field-correspondent. It is worth trying to curb all of the above with the pre-article disclaimer, but most likely it will not help.

Assume that the bottle of schnapps is crashed against the side of the rubric and it's time to start. Go, we created.

Simple people in their life definitely do not have a fairy tale enough. Romantic and sentimental natures, having read Stevenson and Tolkien, in free time with a head dive into your favorite computer worlds, that so generously offered by developers. Fierce and harsh guys with a great pleasure distort the shutter in anticipation of the bloodbath and total destruction of mutants. And those, who have learned Zen of strategy games, decide the fates of the worlds, playing the difficult roles of the Celestials.

So what about you?! You are walking around the home in a kamiza and peesed braies, on the wall there is Russian Falchion and Mr Halberd, hanging crisscross, and many-times half-naked champion fastidiously looks at them from a poster, sqweezing a veryvery light tournament sword, and all weekends are busy for year ahead: tournaments, festivals, maneuvers, and other amenities of reenactment life. And you dare to complain, that you don't have tales and romance enough?! «In abundance!» - you say. Than you weary stomp to your computer and immediately turn on your favorite «Gothic», coming home from another fest, where you fought against lots of the HMB-tops…

Everyone play, all around the world! So who are they, our valiant warriors, on the computer battlefields? The Khajiit or the necromancers? The Harkonnen or the Orcs? Do the fighters from different countries have similar or different priorities? And what do they play for - to sharpen team skills, to train the reaction, to drown into a Warp or just to relax? Let's find out it right now!

Marcos Villani, the captain of sultry Argentinian team, began his story as a true veteran of his business: «When I was young, guys, believe me, I was good! Ohhhh, what a gamer I was! How many games have passed through my dexterous hands! But the best of them were, of course, "Knights&Merchants" and "Mount&Blade", and "Age of Empires" was just incredible! Yeahhhhhh, it was a long time since I was taking the mouse in my hands... What the games gave to me, you ask?.. To speak English, to use weapons, to drive cars and more. It was a great way to escape the real world, when I was young. Now my real world is much better than the computer world. I will also teach my children to play video games - let them train the necessary skills. But you don't have to forget, guys, that here in this real world, you have only one life, and you can't reload it. And if you have made some mistake, then you should definitely solve it! So, let yourself convert your life into a magical world you want to live in!» That's what this wise computer warrior told us, sitting by the electric fireplace.

Prague trolls are in touch with us, and the main of them – Jan Burgerstein: «Personally, I like games in the Warhammer universe, for example "Total War Warhammer 2", "Warhammer Vermintide 2", as well as a game from my Motherland – "Kingdom Delivery". I play games to relax after work and training, but in "Kingdom Come" I really like the story itself».

His comrade-in-arms Lukáš Jeřábek bought a gaming computer only 3 years ago, and during this time no game hasn't conquered the harsh heart of a Czech fighter. 3 month is the maximum term, when any game terribly bore him. Lukas can be infrequently found gaming, but if the hands reaches thecomputer, then the course definitely are strategies: «I play to take a rest: something flickers on the screen, it gives rest to the brain and hands».

The head of the club Havoc (Australia) Bryce Lightbody has to play, hiding under the cover of the night: «All of my daylight hours are taken up with work, training and making armor in the workshop. Maybe I would like to work in the workshop all night long, but my neighbors definitely wouldn't appreciate sounds of grinder or smashing metal (so lovely to my ear) in the dark. So whaaaaat we need to do at night? That's right!!! To unwind and get on discord, to have a good rest with my friends in a company of computer games! By the way, among all the games I really like those that allow you to build and create. For example, at the moment I play “Ark: Survival Evolved” – I create bases to conquer the wild!»

The captain of the Mexican Slavic... or Slavic Mexican... whatever! The Great Warrior from Mexican Slavyanskie Voyny Angel Estrada have an extremely conservative views: «I'm a fan of videogames, and among the computer games I prefer strategic games, obviously the classic: "Age of Empires", "Stronghold", "Empire Earth". From the new ones - "Elder Scrolls Skyrim”, “Pubg”, “Kingdom Come Delivery”, “Battlefield 1” and even "Minecraft". One of the most appealing ideas to me is the concept of the open world, the ability to explore it, create your own items and level up your character. The game story itself is very important for me: how it is told and how it develops.»

