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You just listen... Deep reverberations increasing with each fallen sheet of the calendar. Earth trembles under a heavy bear footsteps. The fantastic day when they will enter the arena of the championship — the inhabitants of Iron Olympus is inevitably approaching, jealously guarding the growing mountain of gold medals. Who dares to challenge their superiority? Who dares to attack champion’s spoils? We will remember you! Those who are going to the Dynamo Cup welcome team Bear Paw!

Team captain: Vitaly Gryzlov

Country / City: Russian Federation, cities of Nizhiy Novgorod, Pavlovo, Kirov, Moscow

Club: Bern

Foundation date: 2011

Participation in past DC: since 2012

The Nizhny Novgorod chapter of the most eminent club in the country and the world, the team of the highest division: all the fighters handpicked, and their permanent leader and commander, the undisputed champion of the WMFC professional fights league legendary Vitaly “Matias” Gryzlov. Concurrently, a weapon smith and a falchion production machine, embodied Hephaestus, commanding fire and steel. Due to the fact that the self-preservation instinct of our editorial staff has recently temporarily has gone in decline, we managed to find out from Vitaly how, in the run-up to the big battle, life goes in the Lair:

«We are preparing thoroughly, as always. We have all the top fighters ready — Alexander “Vandal” Nikitin, Artyom Goryunov, Alexey Kamenev, and, of course, the power of Asgard in the person of Sergei “Thor” Kuritsyn will be with us. Why HMB? Well, we do not drink vodka, we don’t use drugs, but we have to go crazy somewhere... We have traditionally been taking part in “Dynamo Cup” since 2012, during this time we have been both gold and silver champions. This is the toughest and coolest tournament in team battles in the world; we always came to fight at Dynamo, even when, due to circumstances, it was necessary to participate a weakened lineup. This championship is our good tradition, which we want to respect this time, as well.»

Their famous motto: “Part of the ship part of the crew!” The secret weapon of these warriors surpasses everything created by humankind in their power: Alexander “MacLeod” Makoldin, although he is on a forced leave from battle affairs, will nevertheless call for the aid of his black buhurt magic to help his team mates. Tremble! All participants know what they have to face: to win the cup from the existing champions of everything — this is the most reckless and exciting adventure in the world of HMB that you can imagine. Dear friends, do not miss the chance to replenish the collection of the brightest memories and experiences the Dynamo Cup arena will get red-hot from the hurricane of emotions of the most impressive competition this autumn! Come and see for yourselves, this is not to be missed!

Interview: Marina Golovina, Svetlana Fyodorova

Translation: Georgy Yurchak

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