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It is time to talk about beauty, namely, the women's teams of the «Dynamo Cup». This time you will not see gentle ladies from HMB in intricate historical dresses. They will put on indestructible armor, in order to pay tribute to the ever-memorable maiden warriors of medieval times and fight in the arena of the toughest championship for the privilege to be called the best of the best among women in steel sports. Please welcome, dear friends, magnificent dashing beasts — the team «Sarma»!

Team captain: Olga Toloraya

Country / city: Russian Federation (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, Volgograd), Latvia (Riga)

Club: Arme, Paladin, Nuremberg

Foundation date: 2016

Participation in past DС: 2017

True admirers of medieval battles will recognize in some of these charming faces the fighters who established themselves for the first time in the women's team battles in 2016 under the name «Hugayda», and then debuted at last year’s championship. Over time, the line up and the name of the team have been updated, and now, the honorable public welcomes team «Sarma» unstoppable in their desire to become better and stronger, uniting fighters from several famous clubs in Russia and the neighbouring countries. Their provocative fighting spirit can be genuinely felt in their captains Olga Toloraya's words:

«I consider our best achievement is an active and well-coordinated work. We are in different clubs and live in different cities, but we are united by the desire to prove ourselves and compete with the rest of the teams. Our ironic motto «Sarma» — we will erase your face» was born by an analogy with the same name washing powder. But in fact, sarma is gale force Baikal wind , which is ripping out trees with the roots, so we can still erase something. :) «Dynamo Cup» is a very serious large international tournament where you can test yourself in a battle with the most experienced and strong fighters. We will never miss such an event. As the saying goes, we want to see and to be seen.»

Iron maidens did not want to disclose their secret weapon, but our editorial staff is convinced that you, dear readers, have already managed to draw conclusions about what an intriguing confrontation among women's teams will unfold before your eyes. These warriors are nothing less than male fighters when it comes to the thirst for victory and combat glory, so we will not be bored, like, absolutely. A little more than two weeks before the main championship of the season is left. The culmination near, friends!

Interview: Marina Golovina, Svetlana Fyodorova

Translation: Yulia War, Georgy Yurchak

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