The main Italian macho from the San Giorgio team – Davide Bato Pilone – at the moment, unfortunately, have to stay at home for a long time 'cos of a leg injury. But this is also a definite plus – you can play up to the point of exhaustion, to complete numbness in your butt and to the overuse of askings for bring-give to the members of your family (remember Southpark?))). By the way, let's welcome another fan of strategic games: «My favorite game at the moment – "Vermintide 2", but I also played a very long time in the "League of Legends" and other strategies – it's online games. I play games to relax and to drown in the Warp)))))»

And the glorious Canadians of the Patriots of Quebec sent to me as an envoy no more no less (although definitely MORE!) BIG PHIL himself!!!!!!!!!! «As long as I remember myself, I always played videogames, so I can't name my favorite one – there were and there are a great many! I can say with confidence: games are the easiest way to visit another world. And this is different from training. Among other things, I have a lot of friends from the computer world! In general, I like to change the surrounding reality with the help of games))».

One of the twin-brothers of the Danish team The Brotherhood – Mathias Søjborg – admitted that he is also a big fan of "League of Legends", and even before the heap of "Overwatch" and "Battlefield 1". When we asked which side he prefers in games, he definitely named the dark side, because it is, at least, sexier. But the reasons for the traction for computer games were not immediately found. «Hmmmm... well, I just love this thing! I play to relax, to turn off the head, but at the same time to maintain concentration. And it's fun and awesome! And by the way, I find quite important the historical aspect or simply a game of fantasy.»

And here is the first objector – Melanie Gras, captain of the German women's five from club Decima Medieval Fight Club: «Unfortunately, I don't play computer games – I just haven't time for that.» They told me, that girls aren't such gamers like guys. No, I need to check this! And I will check further!!!!!

Known to all and everyone Pawel Kurzak – the captain of the Top English Team White Company, turned out very thrifty, who would rather prefer to spend money on an armour than on a new computer: «My computer is godlessly outdated so unfortunately I can’t play the latest games((( But in fact I used to play a lot!» And again and again "Total War "leaves all the other games far behind: «As for me, turn-based strategies are the best. I played early versions of Total War (Medieval, Shogun, and Rome), I realy liked “Fallout 2” and “Fallout Tactics”, from the old games – “The Pirates". There was also a game which was similar to buhurt – “Speedball 2”, for me it was less important to score and more important to knock out the opponents... I'm not really sure what attracts me to games. I guess it's the fact that you can change history. You could pretend that you face the challenge, which the great leaders and commanders faced before you, and succeed where they failed. The biggest difference is that they didn't have the option of saving the game!))))»

Now we are smoothly moving to the East and meeting the valiant fighter Shen Zhihao from the Team Huge Wave, standing guard of the Celestial Empire itself. "Battlefield 4" and "r6s" are the favorite games of our friend from the Middle Kingdom: «I think computer games are an opportunity to relax yourself, and playing with friends is great for a teamwork. I also like historical and medieval games: "Bohemia Henry”, "Total War". I also like fps. By the way, without medieval games I would never have touched the armor!))))» Praise you, the Games, for bringing such a great warrior to our HMB-sect!

But our Israeli friend Mikhail Morgulis is very different from all previous respondents: «I avoid computer games, as they take a lot of time. Now I left only one game like Diablo on the phone. Sometimes it is necessary to relax the brain. So I'm not a big fan of games. I prefer real life...» But you left the Diablo in your phone, didn't you?! So, not everything is lost, and the Demon Of computer Games will surely find a loophole and take your soul too!!! MUAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! Hm... what was I talking about?.. Oh, yes…

We have a replenishment in the regiment of the strategies fans also in the person of Nikolai Bykov – the unchanged leader of the Estonian club Nordburg: «I'm a fan of turn-based strategies – the series of "X-COM" (from the very first game), "Jagged Alliance", "7.62"... I play for fun and for not-stagnation of my brain. Well we need not only to beat but also to think where to beat :)» Exactly! And the way to see where to beat appears with the help of a special holes on a visor... So we have fighting reflexes, computer games and... holes that works in a marvelous synchronicity for the benefit of the fighter! Perfect combination!

