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Dear readers! We love our medieval sport for its brutality, harsh beauty and uncompromising, like you. However, as an exception, we believe that the February famous holiday is an excellent occasion for a special series of articles #HMBlovestory. In these issues, we will share the best things in the whole wide world - stories of a love of women and men to each other and of course, to the historical medieval battles, whereby they met. After all, as you have long known, representatives of any gender have the opportunity to feel like a real knight in today's world.

On air — an amazing, unique, elegant and beautiful, like the German language, a couple from the country of exact numbers and reasonably organized life. The rich history of the Motherland of these spouses just couldn't leave them indifferent. So the world met two reenactors of the Middle Ages, whose calm temperament and attention to details get along with a desire to constantly improve their fighting skills, which cause a slight concern of sports opponents even at the stage of viewing their training videos...

Husband: Markus Gras, fighter

Wife: Melanie Gras, fighter

Country: Germany

Married: since 2012

— First of all, we would like to heartily congratulate Melanie on the fact that on November 26, 2018, she was elected as the new HMBIA representative in Germany! Now HMB with a German accent also has a very beautiful face. And a figure!

Melanie: Thanks! My husband then joked all day: “Well, should I call you Mylady now? Or maybe Boss?” But I am sure that he is really proud of me and will support me on this difficult, but incredibly interesting way!

Markus: Of course, Mylady ;)

— Tell us, how and when did you meet!

Melanie: In 2003, at the annual funfair in our village.

Markus: …And I fell in love with her at first sight!

— Was you the reenactors at that time?

Melanie: No, at that time we were ordinary people.

— So, did both of you fall into HMB together? Or maybe someone was first?

Markus: We are started with visiting medieval markets first.

Melanie: And a little later we joined a group of people involved in the reenactment and show-fights. But I came to HMB first!

Markus: That’s true, but I did not lag far behind! My first tournament took place just a year later than yours.

— How does overall fond of HMB affect family life? Is your dwelling filled up with weaponry, diplomas, medals etc.? Maybe some special Wall of Honor?))) Or separate room for all this treasure?

Melanie: Our shields comfortably hanging on a stairwell, and all trophies and medals live in our living room.

Markus: We love Medieval, so in the future we plan to equip our house in this particular style.

— Where do you keep your armory?

Melanie: At home. It is calmer and safer. And in the gym we store just a few of our training stuff.

— Even wet quilted armor is storing at home? :D

Markus: Yep. But they have a special place in the cellar, where it dries, in fact.

Melanie: Sweaty Gambeson! :) (obviously, this is a hint of popular in the movement public Facebook with memes dedicated to HMB – ed. note)

— Well, does common fond of HMB add unanimity in your private life or Vice versa, become a subject for debate, who is cooler and all that? Or, for example, who is "the real face" of Germany HMB?)

Markus: Sometimes we have a little disagreement - for example, about training (yes, I don’t like "burpy"!!!))). But most of the time we support each other and are proud of our partner!

Melanie: This is our main hobby and occupation. So of course, we often discuss which tournament we will participate in, or the rules, or how to support and help our club, or training. Yes, by the way about training: I am his coach) Strict coach!

Markus: Strict, but very good and competent! She is building trainings in such a way that, despite the harshness and intensity, after an hour I can immediately continue working with our firefighters and paramedics.

— How did you cope with each other's fans? Especially the opposite sex)

Melanie: I don't think we are so universally known that we really have fans.

Markus: Stop! Actually, my wife has a few... mmmm... female groupies!

— Over-modest!)

Melanie: Female groupies!!! :D

Markus: But as for me it is quite normal, even funny, I must say)

— How does the behavior of your half in everyday life differ from the behavior on the list and training for example?)

Markus: I don't see any differences: she is always strict, focused, full of energy and very motivated.

Melanie: In everyday life Markus is quiet and mostly relaxed, but on the list he gets some kind of diabolical smile!

— Do you think, someone moving into him? MUAHHAHHAHHAAAAA!

Melanie: Oh, maybe! :) Sometimes I think so!

— What do you do during your partner's fights? Do you help him as a support, cheer from the stands or is this spectacle unbearable for you for a number of understandable reasons?

Markus: I directly support my wife! I am mostly nervous, but I continue to be in close proximity to her, because it is important for me to see what happens to her on the list - I’m a medic and I want to help her directly in case of a possible injury.

Melanie: Sometimes I’m a little afraid for my husband. Like, for example, during the last fight 21x21 against UK last year, when he was knocked out with a neck strike. I must see what happens to him. The worst scenario for the development of events would be if someone ran up to me and said that my husband was seriously injured, while I did not see what had happened.

— Do you screeming loudly?

Melanie: As loud as we can! JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA! (JA-JA-JA! — cry of the German national HMB-Team — ed. note)

Markus: Yep! We give all we can! JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA!

Melanie: And after the tournaments our voice disappears sometimes) Worst of all was after the first tournament of Marcus, when I lost my voice for three days and could not work at all.

— Well, and now it's time for sweeeeetness))) What traits of your companion do you value most of all?

Melanie: This is easy to answer :) We are just a perfect team in sports and everyday life!

Markus: My calm and her temperament are combined and complement each other perfectly.

Melanie: We are like Yin and Yang!

...M&M! And this is just great! What is the difference, that two people have different temperaments or hobbies, if people are comfortable and warm with each other – at home or on the list, just anywhere. If Melanie will be injured, Markus will be there and cure her. And if Markus will became too relaxed and lost his grip in battle, Melanie will immediately make him to do a hundredy of "burpy" after a half-hundred squats on the training and will quickly return an athletic mood to him! And this is all because the main thing in this pair is the HARMONY! ;)

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