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Today all eyes of the public, frozen in anticipation of a grand confrontation, are turned to the city on the Neva river. This time an intriguing team is on air, which for several seasons in a row firmly holds its positions in the top of the Russian HMB. A well-established brand, however, this time they will certainly bring a lot of surprises to fans of medieval battles. A unique fusion of continuity and innovation, which gave birth to a real fighting machine — team Old Friends!

Team captain: Artyom Vasilyev

Country / City: Russian Federation, St. Petersburg

Club: Bern

Foundation date: 2014

Participation in past DC: since 2014

The current season has brought tangible changes to the lineup of the team, and now, under the name familiar to all fans of HMB, there are hiding, rather, even “new” friends — the union of the fighters of the Bern club and the former PLK team. The core of the team is represented by one of the most titled fighters — Alexander Semin, Ivan Stepanov, Anatoly Pankov, who are active members of the Russian national HMB team, winners of the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” in the nomination 5 vs 5 and 21 vs 21. Captain of the team Artyom Vasilyev is expectedly serious and focused:

«In addition to the mentioned personalities, this year our team was strengthened by the famous lightweight fighter Maxim Yun, a three-time gold medalist of Battle of the Nations in the nomination 21 vs 21, who returned to our sport after a forced break. Despite the changes in the lineup, we do not lose the fighting spirit, and aim to show the highest results. After all, Dynamo Cup is the most interesting tournament after Battle of the Nations, it’s not just a championship, but a milestone for any team, both for a top one or very young, gaining momentum team. I have to say, we have been in HMB for too long, and we cannot do without it.»

Well, a businesslike approach and thoroughness can make a winning duet even for the most dashing veterans of the movement. These fighters called training their main secret weapon. It would seem what frightening things for opponents might be hiding behind such an obvious component? But, the Old Friends team is training on the premises of Higher School of HMB in St. Petersburg, and this alone is enough to cause some unrest in the ranks of rivals fighting for the champion title! Hurry up to take the best seats in the eye of the steel storm, dear friends. Soon the earth will shake, and a battle unlike any the world has seen shall come! This is Dynamo Cup, and the final countdown has started!

Interview: Marina Golovina, Svetlana Fyodorova

Translation: Yulia War, Georgy Yurchak

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