Is that noone plays in this Israel?! Here and Ira Rogozovsky merged, admitting at the end that her favorite game – Minesweeper. No, well, what else did you expect from the representative of the country, where even the beautiful half of the population serves in the army? Stop!.. The assumption is still confirming – do girls really attitude to the games much chilly?.. We need more proof!!!! SVETAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

And Svetlana Fyodorova – the captain of the women's Russian HMB Team and the Team "Katyusha" came to my call: «A long-long time ago I had console Dandy, in which I mercilessly chopped on weekends, trying to pass the" Prince of Persia", "Contra" and "Tiny Toon". And, of course, I was making a vain effort to shoot the very dog that was giggled abominably at my attempts to hunt for pixel ducks)))) One day I left it all, and did not return to it any more. Much water has flowed since then. Sometimes I look at my friends who are playing in “WoT” and different MMORPG during rare leisure, and sometimes curiosity wakes up. But for me so far it is too pity to spend time for gaming, and it is so little of it, frankly. However, I watch a screen versions of the universes of computer games with pleasure, and I can note that the recent “Warcraft” aroused a great interest (with love for the Orcs!)) and I have some suspicions about what kind of game I will pay attention to first of all, if I break down and sit down at the computer not for work :))»

So... that's not funny already... Tanya Derbeneva, what do you say? "What can I do, if I played games the last time about 10 years ago? In “The Elder Scrolls”. I completed the whole game, but found some stupid Azura star before the quest itself. And that's all – no way to pass the quest! In result I just collected all the artifacts. I also played "IG" in high-school 'cos it was installed on my first computer with updates. I played "Blood Rain" 'cos my friend played it. I played crusher on Xbox 'cos my boyfriend did. I was a student, there was a time when it seemed fashionable and cool. Now I would play the current version of "Oblivion" on a good device 'cos there is good graphics and sound. And game worlds delay not much or not for a long. Well, and there's no time for that. The last entertainment in the field of games was half an hour for shooting zombies in virtual reality glasses. It's fun, especially when the comrades, who see the action on the screen, grab the ankles while you shoot the chair)))»

And when I almost believed in the absence of a gamer-gene in our valkyries, Marina Golovina joined the battle and dispelled my slender theory: «In those wonderful days, when I could give the games a little time, in my top preference was the series "GTA", "Mass Effect", "M&B", "Star Wars", "Call of Duty"; strategies – "Age of Empires", "Stronghold", "Total War"; MMORPG started with the immortal “Lineage”. Next was “Lord of the Rings Online”, “Rift”, “EVE”... But certainly “The Elder Scrolls” can be called the favorite gaming universe; starting with Morrowind – I love every stone there! I'm still dreaming about a day, when I can throw all the cases and not to get out from this wonderful online-version of the world for a week. If you watch me from the side while playing, it seems that I play solely for the changing clothes of characters before every important trip)) But in fact I find charms in every genre. Strategies - a great simulator for thinking, grinding and shooting games have a meditative effect, RPG allow you to find your way in one of the versions of many universes, multiplayer games – it's all, listed before, at once in a constant interaction with live players. And without exception all the games can be paused. Perhaps this is that I really miss in my life.»

Hurray! The justice of the thesis «Everyone plays!» restored! And now we will ask gamers of domestic production of the male sex. Did they all play strategies too? I do not believe!

HMB-Bogatyr Max Naizov assures: «I fight... because I fight!!!!! Ie I play because I just love videogames! For the sake of the stories, tales and rest. My gaming began since I've got a Dandy-like Chinese console, followed by Sega, Super Nintendo and then a personal computer. I absolutely do not associate the games with the lack/excess of the real fighting and I don't think that videogames are something bad. If people have priorities lined up properly, there is no shame in the games. The problem is not in the games, but in the people themselves. I know this on my own very well. There was a period in my biography, when I sat tight in one popular MMO-project, at the dawn of its existence, and spent in it many hours a day, and the weekend generally played unstoppable. Games just should remain games, and not become the meaning of life. The games that really left a mark in my heart are "Ultima Online", shard Rivendell (Hi for all, who has played there!). There's also a series of games I'm going back to so far: it's “Might&Magic” 6 and 7, and the good old “HOMM III”. From MMO-projects I recently like “The Elder Scrolls Online" (thanks, Marina!), just like Blizzard games, mainly sessional, 'cos I can't play very regularly and assiduously. I love a quality RPG-projects and a good strategies. I can't say that there is any favorite fraction. For example, in "The Elder Scrolls Online" my character – khajiit)))» From now on I call you Khan Khajiit!))))

And what games lives Alexander Vandal Nikitin, for a rare smile of whom some are ready to win all the Championships and tournaments in the world?)))))