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Hello again, our dear readers! This time the attention of our editorial board was attracted by overseas chevalier from the very cradle of knightly traditions. As hostages to his romantic image, he strives never to stop at what has been accomplished and bring maximum brutality and efficiency into his actions, with the support of his colleagues, the most severe Russian guys and, probably, Japanese shinobi. What else explains his ability to arise right behind the enemy’s dense armored line. Actually, this is why an impressed audience gave him such an eloquent nickname. Indeed, everything is so good in his performance that it is impossible not to admire the combat talent and ingenuity of this fighter on the lists. Among other things, our hero has his own specific character of weapons and faithful to his preferences — everything as we like. Perhaps, many of you,wondered looking at the final fights of the World Cup “who is this guy in blue?”. Please welcome:

Full name: Adrien Bedot

Country, city: France, Belfort

Club: Aquila Sequania

Year of birth: 1991

Height / Weight: 173 cm / 87 kg

Armor: Western Europe, 14th Century

Basic Sports: Powerlifting and Strongman

Weapon: two-handed sword

- Perhaps, my favorite combo is "The Sun" among all my combos, when I make my opponent fly over me. This is an incredibly entertaining and extremely effective technique.

- In my spare time, I have the great pleasure of visiting the shooting stand, because I really like the fire weapons. I play video games, especially with a medieval background, and I also try to reduce the list of many films and TV shows for viewing.

- I have always been fascinated by the spirit of the Middle Ages and history, the epic battles of knights, so, probably, it wasn't a surprise that when I first saw on Youtube the video “All vs All Aigues-Mortes 2013” ​​(video from the championship “Battle of the Nations 2013” that was held in France in the city of Aigues-Mortes — ed. note), I said to myself: "I must do this sport!"

- I hate to fall to the ground during the battle, It annoys me, but not as much as the defeat by the British! (at the “Battle of the Nations” 2018 in Rome, the French team lost the bronze medal in uphill battle in the category “21 vs 21” — ed. note)

- I have one ritual: I listen to music before the battle, the medieval art "The Song of Roland". I always find that settles the mind and gets rid of the stress during the battle.

- There are works that once left an imprint in my mind: I will never forget the series “Game of Thrones”, but I also love “The Lord of the Rings” and the film “Ironclad”. Something always in the medieval style, you know. :)

- I can name the fighter who inspired me at one time — this is Maxim Yun (the club "Bern", St. Petersburg, titled fighter of the WMFC league in lightweight, fighter of the Russian HMB team — ed. note), I like the way he moves, stunningly dodging, running. I also like the technique of Vyacheslav Levakov and the brutal cruelty of Vitaly Gryzlov!

- Of course, that's a little unlikely, but I would still like to compete with Haftor Björnsson (a famous athlete and actor of Icelandic origin, who well known after the role of Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane in the show “Game of Thrones” — ed. notes). What for? Just to see the power of this guy. :)

- I like to watch the progress of the “White Company” team, this is the best team in Western Europe, and I would like them to win against the top Russian team (“Bear Paw”, or the five of “Partizan”).

- In the format #fight_and_travel, I'd really like to come to Russia one day to see the training of these guys, because they are real monsters. How do they do it? How do they train?

- "Rambo" and "Rocky" films that raised me, Sylvester Stallone is my childhood idol. And I also like Vladimir Putin, and I mentioned above about Haftor Björnsson. There are also medieval idols, such as Charles Martel (or Carolus Martellus — ed.note), Charlemagne (Charles the Great — ed.note) and Joan of Arc.

- I remember all my victories and setbacks, and my best memory is the second place in the world in the nomination “Best fighter” at the last “Battle of the Nations” in Rome. I continue to train hard to become the first this time. But I am a realist: this is the title of the best fighter in the mass nominations, but not in duel.

- I am not an expert in any disciplines, I try to stay humble, because every day we learn from someone else. There is always someone who who ends up showing you that you still have to learn.

- In the near future I have, as I said, to get the title of the best fighter in the world. And I believe that one day we will manage to win the Russian team in the 5 vs 5 nomination. Well, we can dream, it's free! :))

— To whom do you pass the baton of #wmfc_heroes?

— I want to pass the baton to Adrien Cessa, because he is a monster, and, despite his size, a great fighter!

Interview: Golovina M., Fyodorova S.

Translation: Yulia War

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