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Dear friends! Since the beginning of this fruitful week, the WMFC organizational team has almost reached the finish line, literally a few days left before the Dynamo Cup championship. Our editorial office once again rushes to please you with stories about the participants, opening up a special collection series of teams considered to be favorites of the championship. And we will begin, as usual, with the ladies. Today, in front of your eyes, dear readers, there will appear a truly fatal mixture of beauty and strength — excellent warriors, whose fame reaches far beyond the boundaries of our immense Motherland. The one you’ve been waiting for! Meet, team Katyusha!

Team captain: Svetlana Fyodorova

Country / city: Russian Federation (Kaliningrad, Tver, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Izhevsk, Arkhangelsk, Ryazan, Nizhniy Novgorod)

Clubs: Western Tower, Tverd, Bern, Northern wolf, Northern bird

Foundation date: 2015

Participation in past DС: 2015

Such an impressive geography, perhaps at one time could be a serious obstacle, but not in this case. Since the very founding of Katyusha, its fighters have been challenging themselves, in spite of any circumstances and doubts. The growing collection of awards is the proof of that they are on the right course, once set by these amazing girls. Volley after volley - Katyusha fires without mercy! Will they be able to hit the target once again? Team captain Svetlana Fyodorova is in no hurry to reveal the intrigue:

«We had a very productive season, and the Dynamo Cup championship would be an opportunity for us to see how well all the lessons from our mentors at each training session and each tournament, where we were fortunate enough to take part, were learned. This championship traditionally gathers the most motivated to succeed opponents from all over the world, and for that, we all love it and look forward with such impatience and thrill. The motto of our team: "Milites vivunt", which means "Soldiers live". Perhaps for the fans of Glen Cook’s work the answer to the question about our secret weapon will be answered :). Last time we managed to win the championship gold, will we manage to overcome the challenge in the face of increased competition — we will see. Just wish us good luck in battle!»

As you know, luck favors the bold. These maidens of axe and sword have been admired by the HMB fans for their courage, for a long time now. Soon will unfold, what this championship has prepared for them, but one thing is for sure: it will be hot! Hear the heavy footsteps of the iron titans, friends. Next are the favorites of the public and unsurpassed flagships of the movement that will blow up the steel arena of the “Dynamo Cup”. The big battle is coming!

Interview: WMFC team

Translation: Georgy Yurchak

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