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Dear readers! We love our medieval sport for its brutality, harsh beauty and uncompromising, like you. However, as an exception, we believe that the February famous holiday is an excellent occasion for a special series of articles #HMBlovestory. In these issues, we will share the best things in the whole wide world - stories of a love of women and men to each other and of course, to the historical medieval battles, whereby they met. After all, as you have long known, representatives of any gender have the opportunity to feel like a real knight in today's world. So here it came — St. Valentine's Day! On this day, our couples in love send each other "Valentine cards" made of titanium, give forged roses and bottles of WD-40 in a celebratory package! :) And our next couple should not have any problems with presents: she will give a card with herself in a new captivating view, and he — sabatons of his work, tied with a ribbon and a bow!

Husband: Vladimir "Hartman" Maksimenko Wife: Alena Polurotova Country: Latvia/Russia Married: Since 2018

— How did you meet each other?

Vladimir: We met in person in Minsk in 2017 in the tournament at the SSB.

Alena: I knew about his existence in absentia, and much ahead of time :) when I read news about the Battle of the Nations and looked out photos. We didn't start dating right away, but about a year later.

— How did you cope with the distances?

Alena: Skype :)

— And how often did you meet?

Vladimir: I immediately proposed to get married! 'Cos to continue the relationship you have to live together. And if it so, then only marriage is the way out, because of the laws and borders.

— And how did Alena react to the offer? :)

Vladimir: As it should be! So now we live together in Riga.

— A real man: took the girl into the arms and brought her to yourself!

Alena: Hey! I came by myself!

— How did you both come to HMB? What was the impetus?

Vladimir: I loved "sticks" since childhood! :) I just saw it once, came to the training and stayed there.

Alena: And I am a child of the books about the unkillable warriors with a sword! :D

— How does your overall passion to HMB affect family life? Do you stumble on armor, certificates, medals etc.?

Vladimir: Stumble a lot!!!! Everything is filled up! The whole room is reserved for it - the largest in the apartment, but it is also not enough. Medals are hanging, cups are carefully standing :)

Alena: Yes, we have separate shelves for cups and carnations for medals.

— Almost everyone has a vacation that people usually spend together. Is your vacation related to festivals and tournaments or is it a separate article of trips?

Vladimir: I don't have a vacation. I rest when I want. On the fest it is cool to relax, but then we also need a rest :) Alena and I rode once on the ferry to Scandinavia – nowhere else yet.

Alena: A vacation? What is a vacation? :)

— Does common hobby add unanimity in your personal life or vice versa, becomes a subject for debate, who is cooler and all that?

Vladimir: This removes the questions to the partner like "And what do you need it all for?!": D We understand each other. Reenactment really unites us. A lot of questions disappears at once.

— I.e. questions like "Where is our money?" and "Where did you get this new brigantine?" do not arise :D

Alena: Rather, the questions akin to "So, where's my new brigantine and sabatons?!" :D

Vladimir: I am a blacksmith and make armor by myself :) but the main big spender in the house is me!

— How do you cope with each other's fans?

Vladimir: I don't' jealous my wife – it is no meaning and no use. And I calmly refer to her images (Alena is a well-known model in the world of cosplay community - ed.note) :) I have confidence in Alena – and that’s the main thing!

Alena: Vova has no girl-fans! ;)

— How much does the behavior of your half in everyday life differ from the behavior on the lists and training?

Vladimir: Not much – she is the same persistent: at home and on tournaments. But she is really lazy on training!

Alena: On training and tournaments he is an energizer! And at home he is lazy and plays soldiers on the computer :D

— And what traits of your companion do you appreciate most of all?

Vladimir: Commitment, decency, honesty. Alena respects people.

— And what about the BEAUTY?!

Vladimir: There is no the lack of beauty in our age :)

Alena: Vova is funny and cute :) and also beautiful! and very persistent too!

— What do you do during your partner's fights? Support, cheer from the stands or just go away from the lists?

Alena: I’m supporting :)

Vladimir: Alena is a fragile girl, and sometimes it is difficult for me to watch, for example, how Golovina beat her with a two-handed axe, but what can I do – I'm supporting, trying to help with advice.

— Alena, does Vladimir listen to you when he's on the lists?! :)

Alena: I just do not advise! What's the point of telling advices if he knows everything by himself?! :)

Vladimir: I do listen!

— Are you cheering silently or loudly?

Vladimir: I worry, but I do it silently :)

Alena: He's trying to advise! And usually I yell something periodically, but I don't think I am particularly audible.

— Have there ever been any situations, where sounded: "Maybe you'll quit it all?"

Alena: Rather was "These are your motherf*cking costumes again!" :D


Hey! And what about the words" ...I calmly refer to her images..."?! :D In general, with such a husband as Vova, you can afford to try any image – there will be someone to protect her from too admiring fans. After all, I know firsthand: when the husband is a blacksmith, then to be behind him is like behind a stone wall! And when both husband and when both husband and wife at the same time are fond of HMB, it is also a huge point of saving the family budget :)

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