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Dear readers! At the same time with the "Dynamo Cup" championship, a thing that our humble editorial office couldn’t even dream about happened — our regular section #wmfc_heroes, in which we talk about fighters of the international league of professional medieval battles, was honored to move to the print. We are sharing with you this joy and we promise, to triple our effort delving into the armor of our steel gladiators, so that everyone can enjoy their rich inner world that is open not just to anyone. After all, it is always interesting to discover simple human qualities, habits and weaknesses in your idols, the titans of steel sports. As you may have guessed, chosen articles will be transferred to the #MedievalSport pages, in other words — here you will see the files of the best of the best, true celestials of the rankings, world famous stars, legendary knights of our time and recognized favorites of the public. Such as our today's respondent, who, naturally, became the hero of the first issue of the magazine about steel sports.

In the pantheon of the Major League profighters, he definitely occupies the niche of the god of blacksmiths, having mastered the hammer equally well in the workshop as the falchion on the lists. Moreover, with a high probability he will be confronted by a rival armed with the weapons he has made, for it is difficult to find a better master not only in Russia, but also abroad. He is a battle-hardened veteran, the permanent captain of one of the world's best five man teams, the regional commander of the strongest HMB club in the world, a universal fighter, tactician, the life of the party, a faithful husband and a loving father. And, as we found out from the following interview — a profound fatalist. So, we suggest you rather have a closer look at him, until our respondent hasn’t picked up something heavy, again :)

Full name: Gryzlov Vitaly Georgievich

Country, city: Pavlovo, Nizhny Novgorod oblast, Russian Federation

Club: “Bern”

Year of birth: 1985

Height / Weight: 182 cm / 92 kg

Armor: Central Europe 14-15 c.

Weapons: shield and falchion

Favorite combo: a blow to the head with a shield

- During my life as an HMB fighter, I had become quite close to such “working” tools of the infantryman as a falchion and a shield. At the same time a harsh blow to the head with a shield is also a good option.

- In addition to fighting and the forge, I consider break dancing my hobby. And, of course, laziness :) What if a war starts, and I'm tired ... (c)

- I see no reason to get into a extensive discussion why I have been devoted to historical medieval battles for many years, it just happened. It’s fate.

- Of all the things that can make me angry, I hate traitors and slanderers most of all, as well as those who break the rules against me.

- I don’t have any special rituals before the battles. In addition, distribute all the orders to customers.

- A strong and indelible influence on me as a person was made by the work of Andrzej Sapkowski, in particular, all of his books in the "Witcher" series.

- I'm not making any heroic deeds, I'm just doing my job and live my life, while others for some reason consider it a feat! :)

- Of all the people I've ever met in the movement, I would like to note Sasha Nikitin (Vandal, a fighter of the Bear Paw team and the Nizhny Novgorod chapter of the Bern club — ed. note). He went next to me through several important stages: from mentor to competitor, and now brother in arms. Our battle paths are tightly intertwined.

- Dreaming about whom I would like to meet in a fight, it might as well be Connor McGregor. They say his rivals also get serious money! :)

- Even from the spectators standpoint, in terms of preferences for me in mass battles, everything is simple — we always root for our Club! And I don’t have any favorites among the duel fighters. But when I was seriously interested in the profight scene, my role model was Beda (Evgeny Bedenko, the head and fighter of the Kaliningrad club Western Tower — ed.note).

- In the format of fight&travel I would love to visit the other side of the world - New Zealand or Antarctica!

- It is difficult to remember whether I had idols in my childhood... I guess not. Except, perhaps, Little Raccoon (an old Russian cartoon — ed.note).

- I will never forget my first pro-fight, before which I had to lose 8 kg in three days. In this fight there was a turning point, when I had no more breather and no strength. And then I realized that if I stopped the attack now, I would lose. And did not stop it. And won. That's it, brothers.

- I can safely say that I found my calling — I'm an expert in the field of weapons production. And I am proud of my family and children!

- My next goal may be difficult to achieve, especially without a specific time reference. But, nevertheless it is there — to stay undefeated.

- My life motto has already been mentioned earlier, and it sounds like this: It’s fate.

- To whom do you relay #wmfc_heroes?

- To Alexander “Vandal” Nikitin.

Interview: Golovina M., Malakeeva M., Fyodorova S.

Translation: Yulia War, Georgy Yurchak

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