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Dear readers! We love our medieval sport for its brutality, harsh beauty and uncompromising, like you. However, as an exception, we believe that the February famous holiday is an excellent occasion for a special series of articles #HMBlovestory. In these issues, we will share the best things in the whole wide world - stories of a love of women and men to each other and of course, to the historical medieval battles, whereby they met. After all, as you have long known, representatives of any gender have the opportunity to feel like a real knight in today's world.

And the first couple, we will tell about, will be, perhaps, the most unusual union: a fighter and a marschall. And the the bewitching little detail is the fact that on joint trips a man put the cotte s'arme on, and a girl - armor. Of course, you've seen them at HMB events so often, where, if you don’t know for sure, it’s really hard to guess that those two who play such different roles on the lists is a married couple.


Husband: Michael Epelman, marshal Wife: Irina Rogozovsky, fighter Country: Israel Married: since 2015 _____________________________________

— Tell us, when and how did you meet?

Michael: We met in 2014, when Ira came to our training...

Irina: Oh, that's great! The first question — and we have already started to debate. Well... at that time all the knights stayed together, and I came to them not in the most fun time of my life. I was drunk all days long and lived in their workshop. And then Ihti (Michael`s nickname — ed. note) said: “Aaaah!!! Just go and live in my room, not on a smelly mattress in the armory” — that's about how we met... But for some reason he does not agree with this version! :D

Michael: Ira came to our trainings thanks to the Polish HMB-fighters. We returned from the Battle of the Nations then (it was in Warsaw) and prepared for the next one, already in France. She accidentally met them when she was hitchhiking. And then a fighter from Poland wrote Michael Morgulis, that girl-Israelite will come to his training soon, and she has a realy biiiiiig boobs!

— What club did you have in Israel?

Мichael: At that time it was the club "Boyar Ten" — then we were inspired by Tula (it seems) club "Vityaz": Russian armor and all that stuff, and the true infantry romantice besides that. Actually the biggest joke is that Ira and me are really Israelis, but I moved here in 2001 from Ukraine (Donetsk), and Ira - in 1994 from Latvia (Riga).

Irina: We are Israelis indeed. We served in the Israeli Army. And for me Israel is my Motherland, although I was not born here.

— How does overall fond of HMB affect family life? Did your dwelling fill up with weaponry, diplomas, medals etc.?

Irina: Ihti has the whole TWO diplomas! But they are hidden far-far in the table cos' this is the diplomas of marshals. As about family life it affects mostly in quarrels! 99% of all our conflicts are based on HMB, knowledge/ignorance of rules and their interpretation, because the marshals are a haughty assholes and they have no friends, and the fighters — just a dumb rednecks. Well, because fighters are so stupid, and the marshals are so UN-stupid, in our Red Corner there are a lot of my STUPID cups from many of my STUPID profights and tournaments, and Ichty's SMART cups from his “What? Where? When?”(erudition quiz game — ed. note).

Michael: And we have the eternal chaos in the room: the helmet takes the oil baths before the Dynamo Cp or the printouts of the rules are scattered all over the floor.

Irina: We live in two-story apartment with my Mom, like Carlson on the roof! Formerly my armor lived on the roof too — there was such a special small warehouse, but once they moved out on permanent residence in our gym. Honestly periodically before the tournaments they return home and live an even layer all over the apartment, all floors. By the way, Ihti also has armor! He has a HELMET! And it claims the place of my helmets!

Michael: And Ira collected a mannequin on which we can hang our equipment. It was very scary when you go into the bathroom, and there are LEGS there! From the mannequin. And recently she found the torso, put my Imperial stormtrooper helmet on it, and put it right in front of the front door!

— How did you cope with each other's fans? :)

Michael: Marshals don't even have friends... What fans are you talking about?.. :D

Irina: Yes! What fans are you talking about?! Yesterday I was chatting with a dude who makes falchions, so he throw a fit: “Are you communicating with some sword-maker there?! How dare you!”

Michael: It's not true — I was expressing my adult opinion!

— How does the behavior of your half in everyday life differ from the behavior on the list or trainings?

Michael: Ira's whole life is the one whole training: not Thai Boxing so squat with a barbell, not HMB-training so jog with the members of the Team…

Irina: Misha doesn't appear on our trainings, so he can't compare my behavior on trainings and in everyday life. And about behavior on the list... When I went to profights in “Grenadine” (series of profights of WMFC League in 2017, held in Moscow – ed. note), one newcomer of our Team came with me as a support. After this event he told me that as soon as I put on the helmet, I become a different person. I don't pay attention to it. And when Misha is in yellow, I try to keep him away from me and my Team, because he acts like... like a marshal!

— And do you resent your husband when he makes remarks as a marshall or makes a decision not in your favor? Was it someday? Did you mix HMB and everyday life?

Michael: Ira swears strongly when I have to judge fights of our national Team.

Irina: I believe that Michael Epelman condemns the Team of Israel, but he did not aware of. He doesn't understand, you see! And all because he wants to seem unbiased marshall, because of this he subconsciously seems: “It is necessary to condemn the Team of Israel!”. He won't admit that, by the way. We quarrel almost every tournament where our team goes as a Team. I tell him: “Misha, get out of here! Don't judge our Team! Otherwise, I will use my right to ask you to be removed from judging all of our fights. So be good and do it, otherwise I will remove you using gof-marshals!”

But… Since he is the only certified judge in Israel, he judges all the tournaments that take place here. I mean profight tournaments. He is not considered the points there - he just stands on the list and watches violations of the rules. So everything is fine there. But, for example, at the Battle of the Nations I constantly quarrel with him, because I believe that our personal relations should not affect our professional relations. Therefore, when we come to the championship, he goes with marshals and lives with them, and I am a fighter, and I live with my Team. And in this regard, I rather do not take offense at my husband, and angry at the marshall. And then he takes off his yellow, I take off my armor, and everything goes back to normal…

Michael: Yeah-yeah-yeah, and you keep getting mad at me and swearing!

Irina: Well yes, in general... and we continue to quarrel... But I'm forgiving! I'll forget it about half an hour!

Michael: And the funny thing about it is that my fellow marshals say that — attention! — I FAVOR of the Israeli Team! (laughs)

— And what does Misha do during Ira's fights, if he doesn't judge? Is he supporting or just walking away from the list?

Irina: Misha is not able to support me, he's a marshall! We go to tournaments only as a marshall and a fighter. Morgulis usually supports me. And Ihti, when he isn't judging, for example is sitting in the referee tent, eats lunch or doing something else... But in fact they are CONSTANTLY judged! I told him: “Ihti, I have a fight on the other list! Come to see!” And he says: “I can't. I judge”... well, o'k... and still if Ihti doesn't judge on tournament where I fight, he can quietly stay at home and play Battlefield-5!

— What traits of your companion do you value most of all?

Irina: Misha is very patient. I have a very complex character, I am an intolerable person! I really appreciate Misha for he can tolerate all this impossible.... TRASH! Because if I was him, I would have thrown me off the fifth floor a long time ago, and everything would be wonderful! I don't know, it's just some kind of heroism on his part — the patience he has about me.

Michael: Ira changed my life for the better, helped me when I was learning a new profession and could not work. Thanks to her passion for travel, we visited such wonderful countries as Japan, South Africa and Thailand. And I think that Ira (and all our girls-fighters) are real Wonder Women, not movie's Amazons or superheroes. Although some of our ladies need to ventilate from excessive feminism... Europe — it is sooooo...:)

On this marvelous tolerant note we say goodbye to our Israeli lovers and wish them bright and magical emotions at every step of their long life!

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