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The pre-championship race is gaining momentum, and this time we will tell you about that very proverbial dark horse — a team able to bring intrigue, mix all the opponents cards and accidentally disprove even the most stable analysts of HMB. The reckless Ushkuyans, old-timers who have not lost their former ardor, the constant favorites of the public and the dashing Nazgûl defending the bastion of Isengard — that's all them, team Western Tower!

Team captain: Artyom Savanovich

Country / cities: Russian Federation, Kaliningrad

Club: Western Tower

Foundation date: 1998

Participation in past DС: since 2005

The emergence of one of the oldest reenactment clubs came in 1998. It was a great year, you know: the first participation of Kaliningrad fighters in the international tournaments in historical medieval battles took place already in 2001. And since then, the glorious feats of these daredevils, under the permanent leadership of the honorable Evgeny Bedenko, the multifold HMB champion,honored swordmaster and top fighter of the WMFC professional fights. With the curiosity inherent to our editorial staff, we hurried to find out what the wards of Evgeny are preparing for us:

«Last year, same as this one, turned out to be rich on injuries for us. It seems that the fighters fatigue has taken its toll. Only in September, our guys have had four surgeries , three of which — yes, you guessed it — on the knees. At the same time, it is doubly gratifying to realize that we have a number of promising new guys (a couple of them even younger than 30!). Therefore, after including a couple of legionaries, we will bring two Dynamo teams for the first time, this year.»

The combat captain of the Western Tower, Artyom Savanovich, traditionally is quite enthusiastic: «Our debut in the championship took place in 2004-2005... or are you talking about the fives? We put the first team 5vs5 in 2012, the year before Warsaw, and came in 4th. For the last six years we have been trying to be in the top-3 in the country, and we intend to fire it up this time. Our motto is: “Don’t whine, don’t fall ill, don’t spare anyone!” :)) Although, we are unscrupulous beasts: we do appreciate “Part of the ship, part of the crew!” (Greetings to the Bear Paw men!). And of course — “Ushkuy- ne ochkuy!” Why Dynamo Cup? Because there is nothing better than this. Because better than mountains can be... no, not like that. Because the one thing that is cooler than the Dynamo is the Dynamo, which you have not yet visited»

And now, dear friends, you should get aware of the seriousness of the situation of all the other contenders for the champions title. The top-secret weapon of these warriors is none other than Slava Levakov, and nothing else than the cognac “Konigsberg”. Be ready! With inherent enthusiasm and eternal passion, these fighters carry their black banner high! Be sure, that they will show truly fiery fights, flavored with the strength of spirit and the iron will of people eager for new victories. All of this is Dynamo Cup, do not miss!

Interview: M. Golovina, S. Fyodorova Translation: Yulia War, Georgy Yurchak

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