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Dear readers! We love our medieval sport for its brutality, harsh beauty and uncompromising, like you. However, as an exception, we believe that the February famous holiday is an excellent occasion for a special series of articles #HMBlovestory. In these issues, we will share the best things in the whole wide world - stories of a love of women and men to each other and of course, to the historical medieval battles, whereby they met. After all, as you have long known, representatives of any gender have the opportunity to feel like a real knight in today's world.

We've heard about the hot guys from this country yet, but what about the girls? We have to humbly admit that in this pair the woman claims to be more than just a half: she is like a bright fire in a snow-covered Scandinavian forest - it is impossible not to notice her and not to try to reach her. However, coming closer, you will see that there is someone, able to tame this fire... «A Song of Ice and Fire» of a healthy WMFC-person.

He: Risto Järvinen, figher She: Roosa Järvinen, figher Country: Finland Married: since 2017

— Tell us, how did you meet?

Risto: The very first time we met while being the members of the padded weapons fighting club, held by local congregation.

Roosa: And now it seems, that it was a million years ago!.. We were so young when we just met: I was 14 and Risto was 15. We just didin’t have the courage to do anything, to talk to each other etc. For example, when I saw Risto I thought that this dude is much older than me, and I don’t even have any chance :) It was children’s burning and clumsy love. So we started dating only 1th January 2008 :) But we did «boffering» as sport all this time. Yeah... and we got married in 2017.

Risto: After that we met each other at a local Medieval Faire over 10 years ago. The same Faire is held annually to this year. In 2018 we had our second buhurt tournament on that event.

«Boffering» is an analogue of «the soft sword»? So was that what exactly did you starting from?

Risto: Here in Finland there wasn't such a thing like «the soft sword fighting» or HMB-soft, but we have a padded weapons fighting called «boffering». It mostly uses LARP stuff there. Nowadays, it is more sport-like, then 10 years ago.

— So in what team are you now? Or may be in different teams?

Roosa: We founded our local club “Tavastia Armigeri» with 4 other people.

Risto: I am the captain of our home city’s team “Tavastia Armigeri». I’m also a fighter in our Team Norsca that has participated in different international tournaments, the last one of which was Dynamo Cup-2018.

Roosa: Beside “Tavastia Armigeri» I also fight in finnish womens team “Kivuttaret». It is not a club, but a team exactly. I’m a captain of “Kivuttaret» and also a captain of the Finnish women National Team.

Risto: In addition to this, we are both in Medieval Combat Sport Finland unions board of members and we making the decisions on how to develop our sport in Finland. Furthermore, I’m one of the 3 main coordinators of our National Finnish Buhurt League and 1vs1 Fighting League.

— Two Warlords living together must have a whole lot of armory! How do you keep it, and are there any differences in this matter? :)

Roosa: We have a special training place, where our stuff stays most of time. But when our armour are not there, they lay in our living room. And I HATE it!!! :D It is not beautiful sight in my such a beautiful house!

Risto: Mostly we store our stuff in the club’s training place, but sometimes the armory luggage moves out to our living-room and then our house smells with WD-40!

Roosa: And Risto leaves all the stuff, that he repairs, all over the place. I HATE WHEN YOU USE WD-40 ON OUR CARPET!

Risto: Hey! Only I do all the armor repairing and cleaning, so you have no power to say anything! :D

Roosa: Our medals and all prizes live at our training place.

Risto: Even dogs (not talking about Roosa) have 20000 times more medals then I have :(

— So do you try to reach Roosa... or your dogs... in medal standings? :D And in general, does HMB combine you or Vice versa, give rise to debate, who is cooler or more important?

Risto: Roosa is an unbeatable female pro-fighter in Finland’s tournaments. Of course I try to reach her, but with bad score so far :D

Roosa: Hha! There's no need to debate! Of course, I am much cooler! :)

Risto: I think in general the sport has made us closer: we travel together, encourage each other etc. Of course we have had some schedule problems when travelling: for example, sometimes both of us can't leave home, 'cos someone needs to take care of dogs. And of course my mother-in-law helps us a lot.

— By the way, when I looked at the ratings of Bugurt League and WMFC, I noticed that the number of Finnish male-fighters are much smaller than female! Why?!

Risto: Roosa has some name in the buhurt scene, I don’t :D

Roosa: What name?! I’m just regular fighter! And I just do my business.

Risto: That WMFC rating is highly related to one thing: our women-fighters have been more relaxed with the idea of fighting in single fights. In case of men, many of us think we are not good enough yet. In men’s perspective, the bigger problem is that many of us are more buhurt fans. We have very small group of people, interested in single fights.

— And do each other fans annoy you? Especially the opposite sex? :)

Risto: I’m very proud of our female fighters and I think I’m their biggest fan! :D I think, I don’t have fans personally, but Roosa has many, I believe.

Roosa: I don't know... Sometimes some women want a pics with knight, but I don't mind at all.

Risto: ...and Roosa’s fans don’t mind me at all. Of course, Roosa is mostly flirt with others, not me.

— Humble ourselves. You're the husband already. It's not necessary to flirt with husband! XD

Risto: That’s true :D But it’s not a problem.

Roosa: We trust each other, so we have no misunderstandings in this area.

— How does the behavior of your half in everyday life differ from the behavior on the list and training?

Risto: Roosa has a hot temperament and she can go from 0 to 100 very fast. That is how fast she also ends all fights in our home-life :) Roosa’s temperament is one of the best things in her. She is very determined and more quiet on the list. She focuses more on the matter at hand, on the fight. Sometimes it’s better to stay a little farther away from her when we fight together (e.g. with soft weapons) - she hates it as I’m a lot faster then her :)

Roosa: This is hard question. Risto is much calmer nature than me. But when it is needed he will put me back to my place. And it is good, he keeps my spicy temper on leash. When he stays calmer (also in the list) he is capable to fight smarter. Overall he is smarter than me and I love it!

— It seems to me that it is very harmonious when one partner compensates the temperament of another. Two volcanoes usually explode nearby.

Roosa: Yes, that is correct. But still Risto is not too much «lamb» for me: when needed, he shows his decisiveness.

— What do you do during your partner's fights? Support, cheer from the stands or go away from the list?

Risto: When Roosa fights, I mostly help her by supporting any way I can. I cheer her and try to help with tactics etc.

Roosa: Usually I help Risto if it's possible. And of course cheer him, so days after fights I have no voice!

Risto: In Santa Severa on BoTN I yelled in all my voice during two first female buhurt fights. So I couldn't cheer out loud anymore after that :D I would like to help and guide Roosa more from time to time, but sometimes it is better to stay silent because of her temper!

And what in your companion attracts you most of all?

Risto: Her temperament, courage, ability to focus and not to give up. She will stop fighting only if she'll die.

Roosa: Risto is so smart, much smarter than me. He is also funny :) And he stands my crazy restlessness! And he believes in me when noone else (including me) does.

Risto: One time I described presence near her as «warmness». That's one of the best things being with Roosa!

We all know about the Finnish calmness, but today we also met with the national Finnish crazy-explosive temperament! And when you find out that these two have been together for more than 11 years, you inevitably begin to perceive them as a whole. As a unity of antipodes. As a fire, that melts ice, and an ice, that calms roaring flames. But the main secret of this harmonious relationship is not to spill WD-40 on your favorite carpet! :D

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