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Greetings to all listeners of the Medieval sports FM! After a short break, we continue to issue our special series of dossiers dedicated to the judges of historical medieval battles with the working title “Hard to be a hof”. It was not chosen by chance, because the series of publications is opened by the most senior arbitrators in the hierarchy of the International Marshall Committee, there are currently six brightest experts. And our fifth note will be perhaps about the most strict and adamant one of them. His harsh image is completely correlated with his own philosophy about the fighters. However, it's because of it the marshal manages the atmosphere of absolute impartiality and equality of all participants without exception before the law on the lists. No discrepancies, disputes and familiarity — only the indisputable authority of the hofmarschall. Of course, we don’t believe that this role leaves its imprint on life, and we just want to make sure that a living person is hiding under the mask of the unwavering impartiality. And although it is quite difficult to get him outside of work, we tried to do it and tell you about the results of these investigations regarding our hero.

Full name: Gorbachenko Alexey Nikolaevich

Country, city: Republic of Belarus, Minsk

Year of birth: 1982

Judicial experience: 11 years

- I'm in judging since 2007. Since 2012 — certified HMB Marshal, and in 2016 after the “Battle of the Nations” received the title of the hofmarschall.

- I'm judging absolutely any nominations on an equal footing, but from a position of the viewer I prefer mass battles.

- I became a Marshal for a fairly simple reason: someone needed to judge those who were fighting at a particular moment. I have to say, the injury contributed to this, to some extent. Then I am hooked. And, I would not say about “heights” in this case, everyone is just doing their job. And me too.

- There can only be one dignity of the arbitrator — impartiality. But there are many shortcomings: inattention, not knowing the rules and regulations, inability to take responsibility for the decisions (no matter under pressure or not). But all this was about the judges. And the shortcomings of a post are injuries that could have been prevented and biased umpiring. An rate of a really good job in this case can only be a clean victory for the objectively strongest team or fighter, without injuries and complaints on either side.

- I am rather indifferent as a fan to sports. Sometimes I watch boxing and mixfight, I like to swim. I would not say that I can do it perfectly, but I love it. There is enough time for everything, if you plan it right.

- HMB compares favorably with other types of martial arts by a certain spirit of history, the atmosphere, probably. They don't have that in other sports.

- The unification of offensive and protective equipment, the singling out of weak points in the rules and their adjustment are the most promising trends for HMB. Augmentation of the experience of the arbitrators, increasing responsibility and understanding among the fighters. I do not like the "dirty" work, the irresponsibility in regard to armor, ignorance of the rules. Now we must rid of all this. The forecast for the future of the movement is definitely positive, stable growth of the number of participating countries is a best evidence of this.

- ВThere are moments that can be interpreted differently in the actual version of the rules. My personal conviction: the rules (as well as any laws) should be as transparent and clear as possible, and not be able to be interpreted. Exceptions could be permitted. Interpretations — not.

- I like good, beautiful and clean fights. But there are no favorites, I do not cheer for anyone. A long time ago, in one online project, I heard the phrase from the admin: “The admin has no favorites, he hates everyone equally.” Actually, this is how I wave it away with a joke. :)

- Naturally, different things happen on the field: intense fighters emotions, all sorts of conflicts — combat rage can never be change. In such cases, I always try to act as correctly as possible, in accordance with the rules. If the fighter does not agree, I recommend using the right of appeal. Recently, I got the highlights video of the Welsh rugby referee Nigel Owens. I watched it and realized how a professional marshal should behave.

- Sometimes I think to return to fighting activities, but laziness is stronger.

- Turning to the fighters, I will be banal over the edge. Dear ladies and gentlemen, know the rules, do not disregard protective equipment, respect your opponents. And before blaming the marshals for the fact that they are “devils, who as blind as assholes”, remember that you injures yourselves and each other, not we. You want to win — take it with a clean game.

Interviewers: Marina Golovina, Svetlana Fyodorova

Translator: Yulia War

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