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It’s been less than a week since our last release, and a less than month since the Dynamo Cup as we are once again ready to share a detailed story about one of the heroes of the steel sport and the championship in particular with you. Bearing in mind our diverse interests, we have to be clear that we are talking about a fighter. Who is he? A foreigner, single, bold, damn good-looking. With all this, he is not a captain, not the most famous fighter of his country, not a star of the professional league, nor a victim of our tradition of being nominated by previous #wmfc_heroes. Why did we decide to choose him? Obviously, because we can. Primitive clairvoyance abilities lies somewhere in the collective consciousness of our editorial board, and before we haven't spent it to compose the astrological knight’s column for the Medieval Sport magazine, we declare with full responsibility that this guy will have his moment. We predict many glorious victories, deserved honors and eternity with beautiful houris, because diligence, honest attitude, dedication and courage should be rewarded.

A hurricane in human form, dominating chaos, a troll devoted to his comrades, in whom rage and intelligence, curiosity and conservatism coexist. And who exactly is Halk at the time of the interview — you can try to guess from his answers.

Full name: Lukáš Jeřábek

Country, city: Czech Republic, Prague

Club: medieval full contact battles sports club "SKSKB”

Year of birth: 1993

Height / Weight: 182 cm / 75-85 (hopefully)

Armor: stylization of the Warrior of the Golden Horde

Weapons: shield and falchion

Favorite combo: unpredictability

- For me, the most favorite weapon is the shield. And with it, I usually take a falchion.

- My unique combo is kicking and beating. It's irresistible in its randomness… To be honest, I don't overthink about fights so much. I am lord of chaos, responsible for the elimination of a huge and dangerous enemy, helper of our polearms. I just fight for my team. Perhaps this is the reason for my failures in pro-fights... There are no faithful teammates.

- I have no spare time for another hobby. Perhaps, work — maybe this is it, because I do it in parallel with the HMB, and it takes almost all the rest of my time.

- Why did I choose HMB? Seriously? This "question" is intended for the evening in good company with some vodka. I truly love our sport, as well as the people around. Buhurt family. Fight and travel. And all this.

- A grumpy or stupid person can make me angry. Slow driving car. When Wi-Fi is failing. I guess it’s already noticeable only by my nickname that it’s pretty easy for me to get furious :)

- I have only one ritual, and I carry it out with all the responsibility before every fight — to go to the toilet, preferably more than two times. Once is not enough.

- I always perceived watching a movie only as a leisure option. And I don't like to think at this time. But when I saw the film based on Edgar Allan Poe’s book "Stonehearst Asylum" and "Prison Experiment", I was amazed at how terrible and insane people can be. Especially people with power. But in general, my worldview grew out from my own mistakes. Or created by real people I know, not by actors and writers. Hope I answered your question.

- I'm a gambling man in terms of all sorts of competitions, contests, and a rivalry. The desire to test myself sometimes leads me to such situations, the way out of which can be only a step into obscurity or accepting the personal challenge. And the best way to recharge and restore strength is a healthy afternoon nap.

- There are two people to whom I want to say a huge thank you for the fact that four years ago they opened for me the wondrous world of medieval sports. They bothered me couple of weeks, repeating that I should definitely come to their training, or at least for the tournament. Throughout this time, I resisted, looking for excuses and pretenses. I didn’t really know anything about this sport, I was afraid. But my comrades, nevertheless, succeeded in persuasion, and quite by chance I turned out to be a support at the tournament, and then I tried myself in buhurt, and... just fell in love with HMB. Again, thank you, Pádlo and Štepán. I am grateful for every piece of advice, for every lesson, for all that I know. Now I am trying to bring something new to my style myself.

- Dream fight? You know, I would gladly have fight on the lists with the former boss who fired me from work right before Christmas!

- Not just at the Dynamo Cup, but throughout the whole season I can see how other teams grow and develop. Development is necessary for HMB. The scheme is quite logical for me: training -> battles -> reflection on the mistakes -> more training -> fight again. It is impossible to become a good fighter without training. However, if you train, but do not participate in the tournaments, why, then, to train? Me and the “Prague Trolls” team love to fight with equal and many times superior to us teams, this is the key to progress. For example, KS Rycerz, Buhurt Tech, Brotherhood-1, and many others. Some of these teams are our friends from the buhurt family. And notice I am only answering an interview question, and I do not name the list of favorites or friendly teams of the Prague Trolls :)

- What I would like to visit... There is one country, the birthplace of buhurts (probably, the respondent is talking about Russia — ed.note). But the philosophy of “fight and travel” implies traveling and battles: you can choose a tournament in any land, in any country, in any place.

- He will never cease to be my idol. In some ways I’m already becoming like him... I didn't need to take an example from celebrities or fictional characters, because my idol is my Father.

- Damn, thousands of memories and bright moments jump in my head, wanting to be chosen — it is extremely difficult to choose one of them to share. Anyone who has ever experienced the atmosphere of Battle of the Nations in Prague can understand why I chose these moments. This is not impressions from the arena, but straight from the tunnel leading to the arena. Just imagine: 3,000 people in the stands in the historical center of our capital, and commentators announce the team from the Czech Republic… And all these my defeats in professional fights. You stay and hope that the referee will raise your hand, or stay and understand that your hand will not be raised... The first meeting with Russian fighters in Nuremberg. Long polearm was sparking on a stone wall, falling on the warrior's head in front of me, a fighter falls... Today I would not step back.

- Now I study and work. In the future I would like to have children, build a house and plant a tree.

- And in the very near future have on my list an update of the armor. By the way, my very first set weighed about 40 kilograms; the current one is about 35. Not the best version for pro-fights, yeah? :) I will change armor, and, perhaps, then will be my first victory in the professional fights of the WMFC league just around the corner.

- During my life I have learned many wise proverbs and quotes, but I don’t consider any of them as my motto. Readers deserve something more. I would like to share one thing, even an observation, to which I came a couple of years ago: a fighter without the support, without backup is just a bunch of armor, which is thirsty, and does not know when the next battle will take place. And also: “Buhurt is buhurt”. And it is not Sunzi :)

Who will be the next hero of the #wmfc_heroes?

— Michal Hara.

Interviewer: Golovina M., Fyodorova S.

Translator: Yulia War, Georgy Yurchak.

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