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Dear readers! We love our medieval sport for its brutality, harsh beauty and uncompromising, like you. However, as an exception, we believe that the February famous holiday is an excellent occasion for a special series of articles #HMBlovestory. In these issues, we will share the best things in the whole wide world - stories of a love of women and men to each other and of course, to the historical medieval battles, whereby they met. After all, as you have long known, representatives of any gender have the opportunity to feel like a real knight in today's world.

The very holiday is getting closer, and we hope that lonely fans of medieval sports have already got a book of recipes for a happy marriage, based on our articles, so thay can finally find love in the harsh world of HMB with their help. Well, let's acquaint with a master-class from colleagues from Eastern Europe — perhaps the most old-school pair of our column.

Husband: Krzysztof Olczak, fighter

Wife: Maja Olczak, fighter

Country: Poland Married: Since 2006

— How did you two meet?

Maja: We were members of the same medieval association and first we met at its convention in 2004 or 2005. It was funny, because during the fights Ollo (nickname of Krzysztof, that Maja gave him – ed.note) regularly fell on me. Of course, at that moment we were both in armor. But as a couple we were formed only in November 2006. And this year, we both solemnly ... forgot about the anniversary!

— Who came after another in HMB or maybe you did it independently from each other? Who was first? :)

Maja: Ollo started fighting around 1998, and me - from 2004. It should be also noted that the male buhurts in HMB were born before the female ones, but by the time we started dating, both of us were already fighters.

Krzysztof: I note that Maja was the first woman in Poland who participated in men's group fights. Actually, that is when I first notice her :D She even took part in buhurts in Grunwald!

— Was you afraid for her? :)

Krzysztof: Rather I was interested. Fear is not strong side of mine.

Maja: It is a blessing that I`m a fighter! That's why I usually not grumble when he gets injured.

— And how does a common fascination with the fighting reflect on a family life now?

Maja: First of all it affects on our budget! :) Something like: "Maja, you already have a falchion! I know that this one is made by Gryzlov and it is beautiful, but did you really have to think about it?" And our holiday's plan is always the same: the Battle of the Nations and the big Polish festival Grunwald.

— Falchions are never enough! :D

Krzysztof: We are not so well organized as it seems and our medals and club trophies of KSR ("KS Rycerz", one of the top Polish HMB-clubs — ed.note) are literally all over the house!

Maja: But our falchions and halberds have its honor place in our hall. EIGHT HALBERDS, excuse for a moment! :D

— You are both fond of HMB. Does it unite you or become a subject for debate, who is cooler ets.?

Krzysztof: It seems to me that we never argue who is more known or whose accomplishments are more important. We both take care of our fellows fighters and they treat us almost like a parents or elders brother and sister. We have to support each other and act as one. And it is connecting us and we are becoming even closer to each other.

— How do you cope with each other's fans? :)

Maja: I always try to be polite and calm, but sometimes it is hard because of adult guys, who act themselves like small children!

— What about the opposite sex fans? Are you jealous? :)

Krzysztof: Girls from my fan-club are too afraid of my wife to show up themselves! :D

— Is Maja jealous? :)

Maja: Yes, and I always said, that I prefer to be a widow than a divorcee. I’m very jealous!

— Do you, Maja, have your own boy's fan-club? :D

Maja: I never noticed.

Krzysztof: Surely. Because I always noticed them first! :D

— How does the behavior of your half in everyday life differ from the behavior on the list or training?

Maja: Ollo is more self-possessed and prudent on the list than in everyday life.

Krzysztof: I think that in normal life Maja takes on herself a bigger part of dealing with a life struggles and more responsibility for our family life, so she is calm and reasoneble. And on the list she just can release her inner beast!

— What Maja is more real, how do you think? :) And which one do you like best? :)

Krzysztof: I love the one from the list :)

— What do you do during your partner's fights? Support, cheer from the stands or is this spectacle unbearable for you for a number of understandable reasons?

Krzysztof: When Maja fights I often try to be near the list, but as a support in the corner it's better to have someone else because she doesn't listen to my advices and I get very nervous during her fights.

— Doesn't hear or doesn't listen? :) «Inner beast» and something like that…

Krzysztof: I think she just doesn’t listen! ;)

— Maja! Why are you so naughty?! :)

Maja: I just don`t accept Ollo as my coach! I was never able to learn from him. That's a shame, but it always was like that…

Krzysztof: I’m OK with that.

— And do you, Maja, support your husband or just watch?

Maja: If it's unable for me to participate in fights for some reasons, I usually try to be somewhere else, 'cause I don't want to be nervous that I don't fight.

Krzysztof: And then she doesn't have other option like... to go shopping! ;)

Maja: So what? You have a real lot of supports, which can help you during the fights much better than me!

— What traits of your companion do you value most of all?

Krzysztof: Almost everything! But, I think, most of all – that she is always ready to solve problems and does it with a smile.

Maja: Nearby Ollo I can be anyone, whom I want to - I don't have to pretend that all, that I dream about, is to be a good wife and a mother.

Krzysztof: You are a wonderful mother and wife! :)


A man, that watching with admiration the transformation of his woman into a formidable warrioress on the list during the fight, calmly can entrust her his hand and heart, and even the protection of their family! And the woman becomes surprisingly self-confident when her man allows her to be whom she wants to – the guardian of the family hearth, a fierce Valkyrie – just anyone! Each of them found their true soul mate and now these two have become a whole one. Isn't that what many people dream about?.. Yes, and now we know the best recipe for dating a girl you like – to fall on her on time during the joint buhurt! And it's better to do it several times! :D

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