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[ENG] 2019 DEPARTS - LONG LIVE 2020!

Обновлено: 2 янв. 2020 г.

It's time to sum up this year's fights. What results have our warriors come up with by 2020?

The WMFC League:

The top five of the ProLeague:

Mikhail Morgulis (Israel) - 51 points.

Alexander Nadezhdin (Russia) - 45 points

Vyacheslav Levakov (Russia) - 44 points

Vitaly Gryzlov (Russia) - 34 points

Lukas Kowal (UK) - 34 points

Five leaders of the FirstClass League:

Dmitry Krasnov (Russia) - 39 points

Ilia Dragan (Moldova) - 35 points

Nikolai Sotov (Russia) - 34 points

Maxim Slavchenko (Russia) - 32 points

Andrey Luzanov (Russia) - 30 points

The five leaders of the Women's League:

Irina Rogozovsky (Israel) - 56 points

Marina Golovina (Russia) - 47 points

Anastasia Meshcheriakova (Russia) - 31 points

Tatiana Derbeneva (Russia) - 26 points

Irina Ilnytska (Ukraine) - 23 points

Belt champions:

Lightweight: Vyacheslav Levakov (Russia)

Middleweight: Lukas Kowal (UK)

Super-Heavyweight: Alexey Petrik (Russia)

The belt of the world heavyweight champion does not belong to any fighter yet, but we will soon fix it!

Buhurt League

10 top teams:

Bear Paw (Russia) - 516 points

Aquila Sequania (France) - 505 points

White Company (United Kingdom) - 432.5 points

Western Tower (Russia) - 410.5 points

Prague Trolls (Czech Republic) - 384 points

Old Friends (Russia) - 378 points

Warriors of light (Ukraine) - 350.5 points

KS Rycerz (Poland) - 321 points

Taurus UA (Ukraine) - 319 points

Martel (France) - 288 points

According to the results of the 2019 season, the first 9 teams will go to the final tournament of Buhurt Prime, where the world champion according to the Buhurt League will be determined, and the tenth will be not Martel, but the team ACM Mexico (Mexico), which won the tournament of Masters status in the conference North American conference.

For teams ranked from 11th to 20th place in this season, the Buhurt League presents a new tournament Buhurt Next, the first of which will be held January 25, 2020 in Laon, France. And here's the list of teams expected for the tournament:

Martel (France) - since Martel failed to go to Prime because of ACM Mexico, they received an invitation to the Next.

Carcas-Sonne (France)

Syabry (Belarus)

Bear Cubs (Russia)

Yenisei (Russia)

Legenda Polnocy (Poland)

Lions of Steel (Netherlands)

Lwy Lublin (Poland)

Ar Goaz Du (France)

Ursus Custodes (Spain)

And the 2020 season for the Buhurt League will start on January 11, and two tournaments at once: "Moscow Challenger" (Russia) and "Comrade in Arms" Buhurt Challenger (China).

It was a very controversial year... For many fighters it was a turning point, when it was time to learn the bitterness of defeat and to admit that the series of victories is not endless. Someone quickly climbed to the top of the pedestal, and now they have to prove that it belongs to them by right of the strongest. Someone's gone. Somebody's here. The HMB life is constantly in motion, because motion is life!

Written by: Maria Malakeeva

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