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True steel sports true experts among our readers already understand that this article deals with a truly unprecedented personality. A pioneer in all aspects of historical fencing, a co-founder of the Tula-Kaliningrad training system; fighter-legend, who became the recognized sword master even in those times when the rules of the competition were in its infancy; He is also the first internationally recognized marshal of the international level who received the coveted cotte d'arme before the process of certification of judges was regulated.His dedication is so high that even in his free time of the arbitrator days, he proclaimed the marshal's symbolism an integral part of his coat of arms and personal knightly legend to participate in professional josting competitions. Well, right now this careless-looking favorite of the directors of historical cinema, a benign and colorful veteran of the national reenactment movement is fighting a fierce battle with the bureaucratic hydra for the right to recognize HMB as an official sport. It is he who are in charge of the fulfillment of the long-held dream of all the fighters of the steel league. And his main weapon, as before, are simplicity, honesty, openness, a lot of charisma and of course our support, at least in the form of sincere attention to our hero and his work.

Full name: Lukyanov Oleg Igorevich

Country, city: Russian Federation, Tula

Year of birth: 1977

Judge experience: 16 years

- I judge since I started working at "Kulikovka". In total, my judicial experience - 16 years.

- I'm in Dynamo Cup from the very first championship. At first, as a fighter, and then – as a marshal.

- A moment comes inevitably when a fighter, in anticipation of the completion of sports activities, begins to think about switching to either coaching or refereeing. I have decided to become a judge. I think this way is a useful and logical continuation of a career in our sport.

- To judge fights on steel is extremely interesting. However, one clear disadvantage, it is not always possible to fix all the situations on the lists, and accordingly to give one hundred percent correct assessment of them. Sometimes you have to change your opinion and your own decisions. For example, after watching videos from other angles.

- In addition to HMB, I am extremely interested in jousting, which I do on a regular basis. I also like boxing and hockey.

- HMB is interesting with relative proximity to historical realities (elements of armor, clothing). Accordingly, the tournaments have a high degree of entertainment, and often in the lists there is such an incredible heat of passion, which, in my opinion, is not inferior to football and hockey.

- I hope that soon HMB in Russia will be officially recognized as the sport, and we will receive support from the state in the form of sports centers and sections. "Dynamo Cup" in the field of entertainment and organization is only getting better every year. I expect this trend will be maintained this year.

- Who I'm rooting for? I'm cheering for fair play. :)

- The excesses of overly expressive fighters, unfortunately, occur quite often. I always try to keep cool, I try to calm the agitated fighter at first, and, if necessary, change the incident into conversation in a constructive way. And if a fighter continues to behave in an inappropriate way, then in this case in the arsenal of judges there are always sanctions provided for by the rules and regulations.

- Even now I sometimes fight in armor, though not as actively as before, and mostly in equestrian disciplines.

- I wish all participants of the championship to train more and to respect the rules. :) Сlean victory, without "dirt".

Is it even possible all the fighters succeed this time properly to keep the covenants of the Guardian of the Wand of Thousand Truths, we will know soon, friends. The intrigue is increasing, the air practically make the sparks ignite, and the air is filled with the expectation of an epic confrontation. In the following notes, we will present to your attention the top teams of the championship, each of which is a union of true titans and the real artists of the battles on steel. Don't miss!

Interview: Marina Golovina, Svetlana Fyodorova

Translation: Yulia War

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