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Time keeps on running, and autumn days are slipping by very quickly, bringing that delightful moment closer when brave adherents of historical medieval battles meet in the heart of our capital. Dynamo Cup will bring together the best of the best in our business, and they will be given the chance to test their steel armor for strength in the battle for the coveted title. Today, we want to bring to your attention other applicants who are not afraid of the millstones of the championship, traditionally confirming the glory of the most ultimatum event in the world of HMB. In contrast, they are very excited and i at the level of 100 per cent battle readiness. Let's greet the heroes — the team «Staya»!

Team captain: Denis Pokidyshev

Country / City: Russian Federation, Armavir and Krasnodar

Club: «Volchia Druzhina» and «Stal'noi Lev»

Foundation date: October 2016

Participation in past DC: 2017

Glorious battles-hungry, desperate fighters from the shores of the Kuban, in whose team in 2016 two glorious banners of the "Volchia Druzhina" and "Stal'noi Lev" clubs united, last time experienced a splashy debut in the championship, defeating such menacing opponents as "Prague Trolls" — renowned fighters from the good old-fashioned buhurt Czech Republic. :) The captain of the team Denis Pokidyshev together with his brothers-in-arms is going to take an even higher level this time:

«Triumph over the top Czech fighters in the 2017 championship was an encouraging achievement. Also in the alliance with the team “Russian Order” at 15x15, we reached the fight for third place that time, but the allies, alas, decided not to continue fighting because of injuries. I am sure that this time Fortune would be for us, and our “Staya” will manage to realize all our plans properly. And even better! Our motto: “Kill everyone — take everything away!” Every man is a warrior by nature. And we chose HMB, because only it gives an absolutely unique opportunity to combine sport and a fighting religion, thereby not letting us forget what we were born for.»

These were greetings from the true leader of the “Staya” team, worthy of being divided into flashy quotes. The secret weapon of these fighters is the will to win What may be more fundamental component of success for such a self-sufficient and cohesive team? That question and many others should be answered very soon, our dear lovers of medieval violence! Dynamo Cup is just around the corner!

Interview: Marina Golovina, Svetlana Fyodorova

Translation: Yulia War

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